Friday, December 01, 2006

The fall of customer service...

I finally took a few digital pics of the remnants of my office chair at work, you know the one that broke and sent me flying backwards a few weeks ago.

Let me give you the rest of the scoop. I called Office Depot about the chair after it happened and the manager I spoke to transferred me to their furniture executive. He checked the item number in their stock and told me there was nothing they could do because 1) they no longer carry it and 2) since I purchased it over a year ago and had no extended warranty. I said "who buys an extended warranty on a $119 chair?" (I mean really, WHO?) And besides I reminded him that warranty or no, even a fourteen month old office chair sold at a reputable office supply store should be reliable enough that it won't just break apart in fourteen months.

He went on to explain that it was over a year since I purchased it and even the manufacturer warranty had expired. Actually it had been nearly fourteen months and because I believe this was a serious manufacturing defect, not just the fabric tearing or a wheel falling off, I was adamant that something should be done. I asked him if Office Depot backs their purchases and he said yes, within the warranty period. After a dozen "I'm sorry but it's out of our hands" I finally asked him for the manufacturer's information. I did notice the manufacturer info he gave me and what was on the bottom of the chair were two different things. I told the Office Depot furniture exec that and he said "oh the name on the bottom of the chair is probably one of our distribution subsidiaries".

I contacted the manufacturer he gave me, not only was the phone number in VIRGINIA and NOT in California where the company was supposed to be, but the number wasn't even for the manufacturer it was for a company that had nothing to do with making furniture. I looked up the manufacturer's number online and when I called them they were nothing but nice and the young lady I talked to asked me for the info on the bottom of the chair. When I told her that their company name and info was not there, she said "we are not the manufacturer, I'm sorry". She was really nice and I appreciated her time.

In checking out the info on the company on the bottom of the chair, it was Swinton Avenue Trading in Boca Raton, FL. No phone number listed and a PO Box address. I could find NOTHING on the internet. When I checked the Florida occupational license database online and it shows the company with a similar name in South Florida did exist but not anymore.

So...WHO is the manufacturer? Well your guess is as good as mine. The furniture guy at OD INSISTS that he gave me the correct information, the manufacturer insists they are not the manufacturer.

When I called Office Depot yesterday and explained all this to the furniture exec, he kept telling me I should have purchased the extended warranty and there was nothing he could do. By that time, I'd had enough talk, now I wanted action and the only way I was going to get it is if I took matters a bit further. I politely thanked him and hung up and decided who I would contact.

I wrote the CEO of Office Depot, his name is Steve Odland and his email is (at least it's what I managed to uncover in my research) and I wrote him what I thought was a well-thought out superbly written email (including pictures of my chair) about the entire situation up to yesterday's final phone call with the local Office Depot store.

Look, all I want is a store credit for $119.99 which is what I paid for the chair so I can put it towards a new and better chair. That's it. I told Mr. Odland that if I had been the manager at Office Depot and a customer approached me in this very situation with these exact details, I would have insisted he/she bring the chair in and I would have issued a credit for that amount. I mentioned that Office Depot would hardly lose a profit because of that credit, but in fact they would have kept a longtime customer, which I believe is extremely important to the life of a business. Not only do repeat customers continue to shop there, but they tell other people they should shop there too. Word of mouth can make or break a company.

This is not the first time a company has tried to screw me over and it isn't the first time I've contacted the CEO and complained (surprisingly they usually respond and rather apologetically I might add). I am sure I will hear from Mr. Odland and if I don't in a few days I will send another email, and then another, and if I have to write him a letter and mail it I will do that too. Sure he has a ton of other more important things going on like board meetings and major decisions regarding the company BUT...I've got to think that it's because he has better things to do than deal with something as "petty" as this, that may motivate him to ask someone to intervene on my behalf. When a customer takes the time to write the CEO and complain, it's serious. It means that somewhere along the line, someone isn't doing their job. And most CEO's do not like that, it costs the company money.

And so we'll see what happens! In the meantime here are some pics!

This is the part of the chair yours truly USED to sit in till it broke. It was a rather comfy chair with a nice back cushion, that's why I bought it. I needed a good back support!

This is the shaft that connects to the metal plate on the bottom of the chair. The base of the top piece you see here that is all lit up is the piece welded to the chair. It is just jagged metal edges when you see it closeup.

This photo is of the plate on the bottom of the chair which the pole is supposed to be welded to. As you can see it is not. It is essentially sheared right off.

So, what do ya think?


  1. Anonymous1/08/2007

    I have a "Swinton" chair that broke and I was searching Google for warranty info and came accross your site. The manufacture date is less than 1 year, so you would think there is something I could do? I guess that is what I get for buy a crappy Office Depot sale chair.

  2. Anonymous1/08/2007

    P.S. If you find out how to contact the manufacturer (O.D. told me I was on my own) please let me know! dave -a-t- davedempsey.netq

  3. Anonymous1/19/2007

    The same exact thing happened to me, It broke in the EXACT same spot and I few back ripping my headset off my head! I almost broke my neck. class action cuit is needed here!

  4. Anonymous1/19/2007

    The same thing happened to me this morning. I hurt my back and neck. The post and base just snapped apart. It looks identical to what happened with your chair. I could not find a phone for swinton avenue trading either, just a P.O. box. I am going to talk to my lawyer.

  5. Anonymous5/02/2007

    I, too, bought one of the chairs from Office Depot and found your site while looking for information on the Swinton Ave. Trading Company. Mine has been making a "creaking" sound. It is probably one good creak away from sending me on to my backside, so, I'm glad I found your information. Looks like I'm off to STAPLES to look for an office chair.

  6. Anonymous7/24/2007

    Well, I bought a $349.99 chair (rated 8+ hours per day, 5+ years) because I always wear through the padding in those $119 models in a year or less.

    It is a "Swinton Ave. Trading" which seems not to exist. After 2 months the back will not stay adjusted, keeps sliding down. I DID buy the extended warranty, but Office Depot will not help me because it is sill within the 1-year manufacturers warranty.

    Of course, I cannot locate the manufacturer - the # they gave me is 866-778-9500, and they had NO idea what I was talking about, they manufacture paper shredders.

    Fortunately, the chair is very comfortable, even with the back acting up. So, I will keep until the one year is up and then it will be Office Depots problem.

  7. Anonymous9/13/2007

    The Better Business Bureau has only one complaint against "Swinton Avenue Trading" that was "responded to and given proper consideration".
    The BBB contact info is:

    DBA:Swinton Avenue Trading
    PO Box 310780
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
    Contact: Manager /Owner
    Phone: (561) 000-0000

    A call to 411 has no listing for "Swinton Avenue Trading" in Boca but they do have a listing for a "LSW Trading" in Boca Raton @ 561-995-9521.

    A quick reverse # lookup reveals:
    L Sw Trading
    2550 NW 64 Blvd
    Boca Raton, FL 33496

    There are post offices nearby LSW:
    2800 N Military Trl
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
    (561) 998-7781
    (This one has the correct zip for Swinton's P.O. #)
    8185 Via Ancho Rd
    Boca Raton, FL 33433
    (561) 477-1813
    14280 Military Trl
    Delray Beach, FL 33484
    (561) 638-9468
    1275 W Palmetto Park Rd
    Boca Raton, FL 33486
    (561) 338-7164

    A quick "social engineering" call may reveal if P.O. box 310780 is @ that location.

  8. Anonymous9/28/2007

    Jessica, First of all, I want to commend you on your insistence of the service you deserve. I too stand up for my rights as a consumer and we all should. If every one did, manufacturers wouldn't continue to make such junk. Yes, the chair was not as pricey as it could have been, but it should surely not be "unsafe". I hope you got some satisfaction. I found your blog when searching for the same company (Swinton Avenue Trading)...I bought an electric pencil sharpener from Office Deopot and am looking for replacement blades. I found the same address on the bottom of the box.

  9. My chair just failed in the exact same way, I went to lean back and just happened to catch myself w/ my legs under my desk. I called office depot, and they gave me:


    to contact, but when I called there I needed the SKU number or the part number and they are not on the chair, I was told they'd be on the receipt or the manual, neither of which I have. :-( I was then told my only other option was to look on the office depot site and try to see if they still sold it and get the info that way. Well considering it's over 16 months old, I doubt that will work. Sadly I have this chair for my office and one at home, and now I'm terrified to use my one at home for fear of killing myself. This REALLY needs more attention.

  10. Anonymous11/07/2007

    I was able to get a phone number to "The Raynor Group" in New York, who is, according to Office Depot responsible for warranty issues. I have not been able to make contact with someone in the correct department yet, but their number is 800-637-0005.

  11. Anonymous11/24/2007

    I have a chair from this "Raynor Group" that dropped the entire back off of it. At least the "seat" portion appears to still be sound. The heads of the bolts actually sheared off. I'm guessing some cheap chinese manufacturing at it's finest (apparently lead doesn't make good bolts or children's paint). Very annoyed. Hope you get some more attention on this!

  12. Anonymous11/26/2007

    Any luck finding information on Swinton Avenue Training? It is weird that there is now information available from them.

  13. Anonymous11/26/2007

    Oops that was supposed to be no information from them.

  14. Seattle Wa
    I have a chair like yours that broke. homedepo will not warrenty it. Companys care only about money not about us good luck.

  15. Anonymous12/13/2007

    ok you can not find the this company listed but millons of people are at there store every day.Just had to say that befor i got to the real company name and how to contact them are you ready drum roll please its Office Depot yes listed under Ativa swinton avenue tradingcheck it out I know this because i delever them lol shhhhhh

  16. Anonymous12/31/2007

    Glad I came across your comments. This morning 3 out of 5 wheels exploded off my $119 Swinton Ave Trading Co chair. I was looking for the address to get the wheels replaced when I found you. I guess I won't bother with THAT. Rather get a better chair and not have the base post break (along with my neck).

  17. Hi guys! I never realized my post about this crappy chair would get so many replies.

    I got rid of the chair after having stored it for months. I never did hear from Office Depot and after that I refused to buy anything else from them. I just take my business elsewhere. I'm using my power as a consumer--and I shop elsewhere now!

    In any case, I know that my chair story doesn't get you your money back or replace your chair but at least you know you're not alone. And remember when you think nobody gives a damn, there are people who do. Just read the posts here!

    :) Jess

  18. Anonymous1/16/2008

    We have one of the cheeper Swinton Ave chairs here in the office and one of the wheels just broke off so I tried calling:
    L Sw Trading
    2550 NW 64 Blvd
    Boca Raton, FL 33496

    And some man answered and told me he had no idea what I was talking about. So now we have to buy a new chair after having it less than a year!!

    curses on you Swintion Avenue!!

  19. Anonymous1/24/2008

    I bought this chair on sale at Office Depot and Wifey had the receipt in the cookie jar from 11 months ago.

    I could barely read it, as it was thermal.

    Anyways, I broke my chair and Wifey encouraged me to call Office Depot.

    So, I did it, I called them!

    The chair was their $229.00 model marked down to $159 bucks back in Jan 2005. I knew they would not give me my money back like Costco would, but I called anyways.

    The manager was not in, so I got the asst. manager. Dan advised me that all the manufacturers by law had to have a guaranty. I told him I did not know that. He said even a token guaranty of 90 days. But he said that most of their chairs had a 5Y guaranty.

    I asked just for the heck of it if I could have my money back and he promptly replied, no. But he could look up the manufacturer for me on their list, and I could get parts.

    So I turned over the chair and discovered a label reading Swinton Avenue Trading in Florida. Dan advised me that that was an Office Depot company, and he just happened to have the same chair in stock and to come in and exchange it...

    That's my Sunday...

    Michael B.

  20. Anonymous1/24/2008

    Got to love that company. I'm thinking the BBB is the best way to go since we can't find them.

    On our chair the wheels would just snap off. If they snapped where you could just put them back on that's one thing but this snapped at the post where they go in.

  21. Well doesn't that just beat all. I bought my chair back in June 2007 and the wheel just snapped off for no reason. Good thing we had an extra chair upstairs in storage to replace the wheel. Sounds like the BBB needs to track these bone heads down and put them out of business. Guess I won't be buying any chairs from Office Depot any more.

  22. Anonymous1/31/2008

    I found your blog when looking for Swinton for my pencil sharpener. The box says "complete satisfaction or you money back-100% quality guarantee" but they dont give you a phone #!!!. What a joke. Hey everybody, lets keep buying Chinese crap to save money. But, make sure you do save your money becuase anyone who has a job in the USA that has any conection with manufacturing will be looking for work soon.

