Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Teenagers who terrorize others...

Man I am really pissed off. My pal has a problem you can read about here. It's about a teenage terror who lives next door to her son's best friend. This teen is dangerous, to my friend, her son and husband and to her son's best friend and his family. It's escalated to the point of fearing for one's safety. It just burns me up. First off, his parents don't give a damn. They should be held personally responsible for his actions, somebody needs to give them a serious fucking (excuse my french) wake-up call before he does any more harm.

If you were in her shoes what would you do?

And ps..I'm editing in...since I found out that Deb's restraining order against our 16-year old terrorizing teen whose parents don't give a damn, was DENIED, I am furious, but I remain calm. Calm because I believe the law will prevail and if not, we're Italian. :)

I saw D~ today. She is so tired and worn out, I wanted to just carry her on my back and take her home, tuck her into bed and guard her door for a week so no one would wake her up. Sadly I can't do that and I don't think Deb is the kinda gal who relishes being thrown over people's shoulders, although I would if I had to and she's so light anyway :)

Seriously though, if this 16-year old SOB does ANYTHING to D and her family, I will stop at nothing to see him behind bars for the rest of his life. I will not harm him physically but I will make sure that he pays, I promise you that. Of course I will have to wait in line behind sis, Sma, Pa and the rest of my family and of course D's.....


  1. OMG, I read this and just cringed (and desperately hoped that this little punk does NOT live in my neighborhood!). I feel so badly for your friend. I am planning on leaving her a comment, when I figure out what to say!

  2. Hey Robin, I know isn't it sickening? Being that the three of us have "something" in common LOL I figured you would enjoy reading her blog but that this post would piss you off. Like RQ, you have children and I know this would make you feel the same way if it were happening to you. It's a rough situation. But I tell you what---this little punk will come to regret his actions!

  3. Your support means a lot to me. As you know, my petition for a temporary restraining order was denied. Apparently the judge does not consider pellet guns, Molotov cocktails, and 2x4s weapons and doesn't think that a mob of kids laying in wait outside the house where my son was constitutes a threat. I will submit a supplemental affadavit this morning begging them to reconsider the injunction.