Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Computers SUCK!

I hate computers!

Three computers in this house have f*cked up in some way this week.

First, DH's brand new Dell desktop gives him the blue screen of DEATH when he exits Internet Explorer. He gets these error messages that NOBODY knows the cause...and I've checked the internet help forums and apparently THOUSANDS of people get the same type of messages and the BSOD. DH yells at me to fix it, I'm like "WTF WHY DO I HAVE TO TRY AND FIX IT? I'M NOT A COMPUTER GEEK!" I generally can solve computer issues by either common sense (taking step by step to resolve the problem) or I do some internet research to find out if others are having the same issues (which generally they do!)

Second, my desktop is f*cked up!!! It's not a Dell. It's one where the computer geeks at work built it, purchasing the motherboard and other parts from the guy who started a new company after TCWO went under. I don't know what it is specifically but it's related to OFFICE! My office crashed thirty-eight times over the weekend when I was working on my homework and term paper. Pissed me off, thank GOODNESS I was able to recover the documents but about ridiculous! In the meantime, I just disconnected it, figuring I'd take it to work eventually and have the guys fix it.

Third, in lieu of the desktop whose OFFICE 2003 is f*cked up, I'm using the Dell laptop one of the guys I work with gave me to use for school. Now it works great BUT I cannot use the webmail for work on it, I can pull up email and read it but I can't reply! So I've been having to communicate through my hotmail with the folks from work when I am home sick or on vacation. And for months I could not update the virus protection. So today....I finally put BitDefender on it, which DH and I purchased for home and we love it. Well it picked up 23 viruses and a ton of spyware. Once I cleaned it out I figured I could finally download the Windows Service packs that might fix the webmail problem right? WRONG! I can't even get the f*cking service packs to download properly. Was finally able to download SP's 1-4 (I didn't do just 4 cause when I did that it gave me errors so I figured it needed the first three before #4 was installed). So I go to do 1 and 2, can't install them. Ok fine go to 3 and it is letting me but then it goes to updating the files and seems to take HOURS. Finally I exited the installation and tried 4 and same thing, takes hours. In the meantime I can't connect to the internet because it says the remote computer blocked the connection. Well let's see wouldn't the REMOTE be the ISP? Why could I dialup on the laptop earlier today but not now? Why can I dialup from DH's Dell desktop which I am using to blog this right now?

The only damn think that's saved me is the flash drive that I can put in any computer and work on my class stuff. And that's what I've been doing, in fact it's in my bag and ready to go to work with me tomorrow so I can work on my paper at lunch.

I HATE COMPUTERS! I hate Dell, I hate Microsoft products, I hate Windows, I hate Internet Explorer 7.....I hate them all.

I know computers have made certain parts of our lives easier but I'm beginning to wonder if the time we spend trying to figure out the problems could be time better spent just doing everything the old fashioned way!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dear Prince Charles...

The London Times reports:

The Prince of Wales told a nutritionist in Abu Dhabi Tuesday that the “key” to people eating healthily was to ban McDonald’s fast food restaurants.

Shame on us stupid folks for thinking that the key to eating healthy was simply making better choices regarding food.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


You know it's a rough day when I can only manage to get out ONE word titles eh?

Jodie Foster wore a dress....what's up with that?

Oscar Schmoscar, can anyone say B-O-R-I-N-G? They kept America in suspense for over four and a half hours for THAT? The one night of the year that highlights the best Hollywood has to offer us and that paltry sham of a show is what we got. All that money in Hollywood and that's the best they could do?


Saturday, February 24, 2007


Here are the type of things I've run across in my thirteen years working with college students. Now mind you this doesn't apply to all but it applies to a wide variety of those I have dealt with...

-can't balance their checkbook

-can't follow basic instructions

-can't spell

-can't read at the college level

-can't write the basic five-paragraph essay (which is taught in freshman comp!)

-can't count change without the aid of a computer

-can't do simple math without a calculator

-can't make it to class on time

-blame everyone else for their poor grades

-use "I didn't know" as an excuse for parking illegally, incurring late fees for not registering on time, not turning in papers on time, or cheating.