  23. Anonymous2/03/2008

    I just crawled out of the floor this morning as mine broke just as depicted in your pictures. Called the Office Depot. They gave me a number to call. When I called it I got a foreigner and was going nowhere. Then I got cut off as my phone started beeping like it had been left off the hook. Oh well. I'll send a nastygram to that ceo's address you listed. Then I'll head out to Nebraska furniture mart for an alternate Chinese POS. Customer service is dead in America. Has been for years. Extended warranty's are a joke. And btw vote for Ron Paul!

  24. Jesse
    So glad to find your site. Had a wheel break off today on an 8 mo. old chair. Was just looking for a replacement when I found your blog. It is depressing to see that others have not had great luck with this company.

  25. I have a chair that I am having a minor problem with that is also tagged as being imported by Swinton, however it is in the Office Depot Quantum line, but they gave me an 800 number that led to a company called Eurotech which is part of the Raynor Group. Anyway, the number is 8006370005. I have yet to call them, but you might want to give it a try.

  26. Anonymous3/07/2008

    My mom bought a massage chair from Office Depot several months ago. It was a floor model. When they sold it to her they did not include the power cord to run the chair. She went back to OD and asked for the power cord and amazingly enough...they don't carry that chair anymore and didn't have the power cord. My husband was going to track down the manufacturer to get her another one and low and behold, it was manufacturered by Swinton Trading Co. After reading all of the above comments, I think we will hit Radio Shack for a universal power cord and forget Office Depot.

  27. Anonymous3/27/2008

    I also had a wheel to break off-we purchased the chair from OD last summer and when I went to get a new wheel--I gave them the catalog # out of their NEW catalog and was told that wheel was no longer available. I also plan on filing a complaint with OD. Thanks

  28. Anonymous3/30/2008

    I am disabled and I have fallen more times in the chairs from this store Office Depot. The wheels keep snapping off and can't be fixed. My chair looks just like the pic. but just the wheels break so bad you can't put them back on. thank God My husband was smart enough to use wheels off some old chair parts. I wish we could find new replacment wheels.

  29. Let me add my name to the now very long lists of complaints. You dont need to hear the details. My chair is 6 months old and the seat material has separated. Please keep me in your prayers in the event that my chair implodes like many of yours have. (another dissatisfied customer)

  30. Anonymous4/02/2008

    I may have the newest chair to take a crap. I purchased my Executive Leather Chair on February 24 for $249,99 plus good old WI sales tax. Today, the wheel popped off in the manner that has been described here and I looked at the bottom of the chair to order a replacement and found all of you nice people. Maybe given the recent purchase and the the fact that I have "Rewards Status" ;0) I'll see if Office Depot is more helpful. I really loved this chair before I read all of this.

  31. Anonymous4/05/2008

    For those trying to contact Swinton Avenue Trading, I have one of the chairs and still have the assembly instructions. The number they list is 800-949-9974

  32. Swinton Avenue Trading is/was an importer for Office Depot. In addition to chairs, they are listed on OD's Foray line of writing instruments, 1.800.463.3768. However, don't call this number unless you want to be referred "an opportunity to talk to other singles nationwide." I believe that they either went out of business or have changed their name.

    The copyright date of the packaging is 2006. I've noted that Office Depot in general sells a lot of items that have been in inventory for a long time. For example, I purchased a "Business Journal" last night from my local OD and it's made by a company called TOPs. TOPs is still around, but they discontinued this item in 2006. Opening the package revealed that the calendars printed inside covered years 2005-2008. Also, the easy-peel off label (per the manuufacturer) with the product info is now glued on with little hope of a clean removal. I suspect this is the result of a couple of years in the warehouse.

    I've changed my company's ordering policy to completely stay away from Office Depot's store brands for all products. In my view the words "Swinton Avenue Trading Company" equals a big flashing sign "Purchase At Your Own Risk!"

  33. Anonymous4/15/2008

    My Swinton pile of crap just snapped off at the base nearly breaking my neck--which is why I was home in the first place (neck pain)I would take it to the shop and weld it back, but the pressurized column would probably explode and finish me off!
    Has anyone found a workable phone number yet?

  34. I purchased a chair at Office Depot back in July of 2006. I'm only in the office 2-3 days per week, but after almost 2 years, the left armrest has broken off at the bolts. All I see on the bottom is the same PO Box for Swinton Avenue Trading Company, which sounds sketchy way before you read all the posts on this wall. I guess I'll buy my furniture from... well, a furniture store from now on. Good luck to everyone.

  35. Anonymous4/24/2008

    We are a business and have (had) 7 of the Swinton Ave chairs. ALL 7 have broken in the same spot!!!

  36. Anonymous4/30/2008

    My husband and I got our chair from OD about 6 months ago and it is now broke. I was calling to get a replacement part with no such luck. After reading everyone's comments I don't expect to get anywhere. I guess the letter I sent off won't get anywhere.

  37. Anonymous5/07/2008

    How I got results from Office Depot...
    Purchased a chair about a year ago and the seat cushion has completely compressed into a thin seat and I only way 135lbs so I know it's not just me.
    Found the label on the bottom-it's from Swinton Avenue Trading.

    As referenced in a previous post, I emailed the Office Depot customer relations office received a nice response and a store credit to buy a new chair or anything else.

    Below is the contact information I used.
    Sheila Resendiz
    Sr. Customer Relations Assistant
    Executive Customer Relations
    Office Depot, Inc.
    2200 Old Germantown Road
    Delray Beach, FL 33445
    Mail Code 14D0129
    P: 561-438-0129

  38. I recently encountered one of the "Swinton" chairs at my place of, thru our due diligence on chairs in the market. I know a lot of manufacturers, but had never seen this chair before so I googled Swinton and came across this blog of their swindling ways. It is really unfortunate that so many people have had these kinds of issues, but there is an old addage in the chair industry: Don't buy your chairs at Office Depot or Staples. Pretty simple huh? They are positioned to buy the cheapest chairs at volume, so you CAN get a 119.00 chair that LOOKS nice, but you WILL get a 119.00 chair that falls apart.
    Look, self promoting aside, there are many ways to find a good chair, and the Net is one if you dont have time to go to a dealership. That is what we strive to do at my website:, if anyone wants to check it out.
    It really pains me to see this sort of thing happen, because it is not how the industry likes to be seen (I happened to work at a chair company before Most chair companies actually take care of their clients. (at sitbetter, we take care of you, and deal only with companies that do so as well, cause we know what a pain it is to go thru all the warranty shit.) At my site, we have inexpensive chairs - NOT cheap chairs. There is a difference, and knowing who to trust is key. Hence, office depot and staples are office SUPPLY stores, which are actually VERY different from office furniture retailers.
    Anyways, that is our goal at sitbetter, to help you out with your chair issues. Just thought i'd give my two cents on the Swindling Swinton dilemma.
    If anyone has any chair dilemmas or needs, or simple questions, go Even if you don't buy, we will still gladly help you out with any chair questions you have.
    Rock on. Sit right people.

  39. Anonymous5/12/2008

    The arm of my 2006 Swinton chair broke today. Glad to find this blog. Will try the OD Cust Svc e-mail address. I will not buy anything from Office Depot again.

  40. Anonymous5/27/2008

    Great post! I found you by researching who Swinton out of Boca Raton, FL was. This weekend my Chelsea model 12246 chair from office Depot gave out in a very strange way, the two arm rests broke at the base when I reclined! I fell on my back. I banged my head on the floor, (but not hard, luckly I have thick carpet in my apartment. I got the chair for $79.00 at Office Depot in November of 2005. It supposedly has a five year warranty. It said on the box. The sucky thing is that I don't have a receipt. :|

    I wanted to put up pictures but I'm not allowed :|

  41. Anonymous5/28/2008

    I also bought a chair that cost $169.99 that looked like one of their nicer chairs from OD and my 5 year old daughter who weighs about 40 pounds was sitting in it leaning backat her computer and all of a sudden she flipped over on the floor and hit her head. She cried but she's ok. So I did the same as most of you people I called the store. I didn't buy the exteneded warranty but it is under a year old. They gave me the same compay Swinton Ave Trading Co. I called info no such place.I still have my receipt. I am calling the BBB. There has to be something done! This is a great post. I'm going to tell everyone I know.

  42. Anonymous5/29/2008

    Hi! this is anonimous from 5/27/08 I'd like to thank anonimous 5/7/08 who posted info below. I took pictures of my chair and sent them to the email address along with a story on what happened to me after seeing this website. Today, a customer service manager from Office Depot replied very apologetic and thanking me for the pictures. She said she'll send me a $79.00 Office Depot gift card to get a replacement chair. Thank you, *the owner of this blog* and the person who posted the information.


    Sheila Resendiz
    Sr. Customer Relations Assistant
    Executive Customer Relations
    Office Depot, Inc.
    2200 Old Germantown Road
    Delray Beach, FL 33445
    Mail Code 14D0129
    P: 561-438-0129

  43. I am thrilled to find and join the fraternity of Swindle,er, I mean,Swinton Chair owners who have ended up on the floor after the chair breaks and falls apart. (Whatever happend to consumer protection?) Anyway, I too will be notifying Office Depot and my congressman and the consumer protection offices, and othes. Wih inaction, I will take the chair back to Office Depot, park it in front of their store with a sign to check this blog before buying office furniture and to join our fraternity of sore behinds!

  44. Ryan D. - Waco, TX7/10/2008

    I read your blog and the comments listed. I have a Swinton Trading Group chair that I bought from Office Depot on 26 Aug 2006 that shows to have a 5-year warranty. The left armrest sheared at the adjustment button in the middle of the center post. I was prepared for a battle to have the part replaced. Customer Service with OD must have improved as I called the 1-800-949-9974 number listed for parts. I still have the manual and gave the SKU# 611-944. The young lady was very courteous, looked up the chair and verified the armrest was in stock. After giving my contact/shipping information, she ordered the part to be sent directly to me. Your efforts on this site must have prompted a change! Congrats!

  45. Anonymous7/22/2008

    I have (had) a Swinton chair bought from OD that broke in the same fashion. Being a packrat I found the manual with the 5 yr limited warranty. There is a toll free number on the manual: 888-528-4579. So far no one has answered when I called, must be the time of day. Maybe this number will work for some of you.

  46. Add another one to the list. I have a Swinton chair from their Big and Tall line which looks similar to the photographed chair, except the arms are rubberized and the back seat piece does not screw into the bottom of the chair - a presumably strengthened metal bracket between the two does.

    It just snapped a bolt holding the back of the chair on (thankfully the other three held up less I end up ass over tea kettle on the floor).

    The head of the bolt is on the floor - the rest of the bolt is still in the chair. My first thought was to search for a way to back the bolt remnant out of the chair and put in a spare (I always take the spare parts and put them in a zip lock bag and tape them to the bottom of the chair). But after landing here, I am not comfortable with that and will be asking for a replacement bottom cushion at the very least, so I don't have to try and get the darn bolt out. A refund in the form of a gift card would be even better.

    Like others, I am almost certain this chair carried a warranty of significantly longer than one year, or I would have never bought it. I probably still have the manual around here, but five years sounds very familiar. This was a significantly discounted model as well, I recall.

    I don't always expect those $29-49 chair specials that office supply stores have on task chairs to last too long - usually the seat cushion flattens to the point of such discomfort nobody sits in it anymore - but the big and tall line of products are supposed to be built to stronger standards.

    I've never had a bolt pop like that on a chair before, and it's the kind of thing that starts to make you afraid of a chair. Having an entire bottom or back shear off is a major injury waiting to happen.

    That Office Depot seemed so willing to not stand behind the product that carried its own store name is a real shock to me, and definitely makes me more wary of shopping there. I'm glad an executive customer service contact has begun to address this at least a year and a half after Jess reported this, which may be good for me, but not good for those who came before me who got nothing from Office Depot.

    A reputable business will stand behind the products they sell, regardless of where they were made, or they not not sell them or not be in business, especially if a product failure was so serious as to risk injury. They should thank their lucky stars someone hasn't filed a personal injury lawsuit against them.

    From all indications, these product failures are not isolated incidents, and I hope someone at Office Depot will reconsider their business with this particular manufacturer.

  47. Following up on my last comment, I was able to unearth my purchasing information thanks to my habit of not deleting order confirmation e-mails.

    Indeed, my chair is backed by a five year limited warranty, which will be some of the ammunition I will be using with their CSRs on Monday morning.

