Saturday, December 16, 2006

Why would mom and dad do this?

I had the strangest dream last night. My siblings Kim, Dave and me were still kids living at home and mom and dad sold their place here and were moving us back down to Miami. And I cried and cried, leaving our home here, my parents home where we spent so many years, well it was just unbelievable. And I asked mom and dad if we were buying back the house grams and gramps lived in down in Miami, the one they lived in when we were growing up down there and they said NO! We were going to be living in the outskirts of Miami but nowhere near where we grew up when we were there. Why would they move us out of the rural North Florida country BACK to the city we fled in 1980? I have no idea.

It was weird. Just like the recurring dreams I used to have about gram and gramps house and me talking to gramps.



    That wasn't a dream, it was a nightmare! There is no way we would have ever moved back to Miami, or even close to Miami. Although I have such great memories of my high school years at Palmetto High School, and I met Dad in Homestead when he was in the Air Force and had you kids there and my lifelong best friend, June, is still there, well, there is absolutely nothing in Miami for me anymore.

    Actually, I kind of wish we had moved further up, around the Tenn area, It's so beautiful. But we're set now and we have our land, so we're not going anyplace... now that doesn't mean we may not travel up there one day if I can ever get Dad to go with me, who knows? Stranger things have happened. :-)

  2. Anonymous12/18/2006

    I have recurring dreams about my grandparents house, but they are actually nightmares. Then I have recurring dreams about my other set of grandparents who have both gone home to be with the Lord. I keep dreaming they come back to visit me. It's really sweet. It's kind of like still having them. Sometimes in my dreams Papa actually tells me he has only come back for a visit.--ST