Friday, February 23, 2007

The firsty thirty years of my life in pictures...

Sometimes it's hard to believe we were ever young isn't it? I found these photos of me from age of a few months to 30 years! And yes I have had some bad photos (don't we all?), notice I didn't post any of them? LOL!

As a wee baby and with dad in 1969

With lil' sis Kimmie in 1972

With gramps in 1973

Kindergarten 1974

Christmas 1976

Class photo in 1977

With sis Kimmie in 1982

At Dave's graduation 1984

Senior photo 1986

High school graduation 1987

Bootcamp graduation 1987

In the military 1989

With best friend Mike at my high school friend's wedding in 1991

10-year High School Class Reunion 1997

With Alberta at Tailgator '99

Wow, how time flies!!!


  1. Anonymous2/23/2007

    Love the pictures. And you are still looking young!--ST

  2. You've always had the most beautiful smile!!!

  3. oh you just say that cause you the mommy! :D gee even in that baby pic I look just like dad.

    I didn't realize it until after I posted that I was smiling in EVERY photo! I didn't plan it that way, honest!

  4. Anonymous2/23/2007

    It couldn't be helped. You smile alot.--ST

  5. ST is right. You do smile alot, it brightens up any room you walk into!

    You do resemble Dad quite a bit, but in some photos of you I can also see me.

  6. Anonymous2/24/2007

    I agree with sma. You posted a picture of your mom and dad on their anniversary and I thought you look alot like you mom.--ST