Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I know, I should get a life eh?

You would think that an institution of higher learning would be the ONE place where signs and building names would be spelled correctly. You would think that people whose job it is to create signs would have a little attention to detail, but even if they don't--did they NOT notice the dozen or so signs posted in the area that do have the building name properly spelled? Now it doesn't end there. Being familiar with those buildings, it struck me odd that the sign implies there's an 1142-1205 in McCarty D. Those rooms do not exist in that wing.

Then, as I continued my mid-day walk, I noticed something else--another sign attached to the wall one of the buildings which adjoin the one above.

This sign has the arrow and rooms right, those rooms exist in the wing specified.

Too bad they misspelled it. Again.

Now you might think me being anal retentive but you'd be surprised how many signs on campus are misspelled and most folks never notice.

Several years ago RedQueen aka Deb- and I were enjoying a mid-day stroll on campus and came across a large standard University sign pointing to the huge building which contains the student union, activities, food court, etc. The sign in front of the buliding included the words building "Student Govrenment". That was the first time I saw Government spelled that way. I was impressed. It was too good to pass up because Deb got a picture of it. I can't remember how long it was after we made the phone call that they changed it. I can tell you one thing, I'm sure they took their time.

Among the other misspelled signs I've come across are less noticeable but they do exist. For instance, a reserved parking sign has the word "Adminisration" instead of "Administration" printed in big bold letters. That sign has been there for more than a year. If nobody has noticed it but me, that's scary. If somebody noticed it and it's still like that then nobody gives a shit, most likely it's the people who are supposed to fix it.



  1. Oh man, as soon as I saw your photo I thought about the "Student Govrenment" sign. Didn't we email Lombardi on that one? We should sponsor some kind of contest to see who can find the most misspellings on campus.

  2. It's not only on campus, it's EVERYWHERE!! You can't go to a mall, grocery store, or even your local courthouse without passing a misspelled sign. Seems like the whole world is going to hell in one great big illiterate handbasket.

  3. Anonymous12/08/2006

    Eye kan't sea u problum.--ST

  4. Misspelled words on signs possibly done by an " affirmative action" member. They seem to get all the government jobs, whether qualified or not. Used to be the government had high esteem for a veteran, which I am of the Vietnam conflict, but I cannot attain "affirmative action" status, nor can I rise above the government's wishes to hire someone strictly for their race. SAd,sad,sad, and everyone wonders, why we have racial problems.