Wednesday, December 27, 2006

No cloned beef for me thank you...

All I can say is this---I want to know what's in my food and where it comes from. I want to know if I am buying beef, pork, and other products made from cloned animals. I can't believe the government thinks that we the consumers don't have a right to know that.

Gee who is buying who off here? Cause someone is getting a payback for this one.

I don't believe in cloning animals or humans for many reasons. It's bad enough they are manipulating the DNA of crop producing plants. Take a simple biology class and you'll find out what harm can be done just by that. And we should buy there's no harm in eating the meat of a cloned animal?

By the way, do animals have souls? Just a thought. I believe all living things have souls. What about cloned animals? Do they have souls too? No, you can't clone a soul.

What's the brain of a cloned animal like? Do they inherit the exact same instincts?

All food for thought folks. Maybe it's just too damn sci-fi for me, but something stinks about the whole cloning business. I would say I'd give up meat altogether since now I will have no idea what I am buying but shit, even being a strict vegetarian isn't even safe anymore. What's a person to do?


  1. I believe that cloned animals have souls, every living creature has a soul. It doesn't matter if they're cloned or not. Just my opinion.

  2. Anonymous12/29/2006

    I'm with you. The thought of eating cloned meat makes me really leary. I wonder what the reasoning behind it would be anyway. Don't you think it would be more expensive?--ST

  3. I think cloned meat, and milk that is produced from cloned cows will ultimately save the consumer money. Of course, I honestly don't like the idea of raising cattle, or fowl for the sole purpose of killing it and eating it, but I buy it, so how can I judge? I'm being honest here. I detest the idea of killing any animal unless it's out of necessity, and I don't believe in hunting for sport (which brings up another subject alltogether.)

  4. The thing is wouldn't you want a choice in KNOWING whether or not the product you were buying comes from cloned animals? I would. I bet you would too! :) Just like I want labels on GMF (genetically modified foods). It's just that I want a choice...

  5. I honestly don't know enough about this yet to say I would or wouldn't want the choice. If I knew it was safe to eat, I think I would be ok with it. Look at the health hazards we've encountered with beef and chicken, and none of them have been cloned, so who can say.