Saturday, January 13, 2007

Don't read this late at night...

Last night, George Noory, host of "Coast to Coast AM" replayed this phone call he received I believe sometime last year and I will attempt to retell it.

As I heard it, as best as I remember....

A man called George's show talking about an episode that happened when he was just a kid. I believe that his twin girl cousins were spending the night at his house. One night he woke up and his mother was comforting the girls. Apparently they'd both had nightmares--the same nightmare--that they were in this house, an old WWI era farmhouse on 100 acres that had been passed down through their family for years (which was in fact true, they did have this house). In the dream the girls followed their mother up the stairs to the second floor and into a crawlspace where a family might keep trunks or old clothes or other junk. The mother opened the lid to a large steamer trunk and a shadow of some sort came out of it and pulled her in. The girls could not see anything directly but they could sense it and they saw a shadow. It scared them nearly to death.

The man recalled three weeks ago, prior to his calling the show, he received a phone call about his aunt. She did not show up for church and her neighbors were worried. Someone with a key to her house searched and found nothing, no sign of her, the doors were locked from the inside. Relatives in Washington State were contacted and they asked the police to search the 100 acres of woods, that perhaps the woman had wandered off alone. The police decided to bring a cadaver dog with them, expecting the worst. When they approached the premises, the dog headed not for the woods, but for the house. When they unlocked it and went in, the dog headed upstairs and to the crawlspace. Police found this unusual since the house had already been searched.

As they went into the crawlspace upstairs, they found the steamer trunk with the lid shut. There was no lock on it so they opened it and there they found the dead body of the old woman curled up in the fetal position. They couldn't understand how she could have not gotten out considering the trunk had no lock on it.

When the aunt's body was removed they searched the trunk and found many old magazines and also an old potato sack.

Inside the sack was a very old ouija board.


  1. Woooooo I bid on an old Ouija board yesterday and won it! Am I going to wind up like that??

  2. Oy! Only my mother!!