-can't comparison shop prices in the grocery store

-female students attempting to dress provocatively to get a higher grade

-don't listen

-talking on the cell phone in class and in private offices where people are working

-talking in class while the instructor is trying to lecture

-asking others to take care of their "official" business (like filling out important forms required to GRADUATE) because they decided to go out of town with friends and can't get to it.

If they don't have common sense at this point in life, I don't know that it will ever happen...

Friday, February 23, 2007

The firsty thirty years of my life in pictures...

Sometimes it's hard to believe we were ever young isn't it? I found these photos of me from age of a few months to 30 years! And yes I have had some bad photos (don't we all?), notice I didn't post any of them? LOL!

As a wee baby and with dad in 1969

With lil' sis Kimmie in 1972

With gramps in 1973

Kindergarten 1974

Christmas 1976

Class photo in 1977

With sis Kimmie in 1982

At Dave's graduation 1984

Senior photo 1986

High school graduation 1987

Bootcamp graduation 1987

In the military 1989

With best friend Mike at my high school friend's wedding in 1991

10-year High School Class Reunion 1997

With Alberta at Tailgator '99

Wow, how time flies!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A crazy dysfunctional insane family is really the only family for me...

Someone asked me the other day "why do you use the word dysfunctional when describing your family?"

I just replied "what? doesn't everyone?"

Surely he was joking.

He had to be, right?

I mean come on, isn't dysfunctional normal? I don't believe it when someone talks about their perfect family, their wonderful husband, their adorable and sweet 2.5 children, their absolutely wonderful relationship with their in-laws and the whole family getting along, family dinners, family vacations, and just great times all around. No drama, no crisis, no temper tantrums, fighting, arguing, kicking and screaming?

Come on, get real. If there's no drama, crisis, insanity, arguing, tantrums, kicking and screaming, smashing barbecue grills up against trees (hmm WHO does that I ask? LOL) then it's just NOT normal.

For instance, take my family....please LOL.

Ok seriously take my family....PLEASE. LOL

Ok now for real, enough of my really sorry impression of Henny Youngman (how many of you even know who Henny Youngman is? That's what I thought!) Now take my family for instance...they're normal to a point. I mean if mom weren't nagging dad, if dad weren't rolling his eyes and telling her to quit nagging him and if my grandmother weren't constantly telling everyone ELSE how it's supposed to be done, and if my sister wasn't calling to tell us that she's still looking for a job, if my brother called even ONCE to say hello, and if I wasn't trying to constantly trying to convince my husband that my parents really are nice people, and if there was no guilt--guilt for not calling enough, not visiting enough, guilt for not being a good enough wife, or son, or husband, or daughter, or grandmother, or granddaughter, or WHATEVER, and if there wasn't some kind of major drama or crisis in this family.....

Then WHAT would be the point of living? I ask you---does the human being NOT thrive on a challenge? When things are tough aren't we at our best?

I mean who cares if high school sweethearts Janie and Skippy got engaged after they attended Harvard and have been married 12 years now and have twin girls named Saylor and Taylor, and a dog named Toto, a two-story house in Smallville with a white picket fence. Who cares if Janie is a schoolteacher and Skippy is an important executive of some silly company. Who cares that they make so much money they can take big family vacations with their in-laws, put a ton of money into their IRA's every year and are saving for their kids college education? The problem here is that there's no drama in Janie and Skippy's house--

---or is there?

Janie is a closet lesbian and Skippy has a drinking problem. And oh yes, Saylor and Taylor are skipping class and smoking dope behind the gym with their friends who happen to have tattoos, body piercings and dress in Goth.

Now we're talking NORMAL!

