Friday, December 15, 2006

Another departmental Christmas party over...

Another department Christmas party come and gone. I think it was supposed to be called "Holiday Party" but I'm not particularly interested in PC. I survived and actually had a good time. I know I know, unsocial Jess actually showed up and had a good time. I am sure some were shocked that I was there but see the departmental party is so informal and we don't dress up for it, we have it from noon to 2 pm at work in the conference room. It's catered and a lot of fun. One of my coworkers loves doing the decorating, many of us chipped in to clean up, and that was that. Too bad I didn't eat much. I wasn't even trying NOT to eat but with all that food they had catered, all I ate was two small slices of turkey, a few pieces of broccoli and celery. Amazing eh? It seems like only yesterday we were attending LAST YEAR'S party, now we just had THIS YEAR'S party.

Where does the time go?

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