    Also, I discovered my chair is still being sold by Office Depot - it's part of the Realspace Soho line of chairs still sold by Office Depot which are all labeled as "Swinton Avenue Trading," so when looking for a replacement, be aware of this. You might want to turn the chairs upside down before you buy just to check the manufacturer/importer.

    The chair I am dealing with is: Realspace Soho™ Big And Tall Fabric Task Chair, 45"H x 24 1/2"W x 31 1/4"D, Black Frame, Gray Fabric (SKU 575174). And mine sold at the time of purchase in 2/2007 for $200, so this was no el-cheapo Sunday special.

    I think where a lot of us may have misplaced our confidence in Office Depot chairs is because of the product descriptions. I'm sure more than one of us opted to buy because of statements like this:

    "Meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA Performance Standards. Chair has met quality standards for safety and durability established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA)."

    Well, if a bolt shearing off after just over a year of moderate use is part of their acceptable standards, I think we're all in trouble.

    BTW, the wheel failure issue is very common on budget line chairs as well. It's caused by the plastic construction of the base frame. The wheels generally have a metal prong that fits into the base, but when you pivot around or push off in the chair across a carpet, the side force being placed on the wheel can be significant, more than enough to fatigue the wheel and/or plastic base which eventually cracks.

    One last factor - try and opt for a new chair or credit to buy a new one. I've gone through replacement part chair repairs before (especially with Novimex out of City of Industry, CA). If your repair involves lifting the seat off the center support column where the pneumatic lift is, good luck. I have never been successful in getting those parts apart after the chair has been used for several months or more. The wheel base usually comes off easier, but you may need a mallet and patience.

  48. Anonymous8/11/2008

    Thanks for your efforts to warn people about this chair situation. After going around and around with Office Depot reps from varying departments, one guy seemed to know what exactly to do. However, we inadvertantly told him the wrong chair arm which had fallen off. Two calls later I was given the web address of the supposed manufacturer, True Seating Concepts, but when told to turn the chair upside down and look for a tag I found one from - you guessed it - Swinton!

  49. Anonymous8/13/2008

    Just found your blog posts. The back of my Office Depot Quantum Gray Mesh Mid-Back chair snapped off -- bolt failure -- sending me sprawled to the floor. Same runaround with store manager. I suggest you constact the Consumer Product Safety Commission, as I did. Met with their lcoal representative and she sent the chair to one of their labs for testing.

  50. Anonymous8/23/2008

    You people are getting just what you deserve by supporting U.S. office superstore retailers who in turn partner with U.S. office products manufacturers who in turn have a significant percentage of their stuff outsoured to China who in turn sell their cheaply made products to U.S. business consumers who in turn are too stupid to shell out a few more bucks for something made in the U.S. The Office Depot executives are laughing at you all the way to the bank.

  51. Hey Jess,

    Did anything come of this? Apparently OD sells their crappy chairs in Canada too - for the last week or so, my chair was creaking, but when I looked underneath, I couldn't see the source of the issue. A couple of minutes ago, I felt the chair kinda drop on one side - part of the welding had cracked, so I suppose I'm luckier than alot of your other users.

    If it was up to me, I'd just throw the chair out, but since it seems like there are lots of other people this happened to, I might hold onto it to see what happens...

    Having said that, I got my chair after you did your initial post, about 17 months ago, so given that you haven't made any updates about OD doing something, I assume nothing will be done.

    Can you let us know if any good news arose from the situation?


  52. Anonymous10/01/2008

    My chair just broke today. It looked like a screw or something was missing out of it. So flipped the chair over to see what was the problem and who made the chair. I was using goolge to find the company who made the chair and I ran across this site. So I see there is no hope of trying to get the office a refund for the chair. It's sad because Home Depot is supposed to be a great place that sells quality things. :(

  53. OK, I have to defend Raynor Eurotech chairs! They are NOT the same as this other garbage. No, I don't work for OD or any of the other mystery companies. I am a disabled teacher that sat for almost a year in a 15 year old Raynor Eurotech chair. Leaving the chair behind was one of my only regrets in retiring under disability! It was the first chair I sat in that did not cause me additional nerve pain. I am actually in the process of ordering a new model for myself here at home.

    Unfortunately, OD is probably where I will order it from. I'm too afraid of ordering from a website on the internet. Thankfully, Eurotech does offer a LIFETIME warranty for their products. It is on their chairs as well as their website:

    Here is the company information far, far away from Boca Raton, FL:

    A division of The Raynor Group
    525 Hempstead Turnpike
    W. Hempstead, NY 11552

    Toll Free: +1.800.637.0005
    +1.516.481.8141 Fax


    Sorry for all of you that have had a rough time with OD and these other crazy run arounds.

  54. Anonymous11/05/2008

    Maybe Y'all need to go on a diet or sumthing. Dont blame them chair for being overweight. My 0.2 cents.

  55. Anonymous11/08/2008

    LOL on the overweight remark. While I am sure I could stand to lose some weight, I'm pretty sure that's not the ONLY reason the back of my chair snapped off last night.

    I have a "Quantum mesh chair", and these come boxed, and you bolt 'em together. The back bolts to the underside of the base flange with two bolts, and these just snapped. Turns out that the bolt holes are drilled near the extreme end of the lower (back flange) piece of metal, which means that the bolts are under much higher strain than if they were further away from the end (which acts as a fulcrum). This defect is only obvious after the failure, because only then is the plastic covering broken away, so you can see what's going on.

    Anyhow, I still have the original paperwork, but didn't bother to call, since it was obvious to me that nobody would care, and plus, if they did actually respond, the end result would just be more landfull.

    So what I did was cut away all the remaining plastic, extract the sheared bolts from the threaded section, and using new M-8-1.5x20mm bolts, re-attached, but this time with the back flange on top of the base flange. This at least quadruples the distance to the pressure-end (was the back flange, is now the base flange) (read: fulcrum) of the flange, which I'm hoping means the chair will hold up better. Took about an hour, including the trip to the hardware store, and no need to deal with CS types that don't care.

    HTH, Pete.

  56. Anonymous11/14/2008

    what do you expect from $100 chair? It should only last a year in the first place. You use the chair for a year, paid almost nothing for it (divide $100/365days) and you want full credit. I can understand 30 days, but a year? Then you waste your time and everyone else you complain to along with writing this blog, When you could have used that time just working some additional hours at your job and purchase a new one. It is your type of person who sucks companies dry with your unrealistic expectations (pay little and get the best quality) and demands. Your time is absolutely worthless and you prove it everyday with your distorted point of view. Here is some life counseling which you desperately need: Instead of wasting your time complaining and trying to get something for free, use that time to earn extra money and you will actually come out ahead.

  57. Anonymous11/24/2008

    Well I see I am not alone with chair problems. The right arm of my Swinton just broke off. I got it last year for Christmas. I am not looking for a replacement, just parts for it would be simple to fix.

  58. Tango Man12/02/2008

    Me, Too...Look yawl..3 wheels down
    1 to go. Swinton and OD strike again. Ty sends. (Okie Me)

  59. Anonymous12/03/2008

    I have a leather office chair by Swinton Avenue Trading purchased at Office Depot I have no problems with the seat part of the chair but he wheels are falling apart.

  60. I found your post by searching for "Swinton Avenue Training" as well, but amusingly it's because I love my chair and I'd like to buy a new one of the same type. I just can't find anyone selling them!

  61. Just to let you know that I had casters break off and was able use one of the emails given above. In about an hour I had a confirmation number for replacement parts. I did use my electronic receipt and forward it to Office Depot.

  62. Charlie loves his chair12/23/2008

    I'm with Thistle on this one. I googled "Swinton Avenue Trading" because I love my $30 leather chair so much that I wanted a second one. Problem is, I can't find anyone selling them anymore.

    Though it sounds like from these comments that I'll soon be happy I didn't buy a second one...

    Oh well!

    This is an insanely long list of people who are pissed off about a chair. Awesome.

  63. FlashOhio - Which email did you use?
    I have lost a caster from my Swinton chair. I've had the chair for over a year. I'm not looking for a warranty replacement... just want to buy a new wheel. Where can these be purchased?

  64. Anonymous1/25/2009

    Jess, People like you make me sick! Office Depot could give you two replacement chairs free of charge and you would still be a disgruntled customer because of the responses they have given to you up to this point! Loose a few pounds, I'm sure your next chair will be much happier.

  65. Tim: If you're going to insult people, at least do it right?

    loose =/= lose

    Learn to spell.

  66. Anonymous1/27/2009

    I understand dealing with these people is a maze...But I have never had a problem getting parts or service from the right number. Just don't call Office Depot, nobody there knows anything.

    I have had seven or eight chairs and yes I have had a few things break, but if you call the Raynor Group at (800) 637-0005 they are always good at living up to their waranty. They do require a reciept because to many people were calling up and getting all the parts they needed to build free chairs...So that much can be understood.

    Raynor owns Swinton Avenue which is the importer for the chairs. They are a supplier and not actually part of Office Depot. Raynor, however, has "bent over backwards" to make sure I stayed a happy custopmer. I have gotten pistons, brackets, bases, wheels, and a chair back...(I have had at lerast 7 or 8 of these chairs) But hen I do weigh 300 lbs too....But they seem to hold up fine by me.

  67. Any chair, no matter the chair, no matter the price, should be under warranty, and the manufacturer should always respect that warranty. So to Tim, as a e-tailer of office chairs, I know very well how to deal with issues. These people have every right to complain about the disservice they received from their chairs and from OD. The customer is always right. An old but true adage. If I sold low quality chairs (which we stray from, because of the issues they cause for customers) on my site, I would be fully aware of the consequences and would address them as they arise. But low quality or not, if there is an issue with a chair, it has to be fixed, and it shouldn't be as difficult as the maze these people have experienced. I think that is the real issue, and the unfortunate issue.
    Btw, it surprised me to find Swinton related to Raynor. Raynor is a reputable manufacturer that takes care of its customers. This I know firsthand.

  68. Anonymous2/02/2009

    I too have had no sucesses in repairing my chair, but I had an idea. Maybe, just maybe we can piece together a chair or two. I have a massage chair, no power cord, 4 out of 5 wheels, and the base is intact. If anybody wants parts e-mail me. I'll be glad to ship parts, (no cost to me of course), I'm all about recycling and reusing. Or if someone has just one wheel, and a power cord, I'd be glad to take them off your hands. E-mail me
    Yankee ingenuity at its finest.

  69. Anonymous2/07/2009

    I have to add to the list. We have an OD chair by Swinton Ave. I bought the chair based on what I thought was solid construction and good back support. A wheel broke off and cannot be fixed (the metal brace that connects to the leg broke off with the caster in it). Then I came home to find the arm fell off (all the screws came out). Time to find a new chair.

  70. Anonymous2/09/2009

    EXACTLY! The Weld broke in exactly the same spot on my task chair. Thanks for the email!
    D Jones
    Marysville, CA

  71. I've seen so many other people follow in my own footsteps with this chair debacle. The ultimate disposition of mine was that Office Depot Customer Relations sent me a giftcard for the original purchase price of the chair and arranged to pick up the broken one and have it sent to some lab for further investigation. The key here is to bypass the local store people and go straight to the customer relations office:

    Sheila Resendiz
    Sr. Customer Relations Assistant
    Executive Customer Relations
    Office Depot, Inc.
    2200 Old Germantown Road
    Delray Beach, FL 33445
    Mail Code 14D0129
    P: 561-438-0129

    You can start with e-mail because you don't need to ask for Ms. Resendiz directly - any staff person can assist.

    To the clowns that polluted this thread with the ridiculous comments about weight loss and how asking for warranty service is tantamount to causing the current global economic crisis, why exactly are you reading and participating on this blog entry in the first place?

    It's this kind of nonsense which allows companies to BS their way through quality claims and warranties, hoping for stupid people to somehow blame themselves for someone else's product failure. It wasn't the poor construction of the chair, it was the fact I had those chips last night. Or, gee, if I ask for the company to honor its five year warranty, I could be causing global bank failures and the unemployment of tens of thousands. Guess I should just do nothing instead.

    Some folks are swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool.

    You, as a customer, have the right to customer satisfaction and for the company you do business with to stand behind what they sell. Don't allow any sucker to tell you a product failure like this is somehow your own fault. Ignore the mouth breathers and pursue your legitimate rights as a consumer.

