Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rosie O'Donnell stinks...

Ooook one of those great benefits of taking some time off work is being able to catch up on shows you enjoy watching on TV. One of those is NOT "The View". So why, WHY did I watch the episode with Hillary Clinton? And why did I actually sit there and listen to that stupid twit Rosie O'Donnell bashing Donald Trump?

Her bashing of Donald Trump was uncalled for and rude. Now in all fairness, I don't think the Donald's response was appropriate. If you're going to attack someone, you don't attack their looks. Calling Rosie fat and talking about sending someone over to steal her girlfriend because it wouldn't be that hard, was just stupid, childish and wrong. As wrong as it was for Rosie, the dumb twit, to come out making fun of Donald's hair, and chastise him for his failed marriages.

She said HE was trying to be the moral compass by giving Miss USA, who is on his show "The Apprentice" a second chance after her big personal scandal recently. He didn't fire her, he gave her a chance. That says something about him. Perhaps he sees potential in her, real potential to be successful and he doesn't want one mistake to throw that all away for her.

But no. Instead of complimenting the guy for giving someone a chance (which he's NOT known for), she chastises him by bringing up his past marriages and balking that he's trying to be a "moral compass".

See let me tell you why I can't stand Rosie. It has nothing to do with her being a lesbian, despite the fact that it seems EVERYTHING in her Rosie-world has to do with her being a lesbian. She uses that as an excuse to be rude to people. She isn't even funny anymore. She's rude and she's mean, very mean. She needs some therapy to figure out who she is really angry at....because so far I've seen her attack a lot of people and she was cruel, really cruel. I think her attack on Tom Selleck threw me over the edge years ago.

GET OVER YOURSELF ROSIE...It's no wonder so many people who used to like you (like me)
can't stand you now!!!

Wanting to be with someone of the same gender doesn't define a person any more than wanting to be with someone of the opposite gender. Your preference for gender in a partner does NOT define you. What defines you is your character, how you treat other people, and what good things you do for the world around you. In the end, that's what Rosie will be judged on. If she raises good kids, if she's generous and kind and caring to all people, that's how she will be judged. But this petty crapfest she participates in will get her nowhere but hated even more.

She prides herself in not caring what people think about her, she's happy with who she is. Well Rosie, if you can live with yourself being a crude bitch, hey more power to you.


  1. I agree. Rosie does have a habit of going off the deep end at times. I used to enjoy listening to her, because let's face it, she had a great sense of humor, but she has changed. She's become very rude and obnoxious, very much like Joan Rivers. And I don't feel that her choice of lifestyles has anything to do with any part of this. It shouldn't even be brought up.

    As far as "The Donald", I think his defense of Miss USA has its ulteriors, if you know what I mean. Do I feel sorry for the poor little thing?? NO. She's an adult and if she decided to go out and get drunk and act like a bimbo, then why should anyone feel sorry for her? Give me a break here, the only reason he saw fit to allow her to keep her glory was because he's probably got plans of his own for her, and I don't mean in the boardroom.
    When I saw the photo of the two of them, it reminded me of that long ago photo of Bill and Monica.

  2. Anonymous12/21/2006

    I don't care for either Rosie or Donald Trump. I also happen to be a fan of Tom Selleck. She blew that one big time.

    Now if Rosie wants a lesson in funny she should watch Ellen Degeneres some time. That women is hysterical.--ST

  3. I used to like her as well. Generally that applies to anyone who is indignant and self-righteous. Hugs and have a nice weekend. Happiest of holiday wishes to you and your family.

  4. Amending my prior statement -- well, then generally that behavior applies...

  5. Thanks our fair maiden! You have a wonderful Christmas...

    You know just for the record, in case mom misunderstood, I wasn't bringing Rosie's sexual orientation into the picture, she did it a long time ago.

    That's my opinion and I'm allowed to have it, right or wrong. :-)

  7. Ok my point is I don't like Rosie O'Donnell because 1) she is rude and obnoxious and 2)in certain situations in the past she has USED her sexual orientation as an excuse to bash other people. In other words if you didn't agree with her you were gay bashing, KWIM?

    IMO that's disgraceful. But really she's just a rude, obnoxious, mean and crude bitch. The Donald? I don't care for him one way or the other? But Rosie? She makes me sick. When she burned Tom Selleck, that was it for me.

    She burned Tom Selleck because he was a member of the NRA. Now what the hell did Tom ever do to anyone? No. She didn't just burn him because he's a member of the NRA and owns guns but he's a Republican too. OMG and as we know all REpublicans are gay-haters right? I'm being facetious. All Republicans aren't ALL gay haters any more than ALL Democrats are weenies (you're not a weenie mom!) :)

    The NRA may sometimes be a bit radical in their causes but they do protect our constitutional rights to own weapons. Tom Selleck was personally invited to Rosie's show to promote his film. Instead he was blasted....for being a member of the NRA but underneath she was bashing him because he was a Republican and of course like I said we all know that being a REpublican = anti gay right?

  8. ok, point taken.

  9. I disapprove of Mr. Trump because he thinks nothing of using eminent domain laws to evict old ladies so he can knock down their houses to make way for limousine staging areas for his hotels.

    I disapprove of giving Miss USA a second chance because I think it sets the wrong tone. It certainly reinforces our politicians' idea that they should be able to keep their job after doing bad things. And it certainly reinforces that idea in our [other] children.

  10. Yeah but Miss USA isn't a politician.......every day people are given second chances. The woman didn't plunder and steal millions or murder or rape anyone, she's got an alcohol addiction. We're going to NOT give people in society a second chance for THAT?

  11. Wanting to be with someone of the same gender doesn't define a person any more than wanting to be with someone of the opposite gender. Your preference for gender in a partner does NOT define you. What defines you is your character, how you treat other people, and what good things you do for the world around you

    Amen, Sister! Ellen D did go through the same phase for a while - not the nastiness, but her world revolved around her sexuality for a while, and she got to be one-dimensional and tiresome. Hopefully, Rosie can find herself once more. There are so many more productive things to do with anger than sneer about somebody's weight or parital woes.