Thursday, December 07, 2006

"I know something you don't know"

Ok I can keep secrets but when it comes to buying gifts for DH, I just can't.

I bought him a GPS system for Christmas/birthday since they are within a few weeks of each other. Ok so I lied and told him I paid $200 something when really with tax the whole thing and the software came to $517. But I was going to get a $50 rebate, doesn't THAT count? Well anyway, the day I ordered it online for him I was so excited and I said "I am not going to tell him."

That night I said "I know something you don't know" which turned into him asking "whadja get me, whadja get me, whadja get me?" over and over and over again. Then he started going down the list of possible things I could have gotten him, we went through the old "is it bigger than a breadbox" and I had to think how big a bread box was. He kept trying to guess but missed it, except once, but I didn't tell him.

Finally it ended like this>>>

DH: I know you don't want to tell me so I don't want to know

Me: Are you sure you don't want to know?

DH: Well do you want me to know?

Me: Well do you want to know

DH: Only if you want to tell me'

Me: Only if you want to know

DH: Well ok

Me: It's a ----(I couldn't do it)

DH: Ok Ok I can tell you want it to be a surprise, right?

Me: Yeah, but I really want to tell you

DH: Ok what is it?

Me: It's a ----(again I just couldn't)

DH: Ok fine, I don't want to know, cause I can tell you don't want me to know.

Me: Well I want you to know, I just want you to be in awe (I mean I knew he'd be shocked)

DH: Ok then tell me

Me: I can't. Wait I'll show you. (Why is it that I could show him a pic of it but not tell him?)

DH: Ok let me see.

Me: Wait, how about I read you a description first

DH: Ok

Me: (proceeding to read description and hesitating before saying what it was, finally I blurted it out)

DH: See, I guessed handheld GPS but you lied and said that wasn't it.

Me: Well I didn't want you to know. Are you upset that you know now?

DH: No. How much did it cost?

And the rest is history. When it came in he was thrilled except he got his hot little hands on the receipt and had a fit. For three hours I had to hear about how I should have discussed with him spending this much money (as we usually do) before buying it. But I was thinking why would I discuss it iwth him if it was a surprise?

Anyway, after he nagged me for three hours about how he couldn't believe I would spend that kind of money I said "FINE I WILL RETURN IT" and sure enough we returned it the other day in the local store and got a credit for it on my card.

So what did he eventually get for Christmas?

His Amazon Wishlist. A copy of Hogan's Heroes 5th Season DVD and the movie Awakenings with Robert Deniro. Total cost: Less than $50. Gotta love it.

And oh yeah, on the way home last night from work, I said "I know something you don't know"
He looked at me and said "what?"

And you can guess what happened next---I had to tell him, I have this inability to keep a secret like that.

But I am keeping a secret from my dad. I got him something, it's not for Christmas though it's for after-Christmas because we don't do Christmas gifts (it alleviates everyone from feeling burdened and besides who has the money for Christmas gifts?). But I am not going to tell him what it is. I told mom and she knows and I told her to let him know that I am sending him a surprise..something he'll love. And nobody's going to tell him what it is. I like surprising pa, he worked so hard for us all our lives, sacrificing so much, he deserves to be spoiled. Of course mom's already spoiled, she knows what I got her....she told me what she wanted LOL.

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  1. Anonymous12/08/2006

    So what if you returned it. It's the thought that counts. Right?

    Robert and I don't buy gifts for each other. We just buy for each other and the multitude of nieces and nephews. Lauren and I finished our shopping yesterday.--ST