    And Office Depot does stand behind their products and actually has done the right thing here, once you reach the right people empowered to correct the problem. Too bad it's not on the local store level, but at least the Customer Relations office in Florida is demonstrating a commitment to customers that renews my faith in doing business with Office Depot.

  72. Anonymous2/21/2009

    Being a responsible consumer would be keeping your papers to the product you ordered- first of all if you pay for a chair that you are using everyday for more than a hour and paid under $100 for it- well you get what you paid for. That goes for buying it anywhere. Keep you receipts- can you tell IRS "uh I lost my receipt, can I write to your CEO and whine, will they feel bad and disallow my debt in underpayment of taxes" HELLO??? NO....
    You buy a car, you buy a tv, you buy furniture, you buy something that is mechanical or electrical, if it isn't a consumable- keep a receipt. THAT IS PROOF OF PURCHASE- you keep the owners manual or paperwork that came in the packaging. Hello??? what happened to being a responsible consumer. I have stuff I kept from 20 years ago, for ........ parts.....Usually there is contact information for warranty or parts on the paperwork. Better yet- write the info on the manual so its handy. Being a little proactive for that rainy day can help yourself....
    By the way....most retailers will take care of legitimate complaints. Send pictures of the chair, the labels, the receipt, the manual- if you can't reach the warranty department or you do and they are unable to assist. Write the company- short and sweet- go on the company's website... you can get much resourceful information there and you would be surprised. Companies have to protect themselves to stay in business, as many honest customer are out there- there are many many fraudulent ones out there that are ruining the way things used to be. By taking your word for it- be a responsible consumer and you will save yourself a lot of grief.

  73. The sides arms broke on my Swinton chair along with one of the castors. I looked them up to order new ones, and this site is what I found. Office Depot has lost another customer. Thanks for your information. I've shopped with them for years and have bought several chairs. I understand they wear out, but service is another issue. I always purchase with debit or credit cards so I can always have a duplicate receipt.

  74. Anonymous3/24/2009

    My Vanderbilt office chair suffered a second broken right arm rest (a Swinton product). The first time it broke about 18 months ago was just after purchase. I called the service number on the instructions and they sent me a free replacement arm rest. When I called the same number today they said call OD.

    So I googled Swinton and found this blog (Thank You Jess in Gainsville!).

    I called 1-800-949-9974 which was mentioned in an earlier post (Thanks!). The number took me to a company called Sourcing Partner .

    The chair is no longer sold by OD but Wayne said email a picture of the chair and I will send you a OD gift card for the retail value. I asked if parts were available through open sources. He said some customers have found parts on ebay.

    I will post here again if I don't receive the gift card in a reasonable time.

    Good luck to you!

    PS: I spent 30 years in customer service management. Only 3% of customers ever complain by call or written communications to a vendor. Be a squeeking wheel and you'll usually get some satisfaction. Treat the service desk people like you would like to be treated. They will always go the extra mile to help you.

  75. A follow up for you: While looking for Swinton I found that: 1 800 637 0005 Raynor Marketing, I called them and learned that they handle chairs for OD and that Swinton is an entrance point for manufacturers outside the US. They could not help me with the piece for a desk I needed but told me that if it dealt with a chair, they'd be able to help. You may consider trying them.

  76. My husbands chair snapped off 2 nights ago. He was holding my 2 year old on his lap at the time and they both fell. Luckily he didn't land on the baby but the baby did bump his head on the floor.We bought the chair at office max so these chairs are distributed to various office stores.

  77. Anonymous4/14/2009

    I used to work at Office Depot and you are correct, they do have cheap chairs imported from china. HOWEVER they do have a contract furniture division that will assist you in finding a GOOD chair. You will pay more for the chair and will have to wait about 6weeks for it since it is manufactured per your order. When you purchase a good chair you are also able to pick the fabric from the manufacturer's list of available textiles. You can also do what is called 'COM' which means customer's own material. Just keep in mind if you select a COM fabric this voids the manufacturer's fabric warranty. Ordering from the factory also gives you more options in regard to the chair itself. A chair with all the bells and whistles will cost more than the chair you purchase at the Office Depot store. Those of you that do a lot of business with Office Depot should have a rep that can help you or forward you to either a Telephone Account Manager or a Furniture Account Manager that will help you select the best chair for your needs. I realize many of you may not be in the DFW area but I can give you a couple of phone #'s and they should be able to give you the name & phone# of a TAM or FAM in your area. These are Fort Worth, TX phone #'s, sorry but I don't have an 800 #. If your company needs more than chairs [desks, file cabinets, cubicles, etc.] these people can assist you with that as well. Here are the #'s:
    817-358-3035; 817-684-4407 or 817-358-3060 [try the first two #'s first, these people are in the office; the 3rd # is for a sales person that spends most of the time out of the office calling on customers]
    I hope this helps.

  78. Anonymous4/16/2009

    Office Depot strives to take care of business for our customers by providing a wide selection of products, services, and solutions that meet the needs of our small business customers. Many of the products we sell are exclusive to Office Depot including Ativa, Foray, Break Escapes, Realspace, and Office Depot brand products.

    All of our exclusive brand products are designed to meet the specific needs of our small business customers and if something goes wrong, you are protected because each product provides a limited manufacturer's warranty.

    To obtain assistance with parts or support for any exclusive brand furniture product please call 800-949-9974.

    To obtain assistance with parts or support for any Ativa brand product please call 877-777-4357.

    You may also contact Office Depot's Office of Executive Customer Relations for assistance by phone, email, or regular mail:

    Office Depot, Inc:
    Executive Customer Relations
    6600 North Military Trail
    Boca Raton, FL 33496

    At Office Depot, Taking Care of Business is the unwavering commitment that we make to our customers, providing unprecedented value, selection, quality and service.


    Casey J. Ahlbum
    Senior Customer Relations Manager
    Executive Customer Relations
    Office Depot, Inc.

  79. Sorry Casey but I'm not buying this one bit. You say one thing, do another.

    The bottom line is that I could have broken my neck in a chair that was carried by Office Depot and whose manufacturer was unknown because Swinton Trading Company could not be located.

    The bottom line is that when I went to the Office Depot from which I purchased my chair, I was basically told "sorry, you're shit out of luck" by a MANAGER. Yes, a MANAGER. Why? Because Office Depot does not guarantee the quality of the products they sell.

    OD lost a customer, actually several because me and many of my friends and coworkers stopped shopping there when they refused to help me.

    So I am not buying your post, it's all a lot of hot air and right now given the current political situation in America, we've got plenty of that, no we don't need more.



  80. WOW
    was i surprised when I called 800 637 005
    faxed her my receipt and sent me the parts that broke
    chair is covered by manufacture for 5 years.
    no problem no questions no cost
    I am thrilled!

  81. Anonymous4/24/2009

    wow it's been 2 years and ppl are still going with this..i want to buy a chairr from office depot but not after this..i don't know where i can buy a chair now..i live in canada, any suggestions?
    and probably after hearing all these stuff over the net, OD should take some action.

  82. Anonymous4/29/2009

    Imagine my surprise when my chair collapsed. Thank God my feet were on the floor when it happened.

    It's interesting some of the posts on this site. I believe people don't understand the relationship between price, quality and safety. If I buy a Geo Metro instead of a BMW 5 Series, I will be getting less quality (slower, less powerful engine). That does not invite Geo to give me horrible brakes, faulty steering wheel, or easily rupturing gas tank. The product, regardless of price, has to safely perform whatever tasks it was manufactured for. We pay more for the luxury (leather, wood trim), but the product has to maintain it's structural integrity.

    For those discarding the posts, I wonder how dismissive they would be if one of their loved ones were injured or killed because of one of those chairs. Now they'll probably reply with, "I would never buy a crappy chair like that." Well let's say a doctor's office did, or their job did... then what?

    I'm sure that weight has little to do with the chair's failure (as people who weigh less than 150lbs have posted comments as well). I called & left a message for Shelia Resendiz. Our office just through out all of the other chairs (not waiting for them to collapse). We will no longer order products of any kind from Office Depot. Any company willing to cut costs & maximize profit at the consumers' expense does not deserve to be in business.

  83. I also have a chair with Swinton info on the bottom. I got this at an Office Depot in Hillsboro, OR. The problem with this office swivel chair is that one of the arms of the plastic star base snapped off. I was just sitting there barely leaning back. I fell over backwards. I will let you know if I get anywhere with the info I have found here. Thanks!

  84. Hey does anybody have a base (just the one plastic piece, with 5 legs, or arms) from their otherwise broken chair they want to sell me. Mine has a two inch hole where the chair post fits into it. I still have the wheels to mine so I would not need those. They have not broken ... yet.
    Contact me

  85. Anonymous5/11/2009

    Dear Mr. Odland,
    I went on the internet tonight to look up the manufacturer of a desk chair I purchased at Office Depot last year (in Napa, California). The back, first had something poking us in the back. Two weeks later, my son's girlfriend completely fell backwards when the back popped off. I've saved the bottom portion, as it is still fine but threw the back out (keeping the little knob to hold it in place, should I be so lucky to get a response from Swinton Ave. Trading in Boca Raton, Fl. Low and behold, in my search for this company, I came across this woman's blog - she's had the same trouble I have and has a complete page decicated to describing her dilemma and I agree, who would take out an extended warrenty on a 119.00 chair?!

    Please review her blog and advise me if you do have a phone number for Swinton Ave. Trading so that I might get a replacement back for my chair.
    (I really don't feel that I should have to purchase a new chair every 12 months and I certainly won't shop for one at Office Depot again.)

    Carol Davis
    Sonoma, California

  86. Way to go Carol!!!

    Isn't it amazing all this time has passed and people are STILL posting about problems with their chairs?

  87. Anonymous5/12/2009

    My name is Kevin I bought the same make and model as the lady with the photos. My chair is black. It was touted to be leather by the sales people. I purchased it about 1 1/2 years ago. It is not leather. It is vinyl. The material is literally going to pieces. I have photos. The paint is literally flaking off of the painted surfaces. I went to home depot and the sales staff were very nice. However they couldn't uphold warranty due to being over 30 days since purchase. They attempted to locate the manufacturer and were not able to locate in their database. We had to look at the bottom of the chair. The information on the bottom of the chair is no good. It is the same information "Swinton Trading Co. Boca Raton, no phone number. No luck. The phone number I was given by OD was 1 800 949-9974, thats a OD number that is of no help at all. I will write the CEO of Home Depot using the hyperlink in this Blog. Hopefully it will work. I don't believe any person attempting to run a succesfull business would want this type of business problem to develop in the first place or let it continue.

  88. Anonymous5/14/2009

    I have a Swinton Avenue chair which has just broken - the metal pole that fits into the feet assembly has a heavy plastic gasket that fits into the socket and this gasket has broken. My husband said "call the manufacturer and get the part" and I just laughed and said "I bet it was made in China" and, guess what, it IS made in China. After having looked up the company and found this site and all the complaints, I will probably just have to toss this chair. I am getting more and more wary of buying anything made in China and this just proves my point.

  89. Obviously these chairs are unsafe. I am very disappointed in Office Depot for handling them. Maybe an attorney that reads this will want to do a class action lawsuit. Anyway, I won't be buying a chair from Office Depot. Everyone with a safety issue on this chair should report it to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission at to get it recalled. Once a recall is issued, I think they will have to take it back.

  90. Anonymous5/14/2009

    I posted a comment on 05/12/09 "Kevin". I then followed up with a respectfull letter to OD and their response was very encouraging. I will post it below. Now all I need to do is either find the damn receipt or go to OD and hope they can pull the record for me.
    April 14, 2009

    Dear Mr. (removed)

    Thank you for taking the time to contact Office Depot regarding the chair you purchased from our Swinton Avenue collection. It is never our intention to inconvenience our customers in any way and I am truly sorry that the fabric is falling apart from the surfaces of the chair. That being said, I do not want to let that stand in the way of helping you. If you can please provide a copy of the sale receipt when you purchased your chair which is required by our company for auditing purposes as showing your proof of purchase I would be able to send you a gift card for the amount of that chair.

    Kindly send to me at the below rightfax provided below and as soon as I receive this information I will expedite the gift card to you shortly. I look forwarding hearing from you soon. Thanks and have a great day.


    Diane L. Sopinski

    Sr. Customer Relations Assistant

    Executive Customer Relations

    Office Depot, Inc.