Ok so I don't call or visit as much as I should, and maybe I put too much international delight in my coffee, and for that matter so WHAT if I go off my weight watchers points occasionally, so what if at work I get a little pissy sometimes? So what if my mother nags my father, my father rolls his eyes and tells her to "stifle", my grandmother sighs, my sister is constantly trying to "find herself", my brother never calls, my parents dog is overweight. So what if every member of my family is occasionally cranky, annoying, bitchy, whiney, kicking and screaming?

What is WRONG with all that I ask you?


That's the thing called my life and love it or hate it, it is what it is and honestly I don't think I'd give it up for anything!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Because dad instigated this one...

Dad sent me the link to an article about Hillary Clinton seeking assistance for minority students to help them overcome their education obstacles. While visiting Liberty City, a historically black neighborhood on the outskirts of Miami, Hillary claimed that Bush's "No Child Left Behind" isn't helping black students raise their test scores.

"More needs to be done to prepare children for school and to get parents involved in their education" said Hillary Clinton.

Well how is this Bush's fault? One of the biggest problems for young black students, especially in the inner city is the large number of fatherless households. Without a father figure, many of the boys have no role model to teach them how to stay on the right path. Many face pressure from their friends. Many girls, without a father figure, and with a mother who likely works many hours making barely minimum wage, wind up alone much of the time and perpetuating the cycle of hooking up with a young man who has no future, doesn't care about one (who also likely comes from a fatherless home), winds up pregnant more than once, and by the age of 21 has several children, sometimes by different fathers, and she has no education, and lives in the same poor neighborhood she herself was brought up in.

I'm not saying this happens to all black youths but in the inner cities, but for many this is their life. They have to fight to get out, if they can get out at all. And to get out they have to want to get out, and many don't because they have no one to tell them they can do it. What they need is more social programs (or at least better support of the ones that already exist) which support the family and encourage responsibility among young black people. They need programs which support and encourage families to stay together during hard times. They encourage girls to abstain from sex and drugs and encourage boys from getting into drugs and gangs. These programs could help young inner city black youths (and all youths for that matter) to seek out hobbies and other interests which inspire curiosity and creativity, and which motivate and educate them, which keep them out of trouble and on the right path. And these programs don't have to be restricted to youth either. How about helping the single mom who has already made her mistakes in life and have four kids and no father at home? Help this woman get an education so she can better herself and make a better life for her kids. And the young black men on the street who are no longer youths themselves? How about programs which help get them into rehab, put them to work, help build their self confidence and sense of responsibility?

I know programs like this exist but we need more support for them. We can pump millions into communities but if we're not pumping it into the right things, it's all just a waste of money, time and most importantly---LIVES.

Education is key. We would have less homelessness and poverty if everyone could be supported and encouraged to get an education. I don't care what kind of education, be it academic or trade.

I don't imagine for a moment that if Hillary is elected, anything in Liberty City would change. Why is it that we have to put off solving the problem till someone takes office? I don't think we need Hillary in office just to solve these problems. They can be done by the people who live in these neighborhoods and people around them who care. And there are many who care.

Yes, Hillary cares, of course, after all she's running as our second black President.

And by the way, soon after she left the poor folks in blighted and desolate Liberty City behind, she attended a $100-per-ticket cocktail reception in Hollywood, FL, and then a reception which cost $2,500 per person.

I wonder if she took any of those Liberty City residents with her?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

I will do it...

Well, my hopes to keep within my points for the entire week failed! I went over by well...we won't go there. Let's just say that Friday's trip to the Golden Corral did it for me. I'm not going to cut back on points by starving myself tomorrow, the last day of my WW week so I'll just chalk it up to a lesson learned. My new week begins Tuesday, and I am going to be very firm about sticking to my points. I have to do this, those of you who have seen me through this blog for the year or so it's been going on know that losing the weight I gained when I got married six years ago is something important to me. Yeah I know when you hit your late thirties and then forties things start to move around, you can't be "youthful" anymore. What I want is to actually say"I did it". Sure when we're healthy we live longer, fewer health problems and I am doing this for that primarily but a side benefit will be another life goal accomplished, something I can say I actually stuck to and finished. It's so easy NOT to achieve a goal these days, what with life being so busy and all. I actually want to finish the things I set out to do in life, and if not all, well at least as many as I can.

