Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another "WTF is going on in public schools?" moment!

A day after I post that Florida passes a law requiring 8th graders to choose majors (in the hopes of molding them into something later in life), we find out that Needham High School in Boston is no longer publishing it's Honor Roll.

From the Boston Globe story:

"In an e-mail to students and parents, Richards said that Needham’s high achievement levels have a dark side, creating a competitive culture among students where grades are compared within groups and argued over with teachers.

He said he received 60 e-mails from supporters and critics of his decision.

Critics said publishing the honor roll in the local paper counters the media’s emphasis on athletics and tragedies.

Richards responds: ‘‘By having an honor roll in the first place, the school participates in a sorting of students."

Wow. Is that something or WHAT?

I remember that one time I achieved the A/B honor roll in high school, which was in my senior year. I couldn't wait to open the weekly newspaper to see my name in there. I worked hard that semester, I EARNED it. And while I was an average student, I never for one moment felt we should have begrudged those honor roll students for their achievements.

Richards claims the school participates in a "sorting of students" well what the hell does he expect? Does he think every student to be exactly the same? As long as every student has an EQUAL opportunity to learn, I say every student for him(or her) self.

Shame on Needham High School for sending the message that achievement is a bad thing.


  1. They're so damned worried about offending someone. Look at how our traditional holidays are being observed. You can't have a Christmas tree up because it offends anyone who isn't a Christian. Well, for heaven's sake, that's what Christmas is all about, Christianity. Then there's the national airport that wouldn't put up it't yearly Christmas tree unless a certain Rabbi promised not to sue them. Hey, what gives here?? Christmas has nothing to do with the Jewish religion. And it's not offensive to anyone else praise an honor student, on the contrary, maybe it will give someone the incentive to do better.
    What a screwed up world, I'm glad I grew up in the 60's.

  2. BTW, I'm a Jew and the above are my comments.

  3. Yeah she's my momma too so watch out LOL.

    I know that a lot of symbols related to Christmas were created what--a long time ago by the Romans? Someone help me here with the history. I mean the birth of Christ is one thing, but the symbols aren't those something created later on? I think that a Christmas tree is pretty and it reminds people of peace, tranquility, love, friendship, at least it does for me. And we weren't raised Jewish OR Christian even though mom (sma) is Jewish and Dad was raised Christian.