Friday, December 08, 2006

Done done done!

Well as it stands I have a 94.49 "A" grade in Biology and a 96 "A" in Social Problems. Funny about the Sociology course, I could have sworn that the answer that marked incorrect was correct and sure enough I emailed the professor and turns out I was right. Some of these professors get pretty fumed that the instructors manuals they purchase from the publisher have test questions with incorrect answers!

Six hours down, six more to go in spring, will it ever end?

I decided after I finish my BS I am going to get my teachers certification as backup to help carry me through before or during graduate school.

I am so glad this term is over!


  1. Anonymous12/11/2006

    Logan is taking finals today and Wednesday. I think he is going to get four A's, but I'll keep praying just to be safe;)--ST

  2. Got an A in social problems a B in biology. Social Problems was an interesting class dont you think?