I have many goals, this weight loss is just one of them. But once I do it, it's one more thing I can cross off my list of things to do in life and then I can fill that space with something else..and something more fun I might add!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I don't think so...

I got an email from one of my classmates out of the blue (mind you this particular class is via WebCT this term so none of us know each other):

"Would you give me the answers to the study sheet questions for exam #1"

Uh no, duh...find them yourself! That's WHY it's a study guide. I didn't even reply to her. I just don't believe in relying on your classmates for the answers when you can find them yourself!

Such is the new generation of college students....

Friday, February 16, 2007

So much for being in tune with my points...

Crap, I'm always doing well on my points till we eat out. This time it was the Golden Corral and even though I only had veggies and some mac/cheese, baked potato and banana pudding, I went WAY over my points.

I wish I could say that going to Hobby Lobby afterwards to get more craft stuff made me feel better but it didn't. Dh doesn't understand either that eating out puts me over unless I have a salad and well this was one time I didn't want to have a salad. The Golden Corral in Ocala is really nice and really good. I was impressed upon our first visit there tonight.

Not happy with the calories in the food. Eating out totally sucks because there's just not a whole lot of "good" low-cal food.


I had no idea how hard it would be to lose MORE after these fifty-three pounds came off. Now it's getting more difficult!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Non-binding is just that---and it doesn't mean a damn thing!

I'm not a great fan of Congress, I'm even less a fan of cowards which is what those pushing for this non-binding resolution are--cowards.

When there is as much at stake as there is with the Iraq conflict, those in positions of power who are privy to the intelligence, who control the purse strings, who make the laws we must abide by, who LEAD us, have a RESPONSIBILITY to speak up AND take action. Merely speaking up isn't enough, they have to back up those words with action.

And so this ridiculous non-binding resolution bullshit means nothing to me and every moment Congress spends on the issue is a complete waste of valuable time and money. For us it means nothing, for those in Congress who are in favor of it, it is a way to have it both ways--say they are against the war and the President's new surge of troops, without exactly having to vote against the funding, which could very well get most of them voted out of office next time around.

They try to make it sound good but in the end it's more talk. Action speaks louder than words. If my Congressmen are against the war and the new surge of troops and they TRULY think we are in the wrong for being in Iraq they better damn well need to stand up and say it and then put some action behind it to assert their principles. If they don't, I have no respect for them and for their cowardice, they will not get my vote next time around.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just another Wednesday for me...

Yes I'm a Valentine's Day party pooper!

I'll admit I'm not much into special days like Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day, Valentines Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, St. Patty's Day, President's Day, Groundhog Day, etc etc. I figure it's just not necessary. If I want to honor my mother, father, grandparents, husband, veterans who have served, workers and unions, my Irish roots, our past Presidents, and groundhogs, I'll just do it anytime I my leisure. These "special" holidays are merely an advertising gimmick designed to guilt us into running up our credit cards with frivolous spending. Besides, I don't need one day to honor my loved ones---I can do it all year round. That's what this blog is for. I can say HEY MOM AND DAD, YOU ROCK and they're like "aww isn't she special?" and they write me into the will :D

I read today that the average man is expected to spend $156.22 on his Valentine this year while the average woman only spends $85.08.

Can you imagine that?

What could YOU spend $156.22 on? I could think of a thousand things!!

It reminds me of the commercial from either Kay or DeBeers advertising diamonds that says something like "isn't her love worth three month's salary?"


In my household we're spending exactly $0 and I'm ok with that. Flowers die, balloons lose their helium and candy only puts back on my body the 53 pounds I've already lost. So while the thought is nice--if my husband spent $156.22 on me for Valentine's day, I'd kick him in the ass.

Wait---he might like that! :)

Monday, February 12, 2007

"You're fired...oh by the way would you stay till we find a replacement?"

If you were fired from your job today would you stay till the end of the year when they could find a replacement?

