Friday, February 02, 2007

Dear UF administrators...

Would you PLEASE start doing something about those who refuse to do their jobs properly thus resulting in a serious waste of taxpayer dollars???

I am so sick and tired of employees who don't do their jobs, who sit in their office on their cell phone (sometimes cell phone AND office phone at the same time) all day long, who have friends visit them constantly and who continue to close their office door intentionally sending the message "I don't care about your problem" to the people they are supposed to be assisting--this EVEN though they have been asked numerous times by different supervisors to straighten out their behavior!!!

The people who have to pick up the pieces and fix the problems caused by these slackers are sick and tired of this behavior. They are sick and tired of getting a simple "no" when they ask a question instead of an explanation of WHY it is no so they can find another solution! They are sick of being told that it's someone else's fault when in fact the reason it's screwed up is because some slacker didn't do their job!

And another thing---shame on the people who have supervised slackers for years and never taken serious action to put a stop to the behavior. Shame on them for being afraid to do the right thing because it's a "sensitive" situation. Please! Sensitive? It's because of R-A-C-E!

If a person does NOT do their job properly or at all then action should be taken in accordance with personnel guidelines. Unfortunately at many institutions, especially educational institutions, the hands of those in supervisory positions can sometimes be tied because they are afraid of the backlash. And then there are those who don't do anything about it because they don't want to. Both situations exist at institutions like UF.

Oh if only the taxpayers who fund these institutions knew the truth about how their hard-earned taxpayer $$ are spent on employees who do nothing all day long, collect a paycheck and some pretty damn good benefits!


  1. Anonymous2/04/2007

    Sounds a lot like working for the federal government. Add in, they promote slackers and butt kissers instead of the people who actually do their jobs. That means the slackers and butt kissers in turn run the show. Does anyone else see a problem here?--ST

  2. Yep, there's dozens of people who know of the problem, nobody has ever done anything about it.

    My mom and dad have worked with this kind of shit in the prison system, it sucks.

    Oh to be a member of a protected class....

  3. You go girl! I am sick of working with people who were hired at $71,000 to go to classes and blame the program assistants when they get caught not doing their jobs. This system is set up for abuse. Those of us who work hard get our annual raises (then get hit with health insurance increases) and we don't get much more than additional responsibility. Those people who somehow manage the system and do nothing blame everyone else for their mistakes and get rewarded. We have one USPS employee who spends her whole day on the phone and has done this for years. We have a TEAMS-EXEMPT employee who is never in the office, does not allow anyone to schedule on his calendar, takes several classes each term (during office hours) and has mysterious "meetings" during the rest of his work day. He blames our program assistant because he "didn't know when advance registration was." HELLO! Dumbass, are you the only person in the university who is living under a rock?

    This same jerk blames others when he misses a meeting and doesn't get the info. He tells our boss that "no one told him". If I miss a meeting, who is responsible for telling me what I missed? What? I should find that out for myself?

    While I often resent the privitization of the academic environment, I do have to believe that if we were all actually accountable for our jobs the academic environment might prosper. As it stands, we waste a small fortune every day on slackers who have found a pot of gold that they can dip into without any accountability at all. As a taxpayer, and someone who works with a highly paid slacker, I am pretty angry. Unfortunately, our system is set up to ignore these situations.

    Tomorrow I will go to a meeting where we will have to address this. I don't expect much.