Sunday, March 04, 2007

Floors don't clean themselves...

I'm not anal retentive about too many things except I can't relax till my house is clean. The one thing besides kitchen and bathroom that I am funny about is the floor. I just like the tile floors free from dirt and I like the carpets vacuumed. So why is it men don't feel the same way? Is it fair they can be anal retentive about their tools, their CD's and DVD's being put away, and garden hoses being rolled up but they don't it when it comes to a clean house.

I think men must think the house cleans itself. Maybe they think if they walk over the spots where they dragged dirt in enough times, the spots will just will themselves to disappear. Perhaps the carpet fairy will spread a little magic fairy dust that sticks to the dust like a magnet and carry it away. Perhaps little mice will come out with brooms and sweep the tile floor clean and then scurry back into hiding until needed again.


Perhaps a big fat sign will magically appear stating the cleaning fairy is on strike and is going on vacation with the cooking fairy, the lunch-making fairy, the computer fixing fairy, the bed-making fairy, the laundry-putting-away fairy, and the rest of the magic fairies that live in this house.

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  1. Anonymous3/04/2007

    Plese send your fairy to my house for vacation:)--ST