Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Computers SUCK!

I hate computers!

Three computers in this house have f*cked up in some way this week.

First, DH's brand new Dell desktop gives him the blue screen of DEATH when he exits Internet Explorer. He gets these error messages that NOBODY knows the cause...and I've checked the internet help forums and apparently THOUSANDS of people get the same type of messages and the BSOD. DH yells at me to fix it, I'm like "WTF WHY DO I HAVE TO TRY AND FIX IT? I'M NOT A COMPUTER GEEK!" I generally can solve computer issues by either common sense (taking step by step to resolve the problem) or I do some internet research to find out if others are having the same issues (which generally they do!)

Second, my desktop is f*cked up!!! It's not a Dell. It's one where the computer geeks at work built it, purchasing the motherboard and other parts from the guy who started a new company after TCWO went under. I don't know what it is specifically but it's related to OFFICE! My office crashed thirty-eight times over the weekend when I was working on my homework and term paper. Pissed me off, thank GOODNESS I was able to recover the documents but about ridiculous! In the meantime, I just disconnected it, figuring I'd take it to work eventually and have the guys fix it.

Third, in lieu of the desktop whose OFFICE 2003 is f*cked up, I'm using the Dell laptop one of the guys I work with gave me to use for school. Now it works great BUT I cannot use the webmail for work on it, I can pull up email and read it but I can't reply! So I've been having to communicate through my hotmail with the folks from work when I am home sick or on vacation. And for months I could not update the virus protection. So today....I finally put BitDefender on it, which DH and I purchased for home and we love it. Well it picked up 23 viruses and a ton of spyware. Once I cleaned it out I figured I could finally download the Windows Service packs that might fix the webmail problem right? WRONG! I can't even get the f*cking service packs to download properly. Was finally able to download SP's 1-4 (I didn't do just 4 cause when I did that it gave me errors so I figured it needed the first three before #4 was installed). So I go to do 1 and 2, can't install them. Ok fine go to 3 and it is letting me but then it goes to updating the files and seems to take HOURS. Finally I exited the installation and tried 4 and same thing, takes hours. In the meantime I can't connect to the internet because it says the remote computer blocked the connection. Well let's see wouldn't the REMOTE be the ISP? Why could I dialup on the laptop earlier today but not now? Why can I dialup from DH's Dell desktop which I am using to blog this right now?

The only damn think that's saved me is the flash drive that I can put in any computer and work on my class stuff. And that's what I've been doing, in fact it's in my bag and ready to go to work with me tomorrow so I can work on my paper at lunch.

I HATE COMPUTERS! I hate Dell, I hate Microsoft products, I hate Windows, I hate Internet Explorer 7.....I hate them all.

I know computers have made certain parts of our lives easier but I'm beginning to wonder if the time we spend trying to figure out the problems could be time better spent just doing everything the old fashioned way!


  1. I'm so sorry you're having problems. You can come over and use mine this weekend if you want. Let me know.

  2. Anonymous3/01/2007

    I'm too scared to let you use mine! LOL Good luck!--ST