Thursday, January 04, 2007

One is enough thank you...

Just as one Bush was enough (and as it turns out two was one too many), one Clinton was enough.


  1. Oy Vey....I feel a comment coming on....tomorrow.

  2. OK, I've had my day at work and now I can tackle anything....

    Why be so negative with Hillary? She very well could make a damn good president, forget the past, they've all had one. Could she be any worse than Bush, the man isn't even literate for heaven's sake. If it weren't for his speech writers he would be totally lost in a desert of uncomprehension.

  3. Come on mom it's not nice to make fun of people with speech impediments. I'm surprised at you making fun of someone who has a problem with words. He's literate, but he has a problem saying certain words, is that a crime? It's like making fun of someone with dyslexia.

    It's time we keep these "families" from running over and over again. I mean there's no way I'd vote for another Bush or Clinton. I need something fresh, someone NEW.

    About Hillary, she's a liar. The investigators demanded records from her Rose Law Firm and she said she didn't know where they were and as it turns out they were with her the entire time. There's just too much baggage with the Clinton Administration. I'd vote for Nancy Pelosi who is a Democrat over Hillary any day, and I'm not a great big fan of Pelosi but at least I feel like she would be a better choice.

    Just because she's a woman is not the reason I would vote for her. And I am not going to vote for the first woman who runs for President just because she's a woman. There are many fine women out there who could run, but not her. Do we really want all that baggage back in the White House? Clinton Redux? No thank you. When I vote for a woman it's going to be because I respect her, not because she's a woman. This lovefest over Hillary is ridiculous, how about touting some real women out there who can do the job?

    I nominate RedQueen LOL

  4. He doesn't appear to have a speech impediment, where did you hear that? It's more like he just doesn't know how to pronouce words correctly. Like "nucular" instead of "nuclear".

    OK, so any ideas of who you would vote for, besides the Red Queen? Hey, that might be a blessing in disguise, she could declare a National Pasta Day!! And we could fly the flag of Italy right under the American flag!! And if we have problems with third world dictators, all we'd have to do is give Guido and the boys a call and it would be taken care of with no wars..