Monday, March 19, 2007

Beware the finger-pointing government employee...

Miss "X" is an employee at a government institution and she hasn't done her job in years. Her past supervisors knew she was incompetent but they kept her on anyway for fear of being sued if they let her go (or so that's what was rumored). Eventually Miss "X" went a bit too far, got a little dishonest and got busted. Instead of admitting the obvious, she attempts to cover up her dishonest acts and then points the finger at everyone else shouting conspiracy.

All I can say is what goes around comes around. I really despise people who screw up and just to take the heat off themselves, they attempt to point the finger of wrongdoing in the direction of innocent people. If you break the law, if you violate the code, if you bend the rules for your own personal gain, and you get busted, do the responsible thing----own up to it and admit your guilt. Don't whine and bitch about so and so doing this or that, so and so didn't get busted, YOU did!

Had Miss "X" been employed at a private company I have no doubt she would have been fired years before it ever got to this point.

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