Friday, November 17, 2006


Thank God it's Friday and I mean that. Today's post is a little of this and that.

I could use some Disco now. Yesterday I heard Donna Summer's "Bad Girls" on the radio when I pulled into the parking lot at work. I just cranked it up. It was great. I have to find some disco and put it on so I can clean the house to it.

Well, for weeks now I've been telling friends and family that I would NOT buy any new jeans until I could slide mine off without unzipping or unsnapping them.

Well, the time has come. Last night I was able to slip out of them without unzipping or unbuttoning. My pants legs are so baggy on me, the butt hangs and the waist is a few inches too big. But I continue to wear them because, oh hell I just don't have the heart or the money to go out and buy a completely new wardrobe. The funny thing is this is only after 42 pounds. Imagine double that--Imagine what I will look like after losing double that? Which I will do by the way. I will DEFINITELY need new clothes then. For now I'll buy a belt, that should help. Now I keep asking myself WHY I got rid of all those smaller size clothes I'd been hanging on to for five years. Skorts, miniskirts, smaller size jeans--I gave them all away last year thinking I would just never be able to drop the weight.

And now I am doing it. Shit! You know the first thing I'm going to do when I meet my goal? I am going to get a pair of nice fitting Lee jeans (always were my favorite) and a simple tee shirt and tuck it in just like I used to do in the old days. See I don't need fancy clothes, I just want to wear nice fitting jeans and tuck my shirts in. For me that's it. Hey if it gets cold I'll throw a sweater over it.

I have to get walking again, I just have to, this weight will drop even faster. But I am not complaining. forty-two pounds is pretty serious weight loss, I am really thrilled about it. I know it's hard to tell sometimes with the baggy clothes but trust me there is a big difference. Besides I feel better about myself, I am no longer depressed about life like I was (which went far beyond just a simple weight loss thing), and I feel pretty good. I just want to live longer and be happy. Doing this will mean I achieved a big goal..just like being back in school, at my age, it isn't easy but I am doing it, which pretty much means everyone else my age can do it too!

Ok onto more stuff...

You know I find it amazing that a professor is kind enough to give his students SIX whole days to take an exam online and the same students manage to come up with lame excuses as to why they couldn't do it. Perhaps if they werent' spending so much time doing online gaming or checking myspace they'd have time? I say hey if you can't find 50 lousy minutes of time in six days to take an exam, you don't deserve to be in college. College is not for slackers, quit wasting my professor's time.

I have this HUGE pet peeve that is no stranger to anyone who knows me. Young punks drag racing on the highways. That leads me to this next sad story. Two North Marion (Ocala) High School punks were drag racing yesterday and they caused an accident which put an innocent bystander in another vehicle, in the hospital. The girl is in serious condition. This is the second or third incident in a week.

And oh yes it never fails at least once a day DH and I have some jackass passing us illegally but YESTERDAY was great, we had one guy pass SEVEN cars on a hill. Yes, SEVEN cars. I can't imagine being that much of a hurry, not even to get to work. As much as I love my job, I love being alive more and I besides, I could not live my life knowing that my irresponsible driving killed an innocent person. I'm not talking a simple accident, I'm talking about blatant irresponsibility.

Speaking of being irresponsible, I've never actually worked for a man who once dictator of a third-world country but I can imagine it just sucks big time. All I can say is that Mr. Dick-tator aka head warden of a prison really needs to quit being a warden over his employees and start being a warden over his inmates. What the hell purpose does it serve to rule your employees with an iron fist while your inmates run wild? Well I suppose at least the inmates will like you and if they ever riot and take over the prison they'll skip over bashing your head in right Mr. Dada? I mean Mr. Warden? You may have your corporate folks fooled but not your employees, they are so onto you.

And finally? This is totally unrelated and out of the blue. Can you name all the actors who have played James Bond prior to Daniel Craig? I can. Thanks dad because it's your fault I know these things....

Without looking them up they are:

George Lazenby
Roger Moore
Sean Connery
Timothy Dalton
Pierce Brosnan

and oh yes...David Niven played James Bond in the 1960's spoof of Casino Royale :) Maybe he counts maybe he doesn't BUT I thought it was worth mentioning. I'm a trivia nut when it comes to films and actors.

I think the only people who could match me wit for wit at the classic movies version of Trivial Pursuit would be my parents! They taught me all I know!


  1. First, thank you for the little shot at Idi, er, the warden...that's my girl!

    Second, OMG!!! you've LOST over 40 pounds!!!!! That is so amazing Jess!! It's such a thrill having pants that are too big, I remember those days, the only down side to it was I was so deathly ill when I lost it all. Since I gained 60 pounds after getting well, I saved four pairs of jeans that I cannot close now, but I figure, you never know, I mean, look at you, I hope I can lose just 30. It takes so much will power, and you know that food has always been my downfall.

  2. But mom you don't NEED to lose it, you look great! I think as we get older we need to focus on being HEALTHY. You have Crohns so your situation is different. I have a book that helps you learn to eat with digestive disorders.....maybe what you need is to follow a diet for people with Crohns instead of trying to manage it yourself!

    I know I wear baggy clothes but I can tell I've lost that much! I hope you guys can too!

  3. Anonymous11/17/2006

    I was actually thinking about your glorious dilemma the other day. Do you buy clothes to fit when you are not finished losing weight only to have to buy again when you reach your goal? I concluded it was too expensive. Maybe one or two pair of jeans that you could donate to good will when you are done. What a great flumax to be in! Just don't wait until your pants fall off in public. That would be worse than losing your underwear;)--ST

  4. Ahh we will never live down the underwear thing. If only Susan could experience it too LOL!!

  5. Ah, the underwear only lasts a few seconds, but it remains in the psyche forever.

  6. Anonymous11/17/2006

    Hey! Just don't wear them. Then you have nothing to worry about. LOL--ST

  7. This has nothing to do with your TGIF blog, but I have to say it....Thank God Tom Cruise and whatsherface got married and this shit is hopefully over now! It's so BORING!!!