Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dish Network Sucks!!!

DH and I have pondered dumping Dish Network for months now. Every time we consider it, we think about how much we'd miss our favorite shows. In weighing the few channels we watch (FoxNews, Lifetime, TVLand, History Channel, and two or three others) against the $53 per month we were paying for a package of 120 channels most of which we could care less about, we realized we were throwing our money away.

Today I decided to actually call and follow through with the cancellation. I wish I could have taped the conversation and sent the tape to DN Headquarters! Seems DN needs a lesson in customer service.

I called and spoke to a lady with an Indian, Pakistani or similar accent (no not racist, just aware that I was calling an outsourced customer service center in another country) and I told her I wanted to cancel our service.

Customer no-service lady: "well ma'am I see you are under 18 month contract and you have only had service with us 9 months which means you will have to pay a cancellation fee"

Me: "If you would check our account you will notice we did not sign a contract"

CNSL: "I see that you signed a contract"

Me: (Firmly) "No, we did not sign a contract, please check again. You will see that when we signed up we voluntarily paid the $40 activation fee on our credit card in exchange for not signing a contract"

CNSL: "Ma'am you have been receiving a credit of $5.99 per month for signing a contract"

Me: (More firmly this time) "No! We did NOT sign a contract. I have the paperwork from our installation here and there is no signature on the line indicating choosing the contract"

CNSL: "We show you signed a contract and therefore you must pay a cancellation fee"

(By this time I was past annoyed)

Me: "We did NOT sign a contract, it is in our records, if you would look, you will see it."

CNSL: "I show nothing about you not signing a contract."

Me: (and tired of the runaround) "I'd like to speak to a supervisor"

(She transfers me to a supervisor)

Me to supervisor: "Yes, the lady I just spoke to insists we have a contract but we do not.

Supervisor: "Yes I just noticed a comment on your account that states no contract"
(Back in June 2006 we called about something and they tried to pull this contract crap with us and then they realized after fifteen minutes of arguing that we did NOT have a contract and so they finally noted it in big letters on our account)

Me: "If you could see that we had no contract why didn't the other girl see it?"

Supervisor: "She probably did not scroll through the screens"

That's the jist of it. I talked to the supervisor who was being a good salesman insisting that we change our package yada yada yada but in the end he didn't sell me. It just isn't worth it, not to mention the customer service sucks. He insisted a lesser package would still allow us to keep all our channels. But I didn't bite and when he transferred me to the cancellation person, she was nice, although it became annoying that she wanted to sell me more packages instead of just processing my request. She did tell me however that Fox News was NOT offered in the lower package whereas the supervisor had insisted it was. Interesting...

Anyway DN wanted to offer us a $10 credit each month for a year to keep us as customers but frankly, I don't think we want to continue doing business with a company that not only outsources its customer service but also tries screwing the customers over by insisting they signed a contract that never existed. I just wonder how many people who don't pay real close attention to their account or who weren't the ones who originally set the account up are told they have a contract and are forced to stay or pay a huge cancellation fee---when they never even had a contract in the first place. My guess is that customer service reps are taught to immediately tell customers who call to cancel that they hav a contract and must pay a cancellation fee. I wonder how many have no idea they don't have one? Tsk...Tsk...well they weren't going to pull that shit over on me. DH and I don't sign contracts, we believe that if we get shitty service, which usually happens when you sign a contract (that's why they have you sign!) we can't get out of it. Why do you think we don't have a cell phone? It's not just the cost, it's that we refuse to legally bind ourselves to shitty service.

Anyway, if you asked me if I'd go with DN again I'd have to say no. I had a terrible time getting service with them back in April (you can do a search on my blog for that!) and it got so bad I had to contact the Headquarters office out west and ask an executive with DN to help me, which he did. I've had billing and customer service problems and it just gets to the point where I can't see us giving our money to them anymore.

I am sure there are people out there who LOVE Dish Network but I have done my homework since signing up with them last April and there are thousands of disgruntled pissed off former DN customers who have experienced the same customer no-service as we and like me they cancelled or better yet went to a competitor.

As for DH and me, it's back to talk radio, at least we don't have to sign a contract for THAT!

Oh and by the way, you can check out a great forum where people go to complain about Dish Network, it's called "dishnetworksucks.com"

Click here: Dish Network Sucks!


  1. Anonymous1/30/2007

    I know some people with dish network and they too have had billing problems.

    We don't pay for TV. It's just not worth it to me. I get all of my news from FOX online and talk radio. We watch Football, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy. Other than that we just spend time together as a family. It's amazing how much time TV can zap out of a persons life.

    As for the cell phone, I don't have one either mostly for the same reasons as you. We did get Logan a Tracfone. It gets really good reception and I don't have a monthly bill. I have been very pleased with it. When Lauren starts driving by herself I will get her one too.--ST

  2. DISH network has terrible customer service and wants to charge a fee for everything. If you think this is bad, try cancelling an AOL account. I got one for my father on MY credit card, and they won't let me cancel it. I tried saying he was dead, but they want a death certificate - no kidding. It's my damn credit card. AOL sucks, too.

  3. Anonymous1/30/2007

    I can vouch on the suckieness of AOL as well. I had to put it in writing and mail it in to the office in Jacksonville, but I did get my account canceled with them.--ST