    P 561-438-0138

    F 561-438-6893

    Delivering Winning Solutions That Inspire Worklife

  91. Anonymous5/17/2009

    I bought a nice leather chair from Office Depot. Very comfortable and classy looking. About $250. I weigh about 210 pounds and am 6 foot 2 inches. The chair had a wheel snap off from the cheap plastic and I fell cart over arse and cracked my head. Man what a surprise, when I looked at the bottom and tried to get a new wheel from the manufacturer Swinton in Boca Raton I found myself here with the rest of you, I suspect out of luck! Regards, Kelly Glisan

  92. Anonymous5/25/2009

    I received an oversized executive chair and was satisfied with it until one of the wheels broke off. I will call the numbers that I see listed here and hope for the best, because I've been to the Office Depot store where I know my daughter bought it and I had some of the same sad sack service. I just need another star base and the chair will be as good as new.

  93. Anonymous5/27/2009

    I originally posted on 4/29/09 with a problem with my chair. I was very upset but decided to contact Office Depot with the information on this site. After giving them our customer number and they were able to confirm proof of purchase, the Consumer Relations division sent a $300 gift card to replace the chair. More than the monetary compensation, I appreciated the care and concern shown by their Consumer Relations department. I now have a much better chair and continue to shop at Office Depot. This blog has been very helpful. Thanks.

  94. That's great news. The place I bought the chair from here, Office Depot in Gainesville Florida, didn't want to do a damn thing, so I have not purchased a single thing from them since. They suck.

  95. shari in coral springs5/29/2009

    mine broke too.
    finding this website while trying to google swinton avenue trading is unbelievable.
    i really cannot believe what im seeing!!!!!

  96. I just realized that I had posted this twice way back in 2006. There are 23 comments on the duplicate post. I am copying and pasting them here.

    Terry said...Back support broke. Same MO on the manufacturer (Swinton). Our chair arms look different than your pics so must be a different model but same price. Ssalesman said it was their "best seller". 12/15/2006

    JCR said...The chair broke where the arm attaches to the seat. That is bad PR on Home Depot's part, and they don't seem to care about their customers. 1/06/2007

    Anonymous said... Two of the five legs on the base completely busted off. My email is 1/06/2007

    Anonymous said...The base of the handle cracked (which supports the back of the chair). Thanks! -Paul 3/13/2007

    Anonymous said...My chair arm broke. I paid $59 for on sale is now $119? 4/04/2007

    jamesfbeckham said... I was interested in purchasing another one of these chairs. Most comfortable office chair I have ever owned. But will do a complete examination of the mechanism and welds etc just in case. 12/16/2007

    Adam said... I've now gotten two replacement seat cushions for RTP-029037, the Chelsea High Back chair. They don't even seem to require proof of purchase or a receipt or anything. Manufacturer is The Raynor Group, NY. 800-637-0005. 5-year warranty. 2/15/2008

    Anonymous said... 1-800-876-4171. I too have a chair that put me flat on my back when one of the star base legs broke. When you call she says they haven't made 'chairs' like mine in over 5 years! Mine has a 5 year warranty. They don't have any parts to send since they haven't made it in so long! Florida Secretary of State Dept needs to investigate. 2/27/2008

    Anonymous said...Add on to blog just left....My chair was only purchased 4 years ago! Ergo...still has 1 year left on warranty! I WILL check future purchases for this name and WILL not buy! 2/27/2008

    ELoise Brown said...I purchased a chair from the local office depot, 5-17-06, and although it didn't break, it leans, to the side, and it's a much that I had to go to a chiropractor for treatment of my neck. Once I realized the chair caused my neck problem, I looked underneath the chair to find the manufacturer, it was Swinton Avenue Trading from Boca Raton, Florida. I paid $181.02 including tax, and had a 5 year warranty. Eloise Brown 4/15/2008

    Anonymous said...Same deal from Office Depot. Paid $218.00 for a chair that was supposed to have a five year warranty. Swinton Avenue Trading label on the bottom. Contacted The Raynor Group. Sent them a picture--they claim they are not manufacturer. Office Depot is running a scam. 5/20/2008

    Anonymous said...I found this blog because I was trying to find Swinton Ave Trading Company because I'm trying to find another chair like I bought at Office Depot in 2006. Mine held up okay, but it was high end $300. 6/09/2008

    Anonymous said...Discovered only after I couldn't figure out why my new carpet had so many black spots in the area where the chair is. Turns out the bottom of the chair is leaking a a black oily liquid from a plastic piece. Susan 7/19/2008

    Clay Garretson said...Base broke on my chair called 800 number posted here and will be shipped a new base I would say that that was progress. 7/23/2008

    Anonymous said...i got the massage type and so far have not had any problems. i use it every day. hope you got your problem resolved jess. maybe because i live in the pacific northwest they have a different supplier. 11/12/2008

    Juan said..I'm having trouble locating Swinton Ave Trading for a part of am OD bought piece of furniture. The Swinton I found in Florida, in Boca was dissolved in 02, yet the furniture I bought is still shown in the OD showroom. I can't understand why a manufacturer or their retailers want to make such a mistery of their whereabouts or make it so hard to contact them. Juan 3/31/2009

  97. Anonymous6/04/2009

    I purchased the whole Christopher Lowell Town Collection and the furniture is made by Sauder or They make most of Office Depot's furniture. You can call them or order parts from website. I see on the internet it lists Swinton Ave. Traders Ltd, Inc. as the distributor. I don't know if they made your chair, but it is worth a try.

  98. Anonymous6/09/2009

    Thank you for all the posts! The information here has been very helpful. I had paid $350 last fall for a Realspace Pro 9000 series chair (manufacturer # RTP-008289-FU-024-07).

    The two bolts supporting the back of the chair snapped in half today. I looked at the back, and the other half of the broken bolts are still screwed into the back of the chair, so it is impossible to remove them.

    I called the main customer service number that was previously posted (561-438-4800). I explained the what happened to a very nice customer service represenative, who took down my receipt information and gave me a case number for follow up. They explained that they will contact the manufacturer, so I'm sitting on the floor keeping my fingers crossed :-)

  99. Anonymous6/19/2009

    My "Swinton" chair broke off completely at the base of the seat just as in the other photos. I went over backwards and landed on my elbow on the tile floor. This is definitely a safety issue!

  100. Anonymous6/19/2009

    Bought a $189 chair in Oct. 08. Wheel broke off this week so I called Office Depot store to see about replacing it. I was told to contact the manufacturer -- Swinton -- and was given a phone number. Turns out the number I was given was for Sauder. The customer service rep at Sauder gave me another number for parts from Office Depot. I called today and was told that they would get the part in the mail ASAP. We shall see!

    However, I have another bone to pick with Office Depot. I purchased a wireless mouse to use with my laptop (which was also purchased from OD--1 of 3 I have purchased in this year). When I got home and opened the package, the CD for downloading the driver was warped. I returned it to the OD store -- again driving 35 miles from my home -- and was told that because I had opened the package, I could not get a refund and that if they didn't have another one like it I would have to purchase a different one at a more expensive price -- buying one at a lesser price is against their company policy. I was furious and told the ASSistant manager that they were the one who sold me the defective product and now were trying to rip me off again! Luckily they had another just like it -- but I made her open it before leaving the store with it.

    I'm done with OD!!!!!!!

  101. Anonymous6/19/2009

    You need to call this number for parts:


    That is the number listed in the assembly instructions that came with my chair (that I actually saved :P) They don't even ask for a receipt or anything.. you just need to provide them with the sku # that is printed on the assembly instructions (this is not the same number listed on the OD website.. so i'm not sure what you do if you lost the manual.. ask them) and tell them which part is broken. They'll send it out to you at no charge.

    From the assembly instructions:

    Call us First!!
    For immediate help with assembly or product information call our toll-free number:
    Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm EST (this seems to have changed to 9am to 5pm CST)
    Our staff is ready to provide assistance.
    Damaged or missing parts ship from our facility in 1 -2 business days.

  102. Anonymous6/22/2009

    It seems that Office Depot has a death wish. We were there this evening and ready to buy a chair that, 2 days ago, was $30 cheaper on sale. We explained that the sales rep didn't advise that the sale was about to expire and would they still honor the sale price. He was like a Nazi and in no way could they do that. We walked out without buying it or anything else and within 20 minutes at home online, I found a comparable chair for $70 cheaper - no shipping, no tax and a 60 day money back guarantee. Guess which chair I'm buying! Office depot needs to get it's corporate head out of it's corporate _ _ _ and realize quickly that they are not the only game in town - or they will die.

  103. Anonymous7/14/2009

    I just got tossed from my chair .. and found this site .. I emaled the individual listed on this site I am in alot of pain and pissed.

    I have attached photos of a chair I purchased just over a year ago at office depot. I have also attached an image of the bruise growing on my arm. I have a bump on the back of my head where I hit the floor an another bruise on my left buttock forming and is quite painful. I sat in this chair to check my email at my desk to have the welded bottom snap and throw me on the floor.

    I googled your information as there I no information regarding the company listed on the chair. Needless to say I am in pain and upset. It seems your chairs are famous for injuring persons. I am considering contacting an attorney as my injuries could have been much worse since I have only just been tossed from this chair moments ago. I have yet to fully feel the soreness I will on the morning in my back , neck and arm which is increasingly turning a darker shade of purple. I was so dazed my husband had to pick me up off the floor.

    Sheila Resendiz
    Sr. Customer Relations Assistant
    Executive Customer Relations
    Office Depot, Inc.
    2200 Old Germantown Road
    Delray Beach, FL 33445
    Mail Code 14D0129
    P: 561-438-0129

  104. Anonymous7/28/2009

    Yes, I too bought this very comfortable chair and it broke exactly the same way last night as I sat at my computer. I will never buy a chair made like this again. A death trap! I bought mine over 2 years ago so I guess there is nothing I can do either. email me if a class action suit is filed:

  105. Anonymous7/29/2009

    had an arm break on my 6 month old chair, the bolts might have loosened a bit but anyway thanks to this discussion I was able to contact the OD folks and after a couple of false starts got ahold of the right people. They shipped my a new arm within a couple of weeks and now its fixed. I'll be keeping an eye on the bolts to make sure they do not get loose. Sweet!!!

  106. Anonymous8/02/2009

    Geez, a cheap chair, OUT OF WARRANTY, what did you expect?

  107. Anonymous8/11/2009

    Just had our chair arm break too. Found this site and called the Office Depot Customer Service number 1-800-949-9974. I was told that Raynor Marketing handles the 5 year warranty. I called Raynor at 1-800-637-0005 and got a very nice young lady named Eileen. She asked if I had any proof of purchase on the chair (I thought oh-oh, this is gonna be a problem..)and answered no. She said if I didn't have the proof, it would cost $25 for them to ship me 2 new arms (left and right). I was ok with that and then I thought could I send her a pic of the chair or the tags on the bottom? She immediately agreed, said take a pic of the tag with the date, model name and number and email it to her and they would ship the new arm immediately. She was super nice, super efficient and extremely helpful.

    Call Raynor Marketing @


    They are really helpful!!!

  108. Called Office Depot and they gave me the number to the manufacturer of my office chair purchased in Nov of '04 at 561-995-9521. Just a voice mail and left a message and then found this blog. Then tried Raynor Marketing at: 800-637-0005 (from post above me) and they said they were not the manufacturer of my Furniture "At Work Axis Mesh Leather Executive Chair". Then called the Office Depot parts # at: 800-949-9974 (found above) and they are going to send me a replacement gas lift for free. Sound good to me! They also said that the chair was discontinued years ago and they no longer get parts from that manufacturer but that this replacement should work. If not, with a receipt, they would have Office Depot refund 100% of the purchase price plus tax in a gift card or check. Either way, I would be satisfied and think this is great customer service. My only small complaint is the fact that the main OD customer service didn't give me this number. I'm sure they would, of course, prefer the customer to deal with the manufacturer directly because it wouldn't cost them anything this way. Moral of the story: Thanks to previous post on this blog, calling Office Depot parts directly at: 800-949-9974 seems to be they way to go for warranty claims on furniture for multiple manufactures.

  109. Anonymous8/16/2009

    Broken wheel, as described above. I'm not overweight. Took the chair back to Office Depot. No help whatsoever. Chair is going to the dump. Office Depot will not see a single dime from me again.

  110. Anonymous8/24/2009

    I think that while companies due owe us a certain amount of responsibility for product quality, we as consumers also have responsibilities to:
    1) Understand the terms of warranties.
    2) Keep proper documentation such as warranty cards, receipts, manuals etc.
    3) Do recommended maintenance. I've seen too many people break all sorts of things because they didn't bother to keep bolts/screws tightened, keep it clean, or assemble it properly.
    4)Be patient with customer service. They are hired to follow a rulebook and risk being punished for deviating from that rulebook no matter how important you think your problem is.

