Wednesday, November 15, 2006

3 interviews for Wal Mart job?

Sometimes it just doesn't get any better than this.

The local Wal-Mart distribution center is hiring 300-600 people to work in their new facility for $13.30 per hour plus benefits for full or part time workers. Most of the jobs are in shipping and receiving. Prospective employees have to apply through certain outlets like Job Junction which is run by GoodWill and some other North Florida job agency. Anyway, heard it through the grapevine that Wal Mart will NOT allow any of the prospectives to take the applications home to fill them out. Also heard it on good authority that Wal Mart is requiring THREE interviews. Yes you heard it. THREE INTERVIEWS to work at a Wal Mart distribution center.

Now either Wal Mart wants to weed out the undesirables who think getting a job there will be a cool cake walk or they think it's really a big deal to do manual labor at a Wal Mart distribution center. Sure the pay for this area is decent but THREE interviews? Most people don't go through three interviews when applying for a professional suit and tie job.

Ok first off I wouldn't work at a Wal Mart if you paid me. Why? I think they suck. I hate the way they treat their employees, they sell crap and no you do not save money at their stores. Besides they are in debt up to their necks to China's Communist Military.

Did I mention they sell junk? I've bought stuff from them over the years and it always breaks, ALWAYS.

But no way in hell is any job at Wal Mart worth three interviews. The shame of it is, the poor suckers that pass the three interviews and get hired are probably going to regret it shortly after. That's the way companies like that work.

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  1. Hey, I'd go for that job if I thought they'd hire me, it beats working for an ex-dictator anytime!