Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dear whiney college students....


In case you folks are wondering what that is all about, there's a mess of students complaining that administration should cancel the first day of classes on January 8th because that's the night of the BCS National Championship game. (Isn't it enough they extended the drop deadline for them?)

Besides, in a school of nearly 50,000 students, where are most of them going? The BCS allotted only 16,000 tickets to each school (and doesn't that seem REALLY odd considering the stadium seats near 80,000)? Out of UF's 16,000, only 1,200 tickets were designated for students. I suppose the rest of the students going will pay phenomenal prices to purchase tickets, fly to Glendale, stay in a hotel, all for a football game. This when most of them are probably so broke they can hardly pay their rent or buy groceries. These are likely the same students who whine if they have classes on Fridays. I wish I could say I'm surprised but I'm not.

It's a good thing they have priorities eh?

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  1. Anonymous12/11/2006

    I've been told that the rest of those tickets were either gobbled up by travel agents or belong to season ticket holders. That seems crazy to me. My beautician wants to go. A five day package including tickets, air fare, and hotel will cost her $2200 per person. She is probably going to do it. I will be watching from the comfort of my living room. Go Gators!--ST