Wednesday, February 07, 2007

And so the Dish Network saga continues...

Well I am not surprised that Dish Network did not turn off our satellite service yet. It was supposed to go off at midnight like we asked them to do. I put a call in to them this morning and while I was on hold, I got a message that stated "this call will be monitored for quality purposes" and I was thinking "why waste your time? It doesn't help"

When I plugged in my account number, the automated voice told me that our service had been disconnected because we hadn't paid our bill on time. Huh? What bill? We disconnected service effective midnight.

Anyway, it didn't take long to get to customer service and WHAT DO YOU KNOW I got a customer service rep in the UNITED STATES. It's kind of funny, but I was so damn thrilled to be speaking to someone who not only spoke English but well...she even had a southern accent! She was very nice and said that our bill was not overdue, the system just says that every time. Well I think the system should be changed. Why freak people out like that?

Anyway, Michelle, the very nice lady said that service would be out by today and that we should receive our boxes with prepaid labels and RMA# within a week and we had 35 days from today to get it back to them.

We'll see. All I can say is that just getting an English speaking American on the phone made my day.

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  1. Anonymous2/07/2007

    If they had this kind of service on the connecting side, you might still be a customer. Of course, those boxes haven't arrived yet;) Adios--ST