Thursday, February 15, 2007

Non-binding is just that---and it doesn't mean a damn thing!

I'm not a great fan of Congress, I'm even less a fan of cowards which is what those pushing for this non-binding resolution are--cowards.

When there is as much at stake as there is with the Iraq conflict, those in positions of power who are privy to the intelligence, who control the purse strings, who make the laws we must abide by, who LEAD us, have a RESPONSIBILITY to speak up AND take action. Merely speaking up isn't enough, they have to back up those words with action.

And so this ridiculous non-binding resolution bullshit means nothing to me and every moment Congress spends on the issue is a complete waste of valuable time and money. For us it means nothing, for those in Congress who are in favor of it, it is a way to have it both ways--say they are against the war and the President's new surge of troops, without exactly having to vote against the funding, which could very well get most of them voted out of office next time around.

They try to make it sound good but in the end it's more talk. Action speaks louder than words. If my Congressmen are against the war and the new surge of troops and they TRULY think we are in the wrong for being in Iraq they better damn well need to stand up and say it and then put some action behind it to assert their principles. If they don't, I have no respect for them and for their cowardice, they will not get my vote next time around.


  1. Right on Jessica,
    Sorry I called you Jess in responding to your comment on my blog.
    I think the Democrats feel that their massacre of the Republicans at the polls in November was based on their fantastic platform, rather than what it was.
    The Republicans have become smarter than their constituents, and it was time for a change.
    If the Dems don't start taking care of business, the tide will turn, and they might damn well find themselves outside looking in after the next election.
    I might like to use excerpts from your comment in future blogs.
    If you would be opposed, please contact me., or through commenting on my blog.
    Thanks again, I enjoy following your blog.

  2. Hey JR, feel free...use what you want!

    The Dems think they have a mandate, they are so wrong. It's not like the won by a landslide. They are treading on thin ice, they're too stupid to see it!