Monday, November 20, 2006

Take a bow Jess...

Ok now for some bragging rights cause mama's going to let me have it if I don't mention this.

Someone who is writing this doesn't have to take the final exam in her biology class because she's already got an "A" and the highest grade she can get in the class for the term. That's right boys and girls. My professor sent out an email to those of us who already have an "A" so we're good to go for the term and she's assigned our final grade. I could take the final which covers the last three chapters just to see how high I can go but the letter grade won't change. So I guess that's it. One "A" down, another to go. I have a final in Sociology and that's it, I think the way I figured it, to have an "A" all I need is a 73 which is a "D" on the final. Now believe me, I wouldn't score a 73, I'm hoping to ace the test like last time, but still, it won't take much for me to get the "A" I worked so hard for. Don't worry I am going to put my "all" into the Sociology final :)

In the meantime until January 5th I can chill, go walking again in the mornings like I was till a few weeks ago, work on my homemade Christmas cards, read my Sherlock Holmes Volume I and relax!!

That's all my ramblings for now. I gotta go because I think Pebbles must have just shit in her litter box in the room because even all they way in here I can smell it!! Better go clean that litter box before I puke! YUKK!!

Nite all...

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