I don't think so.

So why is it that UF fires coaches and expects them to stay till the end of the season? First Ron Zook and now Carolyn Peck?

What's up with that? If I was fired and then asked to stay the rest of the year, I'd tell the boss to pound sand. To hell with the pay and benefits, what about a person's SELF-RESPECT?

I'm not a basketball fan but all I can say is Carolyn should have told Jeremy to kiss her ass, packed up her shit and gone where she was more welcome...

But that's just me.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy 41st anniversary mom and dad...

I'd like to publicly acknowledge mom and dad's 41st ANNIVERSARY!

On February 11, 1966 two 19-year olds---a small town boy from Kennesaw, Georgia and a Brooklyn born girl whose parents moved her to Miami a decade earlier---married in a small ceremony in Miami, FL.

I think the odds were against them.

They proved the odds wrong.

Through three kids, umpteen assorted pets, three homes, one major relocation, surgeries, illnesses, the deaths of their fathers, job losses, money problems, stress, 41 Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners, ups, downs, ins, outs, happiness, sadness, depression, crisis, tears and a lot, oh a LOT of laughter, they made it.

My parents are kind and simple people. They don't live in a fancy home, they don't have lots of friends and they don't wear expensive clothes. My parents aren't college educated but they are among the smartest people I know. My parents don't have money but they are rich in family and the things that matter to them. They aren't materialistic, they don't value "things" over people. My parents aren't perfect, but who is? My parents did the best they could with us kids, years later they probably wonder if sometimes they did the right thing. Yes, mom and dad, you did. My parents have fought and argued over the years and they got past it and moved on. Neither one of them was always the easiest to live with, they had their moments, but parents aren't supposed to be easy to live with all the time. Sometimes parents have to make difficult choices. It's only when we kids are grown up that we realize that.

My parents are as different from one another as night and day, yet they are two peas in a pod, they just belong together. And 41 years after taking that huge step in life, they're still here and still together. And so it goes that you can stay married and make it work--if you really want to.

They wanted to.

So today, I wish my parents Larry & Naomi a very VERY happy anniversary.
They deserve all the happiness life has to offer!

Warning: Stupidity can cause death...

I hate to do this, but I am compelled to post this story in the Independent Florida Alligator about a college student who thought he'd be cool by driving 125 MPH on his motorcycle down a busy stretch of highway (busy or no, it's INSANITY!)

Well, being cool got him dead.

This was no kid either, this was a MAN, a 27-year old man who should have been long past the "need to be cool" stage! I feel bad for his family because it has to be so hard for them.

A friend told me something recently:

Behavior has consequences.

Unfortunately some people don't get a second chance to change their behavior.

Friday, February 09, 2007

I don't care what anyone else says....I liked her.

I feel bad about the death of Anna Nicole. She was a daughter, sister, and mom, and like the rest of us, her life had its share of difficulties. Would we have made some of the choices she made? Probably not but her choices do not make her a bad person. Her choices were hers and she alone had to account for them. Watching some of her interviews, I could see the sadness she felt about the direction her life went at times. We all have regrets, as I am sure Anna did, even if she did not make them very public. She remarked at times about her regrets and that she enjoyed the paparazzi's attention because she did not get it when she was young. She played to the camera, she loved it. However, deep down inside I think she really just wanted people to like her for HER and not the extravagant persona.

She started her public life as a young, thin, gorgeous model; after that, people expected her to always look like that. However, inside I think she was just trying to find her place in the world, a place where she was not judged based solely on her looks but as a person. The thing is, she just did not know how to be that person or do it any other way but in public and by being extravagant and outrageous. We all know how the public can treat a celebrity who does not live up to the image; the public and the media can be very cruel and unforgiving. In addition, we all know the media was at times very hard on Anna.