  111. Anonymous8/24/2009

    First off - sorry to everyone that has had problems with the chairs from OD and their suppliers. Second - thanks for everyone that took the time to post. Consumers DO have power - this type of forum is the protest march of the internet era at work. Stores like OD need to take blogs like this very seriously or they will find more costomers turning to the internet for these types of purchases. I'm all for full serivce stores, but if the value add is gone - Personalized "Our Customer is always right and we make them happy" attitude - then why go to a full service store and pay a premium? I am also in the market for a new office chair, and had looked at several of the chairs mentioned here as well as others by the same manufacturer. I have dropped them from my list of candidates - along with adding guidelines for what I will purchase in the future from OD - which is to say nothing short of stationary, writing and general office supplies.

  112. Anonymous9/07/2009

    We have TWO office chairs that have the center rod ready to shoot up through the seat, so we are currently shopping for office chairs. The chair that was the most comfortable at OD was $300 (realspace pro 9000) but I thought it would be best to spend the money and buy a quality chair. So we return to OD today and the chair is now hidden in the back of the store because of a recall. There was no other info at store level. We just want a good office chair and it doesnt look like that will be any easy find.

    Thank you for the place to read other's experiences
    with office chairs. I must get up from the computer now as this chair is about to hurt me.

  113. Wow, I was just googling around to find out how to increase the height of my chair. I turned it over, saw the Swinton name, Googled "Swinton" and discovered this long, long thread. So mine hasen't broken (yet) but does anyone know how to adjust the height? Mine has one of those pnumatic thingys but it doesn't go up too high. Any suggestions? THANKS!!

  114. Anonymous9/14/2009

    I've been searching for an hour, just trying to figure out how to get a repacement part for - you guessed it - that thingy at the bottom that holds the entire chair together - a Swinton Avenue Trading chair bought at Office Depot. Finally, some answers here. Not the ones I want, but thank you so much for the posts that basically let me know I have a very nice chair that has to sit on the floor.

    Mine was not the type that broke off and sent me flying. For those of you with that chair - I'm suprised a nice class action laywer hasn't wandered in to help you! Frustrating to have dangerous products out there, seemingly without remorse.

  115. What an interesting Blog. I have a office furniture company and I may be able to shed some light on the situation. OD or the Big Box stores as we call them make there own the RealSpace Pro distributed by Swinton Avenue Trading Co. Now when I say make I mean they purchase imported chairs in mass bulk and throw a name on it. It looks like this Swinton Ave Trading company is just a local(US) importer who works with getting product overseas. If you check there offering they have xx amount of RealSpace products that price points are far below that of the Hon's, Mayline, OfficeStar, Alera,Global etc that are also offered at the big box sites. You will find a Office Star chair for $308.99 next to there Realspace Pro chair for $129.99 that look exactly alike. Go to Office Depot website and look under high back chairs. You buy the Realspace product cause it makes sence cost wise, but your buying a inferior product from oversea's and it is purchased in mass bulk with no care for integrity of product as shown in the above blog.

    If you could buy 100,000 (fictitious numebrs) of each specific style for $23.75 every quarter and your selling all of them for the buy it now extra savings cost of $129.99. Then you have to send less than 1% of these customers the occasional gift card for $100 after jumping through months of hopes...It makes good business sense for one time purchases. Alot of people will purchase the Hon or Mayline chair, even though it is more because they know and respect the manufacture and have faith in that brand name, and these Big Box stores get rediculous discounts.

    So what do you do when you dont want to spend and arm and a leg? You buy a good import. There are many people who have perfected the import business and above and beyond have 100% customer service. Products have issues, but the most important thing is to have a manufacture who backs up there product. Let me know if I can help
    I want to make it clear; I am not an importer, I just sell a lot of manufactures and sell one import line often because they always stand by there product.

    Thanks for your time,

    Mike Wagner

  116. Anonymous9/16/2009

    not a chair, but I bought from Office depot Foray gel ink pens fine point 0.7mm a 12pack the pens skip when writing, having to rotate the pens to continue which is insane. this is also from Swinton Avenue Trading. More junk products
    Richard Nimms
    Simi Valley,Ca

  117. Anonymous9/18/2009

    Wow I didn't think it would be this hard to get a replacement part for a chair purchased at a nationwide retailer:^( Anyway I did find an on-line store that has replacement parts for all the high end office furniture and also many generic. I neede a new/replacement piston and it looks like they have a generic that will work. They also have two way to search their site by make and model, or by measure and fit. Might not have everything but they seem to have alot! URL

  118. Anonymous9/19/2009

    Uhm.. your chair was manufactured in CHINA. Why are you so pissed, you get what you pay for. MADE IN CHINA. P.S. I've had a made in china chair with a Swinton Ave tag on it and it has been wonderful for the last 3 years. I sit in it everyday for 8+ hours a day. The padding on the inside has worn down, but the leather feels like a million bucks and all parts seem to be in proper working order. Best of luck finding the MFG in China and getting them to speak English to understand your refund demands.

  119. I have a small business. $119 for a chair would place it in the "disposable" range. 14 months of use does not warrant a full refund either. Only a small pro-rated discount on a new chair perhaps. There are four of us guys in my small shop and we all are over 240 pounds. My two techs are hard on chairs. We've run through a lot in the past several years. Buy your chairs cheap and toss them when they break or spend high dollar and get a good extended warranty. Stuff wears out. Nothing is made the way it used to be. And the real lesson here is to examine your purchases before you buy. Look for quality and sturdiness in parts and the "feel" of the chair. Comfy cushions can be misleading if the rest of the chair is flimsy. Now you know. That in itself is worth the $119.

  120. Anonymous10/11/2009

    I own a Realspace Pro... Astonished that I cannot find anywhere to find replaceble parts. After finding this blog I'm feeling a little better about my Googling skills... This chair feels great, and was very nice... until the cylinder and it's cheap plastic retaining peice gave out on me... I cannot swivel without hearing plastic crack nor can I get up from my seat, and not have to use vice-grips to get the retaining peice back into socket.... which without, chair would fall out of the base....

    POS chair from one of 2 POS companies OD and OM~! I will never buy furniture from either again!!!!

    Honestly, All I want is to be able to buy REPLACEMENT PARTS!!!! I'm not looking for a full refund. My chair is 1.5 years old... been fighting it for 8 months.. but No, no replacement parts.... What kind of business is it that these people are running????

  121. Anonymous10/13/2009

    Surprised this is still going. Swinton is a shell corporation. It is owned by Retail Concepts Inc. out of Delray Beach. Mailing address is 1120 S. Federal Hwy, Suite 200, Delray Beach, FL 33483. Which, of course, is a post office box. You can find a phone number by doing a zabasearch on Jim Zengage.

  122. Anonymous10/13/2009

    Hello Fellow Gravity Challenged Chair Owners:

    Last night I was sitting at the computer and shifted my weight a little and one of the wheels snapped off at the base. After recovering from my fall to the floor and checking for anyone making a U-tube video, I checked for info on the chair to order parts. Guess what I found? SWINTON AVENUE TRADING.

    The chair was a Office Depot special that I just use at home for the computer desk. Not a high use environment but still this P.O.S chair failed and could have hurt me if I fell the wrong way.

    As the rest of you I found this blog trying to find parts for my P.O.S. Office Depot chair.

    Has anyone who has used these chairs at owrk tried filing an OSHA complaint for safety? Seems to me that these chairs are a known safety hazard and should be banned for the work place. Wouldn't it be great if Office Depot couldn't sell their un-safe chairs to American Business. That would look fantastic as a head line on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

    I am going to send a complaint to the US product safety commission and attach this blog to show the need for a product recall.

    Got to get a new chair first and it WON'T BE FROM OFFICE DEPOT!

  123. My name is Dan and like so many before me I found this blog while looking for information on swinton trading. The company who bears a tag beneath my supposed luxury executive office chair. And so I too have been victimized by this faulty product and its weak mechanism base. Routinely For me I happened to nod off and on in front of the PC while in the chair. One night I found myself startled and hurled backward to the floor after the poorly welded mechanism base just gave way. I am without words in describing the sense of helplessness and mistrust I now feel toward the company Office Depot in port charlotte, FL. I once associated thier store sales/staff with quality product. Unfortunately that is no longer the case... because it is apparent the quality of product they provide today is bought with driving profits being of concern before our/my safety. From the looks of this blog this issue is extending over many years now. And I am convinced that this can no longer be deemed an isolated issue with so many people having come foward. Please notify me in the event of class action on this very serious issue.

  124. I also sometimes lean back and fall asleep in my chair. I do not have feet up and these are at most 10 minute mini-naps. One ended quite suddenly yesterday when I found myself on the floor. Remarkable how hard a fall a few feet is when pivoting in a broken lever. Looks like the piston freezes up and then the metal fatigues at the weld point. Mine is a black leather chair for my home office so it does not get that much use. About a year old - Shearing is exactly like the chair in the picture and it seems both models share a common base. Everything else about the chair was great: comfort, leather covering, and mobility to get around my big desk. Since I put it together myself I could easily replace the piston and base plate and keep everything else. OD should RSS this blog and tag us for some proactive contact. Amazing how good analytics and quick intersession will turn an angry customer into a long time loyal one. So I’ll go for some parts… Will try the advice on contacting OD and see how it goes. A good test if on if they are a good company or not. (

  125. Thanks everyone for reading and commenting. It's interesting that when I checked traffic for this blog, I found that there were several visitors from the domain and not nary a one has commented. Hmm...

    Incidentally, my husband and I went out to purchase a new chair for HIM yesterday and we went to OfficeMax. To be honest, I wanted Steelcase for him but they didn't have it so we got him another type of chair. The guy at the counter asked us if we wanted to purchase an extended warranty and I'm like "are you for real?" and he looked at us like we are crazy. You shouldn't HAVE to!

  126. Anonymous11/02/2009

    Looks like there has been a recall of sorts:

  127. It's not the same chair though :(

  128. Anonymous11/06/2009

    Thank you, Jess, for your update. (I posted my experience on this thread back in August 2008 about the Quantum grey mesh chair, and sent my chair to the CPSC lab.) Glad to see they finally got around to doing something. Since then I have not and never will buy anything from Office Depot again after the snotty treatment I got from their store manager, Sean, here in Ann Arbor when I tried to return the failed chair, and the brush-off from their phone customer rep.

  129. Anonymous11/07/2009

    I work for a company that provides assembly services to major retail entities like Office Depot. I empathize with your frustration. The one thing that many consumers fail to realize is that quality control is the issue not lack of customer service.

    Now that virtually everything purchased by the public is manufactured in China, the actual manufacturers aren't US based. So good luck trying to get your way. The company's supplying Office Depot, K-Mart, Target, Sears, Wal-Mart, etc. are basically distribution firms/importers.

    Until the companies purchasing these items start pushing back for more stringent QC, the consuming public will have to accept that they just bought crap.

    If the warranty's past, tough. Be thankful it was a year! Electronics and some power tools have been reduced to 90 days or less.

    Threatening to depart Office Depot as a customer will provide a momentary flash of satisfaction I'm sure. However I'd love to see the reaction when you discover Office Max, Staples, etc. sell the same merchandise you left OD over. Welcome to the Global Economy.

  130. Anonymous11/11/2009

    Threaten? No, I bought a Herman Miller chair that was manufactured in the USA, and have been happy with it. Not as cheap as crap from overseas, but worth not falling on me a** from a broken back support. There are alternatives.

  131. Wow... glad I’ve learned to research BEFORE I spend my hard earned cash! But I want to thank all of you who didn’t, or who were caught unaware, for your folly has given me great wisdom. I think I’ll go shop at SAM’s Club, the ultra-big box store where price and quality make happy marriage for Chinese and US too! lol

  132. Anonymous11/15/2009

    I have bought a Swinton chair 182$
    from Office Depot.
    The fake leather is falling in
    How much warranty on these?
    D I have to take it to my car and back to OD?
    To Swinton?
    I am writing/calling Better Business Bureau, Consumer Office etc Scandalous to have such rip off.
    P.Naples Fl

  133. Anonymous11/24/2009

    Just happened to me also, I have calls into OD and filed report with cspc. Will wait and see

  134. Anonymous12/07/2009

    Dec 2009

    Address for
    Swinton Avenue Trading
    PO Box 310780
    Boca Raton, FL 33431-0780

    This came from another import product (pencils) but as I was looking up the company to find out where to get more I saw your info. Ithink I'll look for another source.

