Friday, February 16, 2007

So much for being in tune with my points...

Crap, I'm always doing well on my points till we eat out. This time it was the Golden Corral and even though I only had veggies and some mac/cheese, baked potato and banana pudding, I went WAY over my points.

I wish I could say that going to Hobby Lobby afterwards to get more craft stuff made me feel better but it didn't. Dh doesn't understand either that eating out puts me over unless I have a salad and well this was one time I didn't want to have a salad. The Golden Corral in Ocala is really nice and really good. I was impressed upon our first visit there tonight.

Not happy with the calories in the food. Eating out totally sucks because there's just not a whole lot of "good" low-cal food.


I had no idea how hard it would be to lose MORE after these fifty-three pounds came off. Now it's getting more difficult!

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