I guess one of the reasons I liked Anna so much was that she tried so hard to be herself even when she changed her look a million times and tried to be someone she was not, I think she was ultimately trying very hard to just be herself. I know what that is like--to wonder whom the real you is and try so hard to be yourself you wind up a million miles away from it. When Anna gained weight, the public shunned her and in the face 0f the ridicule, she held her head high and became even more controversial with her risqué and outrageous style. I think she was saying to people "screw you if you don't like the way I look, do I look like I give a damn?" Oh sure, she played off that image don't get me wrong, I don't think for a moment she didn't know what she was doing, but I do think she did give a damn and I think it hurt.

When DH and I were on our way home yesterday and heard the news, we both were stunned and we felt bad about it. I guess it is because we remember her when she first started out when she had so much promise, and she was so young, only two years older than I was. Anna had her whole life ahead of her. She was not a bad person; she just made some choices maybe other people would not have made. However, I think she was trying to find her place in life, a place where she could feel happy and comfortable. I do not think she ever found it, but at least when her son was alive, she had someone who really loved and needed her just for "her" and not her image. When he died, I think it took much of her zest for life; she did not seem the same afterwards.

When you take away all the makeup, lifestyle and celebrity status, she was just the girl from Mexia, Texas who quit school in the 9th grade so she could try and find something better than what her life had given her up to that point. The history.

RIP Vickie Lynn Hogan. I hope that in death, you find the peace that you so desperately sought in life.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

I eat what I want, leave me alone!

Say your husband wants to take you out to eat. You're like "ok but I'm going to have a salad" because well---that's what you're in the mood for! Then your husband gets upset and starts bitching "I'm not taking you out to have a salad, if you wanted a salad you can eat that at home" to which you reply "WTF? It's MY choice, let me eat what I want". Of course you're thinking "I really don't want to pay to eat a salad out when I can make a much better and cheaper one at home" but you know your husband just HAS to have his steak. And so in the end, neither of you go because he just can't handle the salad thing.

And then there's the trip to Publix on an afternoon when you had lots of errands after work and you're both tired. Your husband wants a sub so you don't have to cook dinner. Ok fine! You're all for that right? Till he says "yeah why don't you get one too?" and you're thinking "hmm I've eaten a bit more than I should have today I think I'll take it easy on dinner" and you tell your husband "I think I'll skip the sub and have something like a salad at home" to which he replies "well if you don't get one, I don't get one".

Of course he gets a sub anyway because you nag him to death about letting you decide what YOU want to eat and why the hell should you both have to eat the same damn thing?

If you don't WANT to eat a steak why should you have to in order to make him happy?
If you don't WANT to eat a sub why should you have to in order to make him happy?

I mean hello---eating what you want is YOUR choice, not his!

Yes, I'm talking about ME and my HUSBAND. Why should HE feel guilty if he has a sub and I don't or if he has a steak and I don't.

Oy vey!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What kind of morons?

Something doesn't smell right here.

We're being told the $12 billion in missing cash that was flown to Iraq was Iraq oil-well $$ and then we were told that it came from the Federal Reserve.

Which is it?

More importantly, WHO in the HELL authorized $12 BILLION IN CASH weighing 363 TONS to be shipped to Iraq?

I'm no longer wondering how the terrorists are being financed. Holy cow, imagine that. The US just financed the murder of its own soldiers.

It's sick and so very very twisted...

And so the Dish Network saga continues...

Well I am not surprised that Dish Network did not turn off our satellite service yet. It was supposed to go off at midnight like we asked them to do. I put a call in to them this morning and while I was on hold, I got a message that stated "this call will be monitored for quality purposes" and I was thinking "why waste your time? It doesn't help"

When I plugged in my account number, the automated voice told me that our service had been disconnected because we hadn't paid our bill on time. Huh? What bill? We disconnected service effective midnight.

Anyway, it didn't take long to get to customer service and WHAT DO YOU KNOW I got a customer service rep in the UNITED STATES. It's kind of funny, but I was so damn thrilled to be speaking to someone who not only spoke English but well...she even had a southern accent! She was very nice and said that our bill was not overdue, the system just says that every time. Well I think the system should be changed. Why freak people out like that?