  135. Anonymous12/10/2009

    You had a one year warranty. How long does a mfg have to warranty a product that it has no way of verifying how it is used.
    Either buy a better chair, buy a warranty, or get over it.
    Maybe they should give you a lifetime warranty on a $119.00 chair. Really!

  136. Anonymous12/17/2009

    I nearly broke my neck today when my Office Depot Chair Snapped it's arm off. It is a "Hampton" 25949. I contacted Office Depot and spoke with an older gentleman by the name of "Doug". When I asked him what actions I should take he said #1 call 1-800-721-6592 to obtain a copy of my receipt. Spoke to a Jamaican accented woman who offered no help. I then contacted Raynor and they told me to send in my receipt to and they would send out the part. I suspect this is all orchestrated, a "fictional" 5 year warranty that no one collects on. With all these complaints, it has all the signs of a class action lawsuit. No official recall, but injuries can occur as a result of these chairs. More to come on this, I'm certain.

  137. Anonymous12/17/2009

    Just I thought. Somebody must have gotten hurt from these chairs because Office Depot and Raynor are being sued for personal injury:

  138. Anonymous12/18/2009

    The metal mechanism on my 200 dollar Harrington Realspace Office Chair snapped in two like brittle china after only a year. Second time this has happened with a chair purchased at Office Depot. I may not be a spring chicken but Im certainly not obese. Called the 1800 number; they say a replacement part is coming. We'll see if it does. You are not alone. How about a nice class action suit?

  139. Anonymous12/29/2009

    In reading the comments, it seems that most of the complaints about these chairs could have been solved by just puchasing the extended warranty for the chair. The cost of the warranty is usually anywhere from 5.99-7.99. wouldn't it be worth it to be able to just have the item replaced rather than having to go back to the store, or call numerous numbers, which may or may not have a person at the other end that can help you. I kow we all expect office chairs to last longer than one year, but keep in mind that in response to our need to have inexpensive products retails will go to severals sources to provide products for customers. realistically sometimes these products fail. These sales people in the stores are not trying to bilk you out of an extra couple of dollars, they are actually trying to ensure that you have the best experience you can with your chair. Part of that would include making sure that the customer is able to get an adequate replacement if their product does not meet their needs. Unfortunately the nature of business has changed, because of the fact people return a lot of products, a lot of the time the manufacturer has to eat that cost. You might say "they should buy better products." But when they do the customer complains because the cost of the product has gone up. Realistically, we must changed with the times or just get frustrated going through a retail customer surface maze just to get satisfaction. My friends, I consider my time too important to spend arguing the principle of a faulty product. 5.99-7.99 is more than reasonable when you consider the alternative.

  140. Anonymous12/30/2009

    Who told you 5.99 to 7.99? Try 39.99

  141. Anonymous1/01/2010

    A service warranty on a chair does not confer immunity from liability for a dangerous product. The post calling it "reasonable" sounds like it came from an OD troll. If OD thinks the extended warranty magically insulates them from liability when someone incurs back injury and/or spinal cord damage, then perhaps the lawsuit mentioned in these posts will make them reconsider.

  142. Anonymous1/05/2010

    Well I just had the arm break off my dear Swinton, This is exactly what we all deserve. A big pile of crap from CHINA. We have wanted the most for the least. We have allowed our trading to be so lopsided and these other countries have minimum to no standards. I hate to take this to a political level, but now those crazy leaders we hired are going to make more regulations and take our hard earned tax dollars to these countries to help them fight global warming. Thanks mrs.clinton. If we hired them shouldn't we be able to fire them. Oh yea, while we are on it, for 320 years the Bible was one of the important books used in public schools, IT was taken out around 50years ago and look where we are. Be sure to tell our fearless leader that almost half the first congress were ordained ministers that prayed, long prayers before every meeting. It worked too. Don't believe the professors, check your history. Mr.President, we are a Christian nation and proud to be so. Hope ya'll get you some good chairs, I'll be looking myself. Good day fellow Americans.

  143. Anonymous1/24/2010

    My Swinton bag posted a return instruction # as: 1-800-949-9974 maybe this will help...

  144. Anonymous1/30/2010

    I have been trying to get a replacement calender from Swinton Avenue Trading in Boca Raton. The number on my old calender was 866-795-8481. When you call that phone number, they tell you it is the Office Depot private brand telephone number ...which means this is still Office Depot. A reverse search of the address for Swinton(which is listed as 6600 N. Military Trail in Boca Raton) comes up as Office Depot...with an entirely different phone number! See below:

    Office Depot
    6600 N Military Trl
    Boca Raton, FL 33496-2434
    (561) 998-8684

    When I called the number (561) 998-8684 on Saturday morning, there was no answer. I would think that Office Depot should have a voice mailbox to leave a message, but since there was no answer I smell something fishy about this. Perhaps (my guess) this is a way that Office Depot can claim no liability for anything if they lead you to beleive that Swinton is NOT a part of their company(even though it tells you they are on the telephone number of 866-795-8481.
    If I lived in Boca Raton, you can beleive I would go to that address and check it out!

  145. Anonymous2/04/2010

    Let me add myself to the pile, I love the look of my chair, if only it would stay up when I crank it in the higher position. It doesn't move....I turned the chair over and I see Swinton Avenue Trading with a PO Box...I like all of you, google for a number... I have called the 1800-949-9947 number and have left a message (that is an OD number by the way) I will let you know what happens...

  146. I bought a Swinton office chair from Home Depot as well. The base broke so I contacted Home Depot's customer service and they hardly questioned me. Though they knew the chair was well past any warranty, they immediately sent me the replacement part at no cost to me ... not even shipping! I was very surprised, and the chair is functioning properly again! Props to Home Depot!!!

  147. Anonymous3/01/2010

    My family owned a small office supply store. We went out of business in 1999 as a result of office depot stealing control of the office supply manufacturers. What you are seeing in these chairs is what happened to all of the products on the OD shelfs. We as a socity have destroyed quality, varity, and service as result of price. The business models of these Large cap companys have destoryed this country in search for never ending profit growth. No solutions will come from the goverment as they are controled by the same. We can all sit back now and enjoy our share of responsibilty in the reduction of quality, varity, and service we have created. Just don't lean back to hard!

  148. Anonymous3/03/2010

    In the spirit of this cheap Chinese crap we're buying, I give you:

  149. Anonymous3/03/2010

    Oh, and this one too:

  150. Anonymous3/16/2010

    My chair broke 1 month ago (snapped off at the bolts on the armrest)and I found this website the same as everyone else. I want to thank everyone for posting as I was able to contact Office Depot and they will be sending me a credit. Your posts saved me a lot of time and frustration trying to chase down the manufacturer. They also let me know not to accept replacement parts as the poor quality is dangerous. I spoke with Vicky @ 561-438-2020 who was very helpful.

  151. Anonymous3/20/2010

    OK, so let's add some more fuel to the fire. I purchased a slightly different model (not sure when, but probably a little more than a year ago) also from good ol' Swinton. In my case, one of the screws holding the back rest to the underside of the chair snapped off at the head. So I'm still using the chair for now, but being VERY careful not to lean back. I guess it's not worth fixing, and as a result of this blog, I now know to avoid Office Depot chairs like the plague.

    However, I will do one final thing, and that is to write an email to the CEO of Office Depot (as provided above) and recommend he peruse this blog...

    Thank you!

  152. Don't know if this will help, but here goes;
    I recently purchased an Ative 4-Port USB Hub from Office Depot.
    There is an address for SWT that isdifferent from those I've seen on this post:

    Swinton Avenue Trading Ltd., Inc.
    6600 Military Trail
    Boca Raton, FL 33496

    Also a phone number: 1-877-777-4357

    It is my understanding that they are NOT a manufacturer, merely a distributer.

  153. This comment has been removed by the author.

  154. Anonymous5/11/2010

    Just spoke to someone at OD parts & Supplies desk and they advised that Swinton is not a manufacturer they are the people that bring over products from China, I am looking for replacment parts for my heavy duty 3 hole punch and found that the actual manufacturer is in...wait for it....Hong Kong! hope this helps

  155. Wow I can't believe all this time later and I'm still getting replies on this! Amazing :)

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  158. Wow, Jessica, thank you for your blog.

    I, like so many others, came across it while searching Google for the manufacturer, Swinton.

    I'm not sure whether or not it's too late for me to get satisfaction with my chair issue, or if I'm out of luck, because I no longer have the receipt.

    I bought my chair at OD, but it's been probably 5 years now. However, I paid $299.99 for mine (plus tax, of course) for a heavy, solid, leather office chair.
    Starting about a year and a half ago, the air pressure in the lift mechanism gave out and I was no longer able to adjust the height. (Actually, I really just "gave up" on that feature of it and kept using the chair at the lowest height setting at that point).
    But, the real scary situation came about 6 months ago, when the entire lift housing assembly collapsed while I was sitting in the chair. Thank God my legs, feet, etc. weren't directly under it and that the chair went safely to the floor and caused no injury. After I rolled myself out of the collapsed chair, got up, and turned the chair over, I noticed that the metal structure of the lift housing was cracked, sheared right through.

    I called OD and got the same runaround that people have described here, that is, "Oh, that's not manufactured by us" (i.e. contact Swinton, etc).

    Anyway, I still wanted to post this here on your blog to add to the voices expressing serious concerns about these office chairs.

    I hope there is some chance I can get some sort of satisfaction from OD even with the age of the chair and my lack of receipt, since it is such a substantial chair. (If I don't, I'll just have to throw this one away and search for other places to buy a good office chair).


  159. Anonymous7/27/2010

    Yes People, Everyone just cares about money. Welcome to the United States!!! What you have to do is stop complaining and do what this guy did and bother the CEO of every company that is not doing a good job. That way at least we hope one day somebody will get a good service somewhere!!!! Maybe not us, but somebody, thanks.

  160. Anonymous7/28/2010

    Perhaps a call to an injury attorney? Someone has to be held responsible for the injuries.

  161. Anonymous7/29/2010

    1-877-777-4357 gets you to Office Depot's "private brand" help desk. She of course asked me for a model number which we all know the chairs don't have. She put me through to the "Sales" department. I was put on hold for over ten minutes listening to an automated attendant and bad music. They finally answered and he "searched" for the phone number to Swinton and came up with nothing but gave me the number for the Office Depot Manufacturer Support of 1-800-949-9974.
    I called them and they told me that Swinton Avenue is just an importer and if you can find the model number of your product they can get you parts. I will also mention that they deal with warranties.

    Beware, they make other products too.
    I found this one under Ativa Speakers:
    For more questions or need assistance with your speakers, please call 1-877-777-4357
    Distributed by:
    Swinton Avenue Trading Ltd., Inc.
    6600 N. Military Trail, Boca Raton, FL 33496 USA

  162. Anonymous8/10/2010

    Does anybody live in Florida who could go by the address and look to see if the company is really there, and make some inquiries with copies of this blog and a local featured investigative reporter. Also while you are there take lotsa pictures and post them. Maybe this could be the begining of putting some heat under their Asses.

    Together we can change our world! For the better.


  163. Anonymous8/10/2010

    I just called the toll free number listed in one of the postings above and they couldn't have been nicer to me and are sending out the replacement parts I need at no charge.

  164. Jeremy in Sachse, TX8/16/2010

    Jess - I have the same chair you did. I purchased it in Jun of 2006. I don't have the receipt anymore because my ex-wife took all the receipts with her from stuff we purchased. Anyways, I had both the adjustment buttons break on my chair. One I was able to fix, the other (which broke today) I wont be able to fix. I will be contacting the 800 number that Ryan (from Waco) listed and seeing if I can't get a some replacement parts since I believe he and I have the same sku number.

    To the person who said about being a "responsible consumer". Not everyone can be a packrat and a receipt from 4 years ago may not be legible because of the paper that the stores use. I have many receipts that have faded to nothing and are no longer legible because of this. So, how would it help me to have the receipt. My chair had no "manual" that I know of. Only the instructions on putting the chair together. Which was a no brainer.

    Also, many companies have poor customer service. I am dealing with an issue with my computer power supply. It took me 4 days to get the RMA number from the company because they refused to give one over the phone. It had to be done ONLINE. (anyone see the irony there??) I have a letter written to the CEO that I am going to re-write and then send to him because they need to know that their own people are hurting them.

