Sunday, February 11, 2007

Warning: Stupidity can cause death...

I hate to do this, but I am compelled to post this story in the Independent Florida Alligator about a college student who thought he'd be cool by driving 125 MPH on his motorcycle down a busy stretch of highway (busy or no, it's INSANITY!)

Well, being cool got him dead.

This was no kid either, this was a MAN, a 27-year old man who should have been long past the "need to be cool" stage! I feel bad for his family because it has to be so hard for them.

A friend told me something recently:

Behavior has consequences.

Unfortunately some people don't get a second chance to change their behavior.

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  1. Anonymous2/12/2007

    Oh my! I can't imagine anyone driving that fast in that particular area. How sad for him and his family. I'm really glad he didn't take an innocent life with him. Sometimes the consequences of behavior affects totally innocent bystanders.--ST