Monday, March 12, 2007

DH still sick...

Well as it stands, DH's temperature went from 99.8 to 101.3 to 100.9 during the night. Today it went from 101.2 to 99.4 to 98.9 to 99.2, 99, 98.6, 97.7 and then 99.8 later on. He's experienced everything from body aches, headaches, stiff back, lethargy, spaced out feeling, belching, gas, loose stool, chills, and a dry cough just to name a few. Not all symptoms at once either, they come and go. I fed him advil and nyquil gelcaps last night it helped him sleep. Did the same for him tonight.

We have a doc appt for him at 9:30 tomorrow. Man it sucks to be sick and it's hard caring for someone who is because while you know it will get better eventually it's hard for them to believe it. So wish him well won't you?

I'll keep you posted on how he's doing!


  1. Just wait until you get old and forget where you put the damn list.

  2. Anonymous3/12/2007

    It's been my experience that men do not suffer well. I'll pray for you both.--ST

  3. When my husband is sick, he is not an easy patient. Men are not good sick.
    Hope he's better soon - for both of your sakes!