Tuesday, January 30, 2007

You know that "waiting for the other shoe to drop" thing?

....it's the story of my life. In my family, it's well-known that just when you least expect it, the shoe's going to drop and drop big time. It's always something. A/C thermostat going, no water, no heat, power out, fridge gone bad, roof leak, pipes freeze, car needs major repairs, telephone doesn't work, you name it, it's happened to our family. I always thought that it was something that happened to your parents when you're a kid.


Surprise! It happens to adults. In my family it just followed us out of the house and into real-life. The shit known as "life" doesn't stop at our parents doorstep, noooo, it just follows us, stays with us for life. Kinda like a nice little "parting gift" as we leave our parents home!

Anyway, all was well this morning as we crawled out of bed at 4:50 a.m., DH does his usual thing which consists of all of getting dressed, pouring his coffee and reading his email. I get busy making the lunches, the breakfast, washing dishes and getting ready for work. In the midst of using the hot water, it stops. Well I try the cold and there is none. And I'm thinking "Shit, THERE'S NO WATER" and so DH and I proceed to go outside and check things out. Now our place is well insulated but there's a pipe that sticks out of the ground near the well. We're guessing either it froze or the points in the pressure switch are bad. Either way, we have no water. What's the worse thing that could happen? The well could go dry. Oh Lordy don't even go there!!!

Now in all this mess this morning, DH tries to call into work this morning but the phone won't work right. You see, our phone works at its own leisure. It's not the line, it's a crappy Conair phone. Of course being tossed, banged, and dropped a multitude of times might have something to do with that, ya think? Anyway DH couldn't get a dial tone so I told him to shake the phone which usually works. No tone! So he bangs the phone on something only that something happens to be my beautiful golden-oak stained pine nighttable that he bought me at Wood You last year! I was so livid. I mean shit if you're going to bang it, bang it on your head eh? I took the phone from him, got a dial tone, he takes it and loses the tone. I say "when I get a tone, keep the phone where it is, don't MOVE it!" So when I got the dial tone again, I was holding the phone over my head, and so I said "hold the phone over your head and dial" and it worked!


What made this morning better was getting a hold of "R" who my family has known the last 26 years since the day we moved here. He's always done our family's electrical and water and we trust him.. He is coming over at 11 am today to take a look. So in the meantime I can ponder the meaning of life...and hope the bill isn't a big one.

In the midst of all this, I emailed our landlord in Orlando and let him know what was up. You know DH and I don't mind little things going, the thing is that we worry that our landlord might get so frustrated with repairs that he would decide to sell the place. And frankly DH and I are pretty settled here, we don't want to go anywhere right now. We have our jobs, school, two cats, a house full of stuff, and we're settled in a nice place. That's the bad thing about renting, it's always at someone else's convenience. Anyway, our LL told us he would not sell the place until we're ready to move. I wouldn't mind buying it, it's five beautiful wooded acres in the country with a '99 Doublewide Fleetwood with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with a HUGE master bath and kitchen I might add. We love this place and if we bought it we'd build a house and sell the Fleetwood. In any case, I digress....when you rent a private place like this you always worry that the owner might just decide it's too much trouble. I hope not. We take good care of it and it's a nice place and it's our home.

I try to be optimistic. The worst thing that can happen to you is you can die or get really sick and be in a lot of pain so I suppose not having water for a day isn't the end of the world is it?

I know, I know, you've GOT to be thinking "all that thought comes into mind just from not having any water?"

I take after my mother, what can I say?


  1. Anonymous1/30/2007

    I bet your water froze at the pump and you drained everything that was in the pipes. That has happened to me before.

    I turn into a big fat baby when I don't have water, hot water, electricity, a washer or dryer breaks, or the ac stops working. Basically, I'm a happy camper as long as my comfort zone is not interferred with:)--ST

  2. Yep it was froze right there in the small metal pipe under the gauge. we just have to wrap it up. you'd think that after living in the country all this time I'd know these things!

  3. Anonymous1/30/2007

    At least it wasn't a costly repair.--ST

  4. It didn't cost anything!! Not even a service call, he's so nice!

  5. Hey, when things like this happen, maybe you should think back to a couple of years ago when you went without ELECTRICITY for 3 weeks. Maybe then having a frozen water pipe won't seem so bad.

    In the last 40, almost 41 years your dad and I have been married, we have had nothing but problems involving water. Pipes inside of walls bursting a month after buying our house, roof leaking, well going dry, yada yada yada. It makes me think that Dad being a Pisces and me being a Cancer, had everything in the world to do with all our water problems.