  165. Jeremy in Sachse, TX8/16/2010

    I just got off the phone with Jenna at the Parts & Warranty Department and she was a great help.

    Jess - I am sorry that you've had the troubles you did, but your tenacity seems to have had an effect and helped others..

  166. Designer8/27/2010

    Hello All -

    I am a designer of chairs in the industry... although none of my designs are sold in Office Depot, I did want to let you all know that Swinton Avenue Trading Company is just a code for private label direct import. There is no manufacturer that will stand behind the chairs as they are bought directly by Office Depot.

    I do, however, think I recognize the chair in the image. It likely came from True Seating in Irvine, CA because they hold a patent on that arm design. Contact them at 714-368-7464 or through

    The really unfortunate thing about your problem of finding the factory name is that there are label laws in many states that require the disclosure of the manufacturer (not the importer) to provide a factory name and address along with the material content. This should not have been that difficult for you to get service.

    Please know that I hear your chair problems and will work hard to be sure that my designs are better and more durable.

    Make sure to look for chairs that pass ANSI/BIFMA in the future, buy only when the chairs are on sale to get the best price and buy only ones rated for 6+ hours of use.

    Stay safe on your chairs!

  167. Anonymous8/31/2010

    Well, Jess....whatever happened in your case? Any satisfaction from Office Depot? You showed by example how to approach a problem in a thoughtful, professional manner. I hope you finally got your store credit.

    To the chair designer of the last post, where are your chairs sold?

  168. Anonymous9/03/2010

    I know this blog was several years ago but I want to thank you for posting! Because of your blog, I was able to get a new arm for my under a year old Swinton chair. One of the posters on here found Sheila Resendiz at I used that email and within a week had a new arm send to replace the broken one! I highly suggest anyone with issues with Office Depot, try this route. The rep responded back to my email immediately and forwarded my info to parts who two day shipped it out. Thanks again!

  169. Hi everyone, I haven't forgotten you! I never got closure in my situation, so I threw away the chair and bought another BETTER one! I'm glad though for those of you who were able to get your problem solved!!! Glad I could help!!!!

  170. Anonymous10/07/2010

    Like others, found this looking for Swinton info. I've learned what not to buy. Thanks, Jess.

  171. Hey Jess, which chair did you get and where from? My chair of 8 years just broke on the back support connection to the seat. It's a Novimex Fashion high-tech mesh back chair and I loved it! It got great use and lasted an extremely long time for $100. I found out thath that company, also called Gruban USA, went bankrupt, so I am trying to get a welder to fix my chair.

    In the meantime I purchased a Realspace Merrick High-Back Bonded Leather Chair from OD and guess what, it's "Distributed from Office Depot" and of course "Made in China." I would assume this is the same as the others, just without the false trading name company.

  172. Anonymous10/23/2010

    I love my Swinton chair, best I have ever owned. I would like to buy some more, where? Thanks,,

  173. Anonymous10/25/2010

    I have a chair with Swinton Ave Trading on it and the button for the armrest to go up or down just broke off and now the armrest will not stay up where I need it. The funny part is I never use the button and I wasn't even sitting in the chair nor was I even in the room at the time it broke. I walked into my office and stepped on this plastic part and didn't know what it was from until I sat in the chair and realized the armrest was broke.

    I started searching and found this site. I will not waste my time looking for a replacement part nor will I ever buy from OD again.

    I am going to call OD up and even try and cancel my worklife reward card. I won't waste my time at all with this company again and will tell my friends to do the same.

  174. Anonymous10/27/2010

    Well, I just spent about an hour reading all these nice comments about Swinton Trading and I'm not even going to waste my time trying to get a refund for my chair. I don't even no how old this chair is but I know I purchased it at OD. In case anyone is wondering, the arm rest broke and would be willing to spend the extra bucks to get a new one but now I'm going to have to do some research and find a better built chair out there. I'm just really more suprised that the United States allows places like Office Depot to put names of so-called manufactors or agents of chinese imported goods to get away with this.

  175. Anonymous11/21/2010

    Well....,I'm momentarily at a loss. Same issues,same store,same ghost manufacturer. I don't even care about the chair now. I am however concerned about all us Americans getting shafted like this. I don't know how or what but I am sure going to try and do something about it.

  176. Anonymous12/10/2010

    I have had a leather swinton chair for over 5 years and have never had a problem.

  177. Anonymous12/13/2010

    Had my chair since June 2006 but still have instruction/warranty info. My chair is warrantied for 5 years. Customer Service Info I have is 800.637.0005

  178. Anonymous12/24/2010

    I purchased an office chair from Office Depot as well and received the same BS with returning it. The receipt is with an ex-employer who paid for half the chair as I used it at work. When I got laid off, they allowed me to take it with me. So I do not have a receipt.
    The Back Support is cracked and I cannot lean back in it at all. All that I want is the name of a place to take it for repair. Office Depot could not even give me that.
    I also have tried to find Swinton Trading on line and cannot find them.
    Did you ever get your situation handled with the CEO? Please let me know one way or another.
    DArwin Tiffany

  179. Anonymous1/02/2011

    Hi all... I just got back from Office Depot. I purchased the Realspace All Pile Studded Chair Mat. Its says it has a lifetime warranty. After using in for a few minutes I've concluded its lifespan will be limited so I thought I'd google the distributor (Swinton Avenue Trading) and I found you all. After reading of your problems I think its now a certainty that this product will not last! There is a phone number listed (800-949-9974) and the following address: 6600 North Military Trail, Boca Raton, FL 33496.

  180. Anonymous2/19/2011

    Just a few minutes ago I picked my wife up off of the floor. She was using the computer, reached for a note pad and the chair broke. After making sure she was not seriously injured I looked a the chair to see what happened. Following was a web search of "Swinton Avenue Trading" (the name on the tags) and I found myself here looking at what I would swear are photos of our chair!

    Since the chair is far older than a year, warranty is out of the question. When I asked her about the chair she indicated she thinks she bought the chair before we met 2006 from....Office Depot. The chair saw very little use since 2007 until three weeks ago. It was then we decided to swap it out with the other chair we were using for the computer.

    What I gather from the other posts here are:

    1) This type of failure is common with chairs from Swinton Avenue Trading.

    2) Office Depot sells products from Swinton Avenue Trading.

    3) Office Depot is aware of the inferior quality products provided by Swinton Avenue Trading

    4)Office Depot still chooses to sell the garbage products provided by Swinton Avenue Trading.

    5) Seems like the logical course of action is to boycott Office Depot until they put the interests of their customers first! (In other words STOP SELLING the Swinton Avenue Trading inferior quality products.)

  181. Anonymous2/22/2011

    The telephone number I have, less than a week old is 1-866-795-8482. Same address in Boca Raton

  182. Anonymous3/03/2011

    I weigh 200 lbs. and I broke my chair at the same spot yours broke. I took it to a welder and it cost me $20.00 to have it re-welded with a reinforcement plate. The welder said the metal was too thin. I spray painted it black to protect from rust and reassembled. Still a good chair almost five years later.

  183. Anonymous3/15/2011

    Spend five times as a Haworth, Steelcase, Herman Miller, etc., and avoid all the above problems with inferior low-priced crap.

  184. Anonymous3/15/2011

    I just called the 866-795-8482 and got the message B241 test successful

  185. Anonymous3/15/2011

    Man, I was just trying to order a replacement lamp shade for my desk lamp, and the OD customer rep put me on hold 7 times. I finally realized I couldn't do this at WORK, so I hung up on her.

    Then I tried to look up Swinton Ave. Trading Ltd. on the "Internet," and it naturally provided me with no information as to how to contact them.

    So after reading about what you are going through with your chair, I decided to put this to rest; it's not worth the hell. I can't believe Office Depot would so blantantly insult their customers with their CHEAP-CHEAP-CHEAP products, and we as a business have an exclusive contract with these "people"? I only wish them the worst.

  186. Anonymous4/08/2011

    Surprise! Swinton Avenue Trading's address given above,

    6600 N Military Trail
    Boca Raton, Fl 33487 or (33496 same area)

    is that of Office Depot's headquarters!
    So, they are just hiding behind another name and appear to be avoiding taking responsibility for standing behind their products by using a "front" name.
    On the product I have (report covers) with the Swinton Avenue Trading name had this phone number:
    It was answered by a someone identifying herself as an Office Depot representative. When asked who Swinton Avenue Trading was, she answered that it was an Office Depot "trading" or "marketing" department or words to that effect. When asked why they did not simply use the Office Depot name on their product instead of the Swinton name, the representative said she could not answer that.

    It is no wonder Office Depot has serious profit problems in their business. They appear to be avoid standing behind the products they sell.

    It appears a warrenty (or extended warrenty) from Swinton Avenue Trading is a warrenty from Office Depot as they seem to be one in the same for business purposes. It appears from the above comments the company does not stand behind products they sell in many cases (even with an extended warrenty).

  187. Apologizing is part of the business of customer service where ever you go, don't you think..

    Customer Service Job Descriptions

  188. Too many beautful themes to choose from. I adore them all.

    Wheels Florida

  189. Anonymous6/09/2011

    I just called OD and they are sending me new parts for my $350 chair purchased in 2007.... awesome!

  190. Anonymous6/21/2011

    I just spent last night at the emergency room due to the injuries I received when my office chair Swinton Ave Trading broke sending me falling back onto the back rest with the knob hittig the floor then me hitting that and recieved severe bruising and have had a problem getting a full breath comfortably since. Probably going to consult a injury lawyer.

  191. Anonymous7/07/2011

    Hi all! OMG-I am totally amazed at these stories. But wanted you to know I just purchsed a paper product from OD. The label says: Distributed by: Swinton Avenue Trading LTD., Inc-6600 N Military Trail, Boca Raton, FL 33496, USA. Made in China. Maybe this will help some of you?

  192. I just bought a Christopher Lowell Shore Collection Rolling Pedistal from Office Depot. The product is handled by Swinton Avenue Trading Ltd. The address on the shipping carton is: 6600 North Military Trail
    Boca Raton, Fla. 33496

    NO Telephone Number

  193. Anonymous9/16/2011

    I bought a box of Foray Gel Ink Pens (needle point 0.5 mm) with the Rubber Grip - Box shows Swinton Avenue Trading, PO Box 310780 Boca Ration, Fl 33431-0780 USA @ 2005, Swinton Avenue Trading --- right ! also - Made in China --other side of box says: 'All of our products undergo third-party, independent testing, and are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship OR YOUR MONEY BACK.' (I swear, it really says that) and

    A PHONE NUMBER !!! >>> 1 800 463 3768


  194. Anonymous9/26/2011

    Same thing happened to me. Same company, same type of chair. Fortunately I am a machinist, and I took it into work and reinforced it, and re-welded it. I was mad as hell, but after getting the run around, I just gave up. That is what a lot of these trading companies do. They sell a product under one name, then after they find out that their products are defective, they change their name, and voila, no more accountability. The fricken Chinese have all sorts of scams like this in business, and Office Depot (a store I will never set foot into again), buys these so cheap and makes 200 percent profit on this crap, they don't really care about their customers. I now shop at Office Max and any other office supply besides Office Depot.

  195. Anonymous10/13/2011

    I found this page searching for "swinton avenue trading"
    I have the same broken weld. Piece of crap.

  196. Matt in Bonita, CA10/28/2011

    I just bought a chair at a thrift shop. I was looking to see if I could find a manual for Swinton info. The Google got me here. I have a different chair, and looking it over, it appears to be in perfect shape. Wish me luck. Hang in there, Matt

  197. Matt in Bonita, CA10/28/2011

    For whatever reason, the fact that I looked on the bottom for data and found the Swinton info didn't stay in the comment. Hang in there, Matt

  198. Anonymous10/31/2011

    I have a Swinton chair too, and the back fell off last night. It's about 4 years old, so I'm not upset, as practically all of these types of chairs are Made in China, and certainly built to a very low price point. It's not the Chinese who are scamming the customer, but the distributor. All distributors go to China to find a manufacturer who will manufacture their products at a certain price point. The Chinese are not at fault, as they "can" build some very high quality items. However, when they're asked to build a chair that costs $10 to $20 to build so that the distributor can sell it to the retail chain, such as Office Depot, and make a profit at both levels, they're only doing what's been asked of them. Rather than buying this price point of office chair, go to a store that sells high-quality merchandise. But, on the other hand, be prepared to spend $1,000 on a chair. Frankly, I'd rather spend $75 to $100, and have it break every 4 years!