Anyway, Michelle, the very nice lady said that service would be out by today and that we should receive our boxes with prepaid labels and RMA# within a week and we had 35 days from today to get it back to them.

We'll see. All I can say is that just getting an English speaking American on the phone made my day.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Please excuse my stupidity, it's the addiction...

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised that another famous person has checked himself into rehab after being busted for screwing up big time.

This time it's San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom who had an affair 18 months ago with the wife of his best friend and former campaign manager. What's the first thing he did when it came out? He came out publicly (only when he had to) and admitted his mistake, apologized to his public, checked himself into rehab and then makes the announcement that he does not feel his condition warrants him stepping down from his position, that he can still handle his duties as mayor.

The issue of him having an affair is something that he has to deal with alone, and of course the people of San Francisco should seriously question his poor judgment. Alcohol has never been a factor in his judgment before so why is it now? If he made poor choices in his personal life due to alcoholism, how do the people of San Francisco know that he hasn't made some seriously poor choices in his position as their leader? Here's a man who is leader of one of the largest most powerful cities in the world and he blames his bad judgment on alcohol. What other decisions has he made while in office that have put the best interests of his constituents in jeopardy?

That's for the people of SF to decide, but I though it was worth mentioning.

What bothers me most about this situation is that by checking himself into rehab after admitting his "mistake", he's playing that game that is played by so many other famous people these days.

Checking into rehab for actual ailments used to be fashionable. There was a time a day didn't go by when you didn't hear a story about some famous person checking into the Betty Ford or some other high profile clinic. I guess the drug thing became passé and so now alcohol is the big thing. I mean EVERYONE will know if you're a druggie right? It leaves needle marks or white powder on your upper lip, but alcohol? Anyone can hide that! And so alcohol became the "in" thing...for awhile anyway. Actually being an alcoholic became passé too so they had to come up with something else. And that's when a new movement took hold, the movement of immediately fessing up to making a mistake (only after you've been outed anyway) and then checking into rehab under the guise of some serious addiction.

Here's how it goes--you're a Hollywood star who gets nailed drinking and driving, you start spouting how all Jews suck, you're fingerprinted, photographed, jailed and then after the story breaks the next day, you make a teary public apology to your fans, family and friends. Then you promise to meet with Jewish leaders in your community, then your publicist announces you're checking into alcohol rehab.'re a famous leader of a major US city and the press reports that you had an affair with your best friend/campaign manager's wife 18 months ago. So then you hold a press conference and make a teary public apology to your constituents, family and friends, and then your publicist announces you're checking into alcohol rehab.'re a rising Hollywood star who calls your television drama co-star a faggot and then apologize, announce publicly that you plan to meet with gay rights groups and then your publicist announces you're checking into alcohol rehab. could be a US representative (or two, or three) facing a sex scandal and then you make a teary public apology to your constituents, family and friends and announce you're checking yourself into alcohol rehab.

Man it's so perfect and the fringe benefits couldn't be better. Not only do you get to avoid the press while you're in rehab but everyone manages to forget about it and move on to another story while you're away!

It's so easy! Why didn't I think of it? I mean I have made some shitty choices in my life, why didn't I ever just say "screw the responsibility" and just check myself into rehab? Now let's see....what kind of rehab? I can't go to alcohol rehab because I don't drink, unless of course you can count egg nog and rum once or twice every Christmas, and I don't do drugs unless of course there's such thing as an addiction to acid reflux medication. There's always psychological counseling rehab but I'm not psycho although some who know me may disagree.

I feel left out, I think that I deserve rehab. Surely there is SOME addiction out there with my name on it, that I can lay claim to, in which I can blame every single stupid thing I've ever done in my life.



There must be an addiction for me!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Welcome to our chapel, now please leave your faith at the door.

Not sure how I missed this story in November but it's outrageous.

The College of William and Mary was established in 1693 and is the second oldest University in the United States. In October 2006, the University President decided to remove the 100-year old Wren Cross from the school's chapel in order to make it "more welcoming".

