Thursday, January 18, 2007

Whew, first assignment in Art History a success!

Woo hooo!

My first assignment in Non-Western Art History was a simple five-point essay discussing Yoruban aesthetics and their similarities/dissimilarities to Western culture.

I earned a SIX out of possible FIVE points! The prof's remarks were "Very good! +1 point "

I needed that. Non-western art history is a difficult course in that it studies Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, Meso America and other non-western cultures. The terminology used is very unusual and very different from other cultures. It takes awhile to read and comprehend it. So my 1 1/2 page essay, which I had to do a little research on from sources outside my textbook, was well-thought out and planned. I wanted to understand more about it before I wrote about it and so I did and for that I earned an extra point.

This is definitely something to celebrate! I know, I know, why do I put so much into a simple five point assignment? Because I want to know I actually understand what I am reading and this proves it!


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  2. I'm so proud of you!!