Monday, November 27, 2006

You're twentysomething and in college--GROW UP!!

The names in this post have been changed to protect the innocent.

There's a student, we'll call her Rhonda and she had a scheduled exam the week of Thanksgiving. Students were given the opportunity to take it early so they could leave town or they could take it on the scheduled date before the holiday. Rhonda however decides she wants to take it when she comes back from her holiday. She booked her plane ticket so she could leave earlier because it was cheaper. Now I'm thinking "uh didn't she read her syllabus? The exam date is very clearly outlined in it" but did that matter to Rhonda? Nope.

Her professor is a real great guy, everyone loves him, he's not only smart and savvy in his field, but he's a genuinely nice guy and cares about his students. He gives his students a second chance and opportunity to prove themselves and succeed in class. But there are always a few who take advantage of that fact. Anyway, here comes Rhonda on the Monday after Thanksgiving to take her test after the fact....and she isn't even prepared for it, that much is evident, even though she had extra time to prepare for it, she didn't. So I suppose she didn't gain an advantage over those who took it early or on time, did she?

My beef here isn't with the professor who tried to help her, it is with college students who want us all to think they are adults yet they do not act in such a manner. Classes are overcrowded, there aren't enough professors to go around, I say that the lazy slackers like Rhonda should give up their seats to students who really want to learn.

There's a chance Rhonda will "grow up" and be a productive member of society but there's a chance too that she will continue to play the pity card to get her way and while she'll probably get a job somewhere and work her way through life, she'll be a burden to someone, somewhere in society. And along the way she use the people who help her along in life and one day it's going to come back at her.

I know that the extra time Rhonda had was not used to prepare herself for her exam so I am not concerned she got an extra edge but her fellow students may not know that. Had I been Rhonda's teacher I would have liked to ask her how she would have felt if the shoe had been on the other foot. How would she have felt if she had been forced to take the exam on the scheduled date and someone else had the opportunity to take it a week later? You see, I am quite sure Rhonda never thought of this because normally people like her do not consider the consequences of their actions, they don't think about what's right and wrong, what's fair and unfair, they don't care about anyone but themselves.

Welcome to the new generation of college students which consists of a rather large population of young people who have so much handed to them, who think the world revolves around them and the rest of us should just drop everything to do for them. No way, not me. Perhaps it's why my professors like me, perhaps it's why some of the younger ones in my class don't like me. I am a caring and compassionate person, but I draw the line at using and abusing PEOPLE for one's advantage.

These young people have to be taught at a young age about being caring and compassionate and also just as important they must be taught about respect for people and for the rules which exist and are necessary for society to function. Life is not black and white, I believe for the most part it is gray and yes there are times rules may be bent but not where it gives one person an unfair advantage over another.

And so now that I have it out of my system, I feel better. But I know that not far into the future there will be another Rhonda, in fact several of them and I'll be bitching again before you know it.


  1. It's amazing that so many "Rhondas" feel the world owes them. They disregard the simplest rules, and then cry "No one told me!" They take little or no responsibility for their own actions. I agree with you completely, and surely hope that her professor told her to forget about taking the exam late. I, too, have had it with students who continually try to make excuses for their failure to pay attention or to take care of priorities. We can only hope that the real world will provide these overindulged individuals with a wake up call. Rhonda doesn't deserve much sympathy.

  2. It's only going to get worse with the next few generations! I see so many parents indulging their children, never saying no, never teaching them respect or manners or how to do without or make sacrifices. I see parents attempt to negotiate with their children instead of drawing up firm rules and adhering to them. The grade-schoolers of TODAY are going to be like Rhonda and worse.

    I'm scared; hold me.

    (linked to you from a comment you left for Robin at "Smiling through the cracks.")

  3. You can expect nothing less when you have a society that lets you come close to an answer to a math problem instead of trying to get the correct answer, or awards prizes to every one that competes because there worried losing might damage there self-esteem. Just look at the bright side. One of these days Rhonda or some one just like her will have a very important job with Who else our government and she will be given the task of delivering a very important message to a very important person like the president of the United States telling him not to launch those missiles but he will never get that message because Rhonda or some one like her will be some where else doing there on thing. And that in a nut shell will be the end of the human race. Just think all this happened because Rhonda or some one like her felled to learn to do what was expected of her and do it when it was expected. Scary isn't it.

  4. Shoot, I saw plenty of Rhondas when I was in college, eons ago. But it does seem like it's so much worse now. Now that I have small kids, I see parents all the time coddling, refusing to discipline, and giving in to their kid's every little whim. Don't they get what a vicious cycle they are creating? I suppose they don't, otherwise they would wise the hell up!

  5. The unfortunate thing is that I found out Rhonda did pretty good on the test. That bites. Not that I don't want her to succeed but did she have an unfair advantage? One will never know. There's also the possibility she talked to other students to get a heads up on what was on the test. Oh well, it's not my problem....