Here is an exerpt of the speech by college president Gene Nichol:

I’d … begin by saying a word about my decision to alter our practice of displaying the cross in the Wren Chapel.

It will not surprise you that I have heard much about these actions. Some have expressed approval. Others have registered disagreement, or worse. The student assembly has considered the matter. Discussion has occurred in our faculty councils. An on-line petition has been assembled. University officials have received letters, e-mails and phone calls. Board members have as well.

Some have thought that my steps disrespect the traditions of the College, or, even more unacceptably, the religious beliefs of its members. That perception lies heavy on my heart. I understand that I tread on difficult ground.

It is, by now, well known that I am taken with William and Mary students. All William and Mary students. And though we haven’t meant to do so, the display of a Christian cross—the most potent symbol of my own religion—in the heart of our most important building sends an unmistakable message that the Chapel belongs more fully to some of us than to others. That there are, at the College, insiders and outsiders. Those for whom our most revered place is meant to be keenly welcoming, and those for whom presence is only tolerated. That distinction, I believe, to be contrary to the best values of the College.

It is precisely because the Wren Chapel touches the best in us—the brightened lamp, the extended hand, the opened door, the call of character, the charge of faith, the test of courage—that it is essential it belong to everyone. There is no alternate Wren Chapel, no analogous venue, no substitute space. Nor could there be. The Wren is no mere museum or artifact. It touches every student who enrolls at the College. It defines us. And it must define us all. I make no pretense that all will agree with these sentiments. The emotions and values touched by this dispute are deeply felt. But difficult issues are the grist of great universities. Amidst the turmoil, the cross continues to be displayed on a frequent basis. I have been pleased to learn that students of disparate religions have reported using the Chapel for worship and contemplation for the first time. In the College’s family there should be no outsiders. All belong.

As a non-Christian I can say that I am not at all offended by Christianity or the cross. I am sure my Jewish friends and relatives feel the same way. I suppose perhaps we're the normal ones eh?

It's just a real shame when something as innocent as a cross is unwelcome in a chapel. In the name of religious tolerance, what kind of nation have we become?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Dear UF administrators...

Would you PLEASE start doing something about those who refuse to do their jobs properly thus resulting in a serious waste of taxpayer dollars???

I am so sick and tired of employees who don't do their jobs, who sit in their office on their cell phone (sometimes cell phone AND office phone at the same time) all day long, who have friends visit them constantly and who continue to close their office door intentionally sending the message "I don't care about your problem" to the people they are supposed to be assisting--this EVEN though they have been asked numerous times by different supervisors to straighten out their behavior!!!

The people who have to pick up the pieces and fix the problems caused by these slackers are sick and tired of this behavior. They are sick and tired of getting a simple "no" when they ask a question instead of an explanation of WHY it is no so they can find another solution! They are sick of being told that it's someone else's fault when in fact the reason it's screwed up is because some slacker didn't do their job!

And another thing---shame on the people who have supervised slackers for years and never taken serious action to put a stop to the behavior. Shame on them for being afraid to do the right thing because it's a "sensitive" situation. Please! Sensitive? It's because of R-A-C-E!

If a person does NOT do their job properly or at all then action should be taken in accordance with personnel guidelines. Unfortunately at many institutions, especially educational institutions, the hands of those in supervisory positions can sometimes be tied because they are afraid of the backlash. And then there are those who don't do anything about it because they don't want to. Both situations exist at institutions like UF.

Oh if only the taxpayers who fund these institutions knew the truth about how their hard-earned taxpayer $$ are spent on employees who do nothing all day long, collect a paycheck and some pretty damn good benefits!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Do you find THIS threatening?

Well maybe you do if you're a Buckeye fan.

But seriously, according to this story a kid in a St. Cloud Middle School was told to remove this shirt because he was suspected of wearing "gang colors". He was searched by police and then told to remove the shirt and put on his gym shirt.

The school defends the action.

Uh, earth to school officials.....use some common sense will ya?