Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Don't ask don't tell policy a sham!

Let's just get this whole "don't ask don't tell" thing out of the way here. You've got some homophobic higher-ups in the military insisting that gay men and women in the military will compromise the mission and integrity of the Armed Forces.

What a line of bullshit!

The don't ask don't tell" is a dumbass policy created by----surprise!---a bunch of homophobe men in uniform in the highest ranks of our military and backed by and I hate to say this---ignorant Commander in Chiefs. It's a bullshit policy that discriminates against potentially outstanding soldiers and sailors.

The "big lie" is that in the field during combat, a guy who has a thing for another guy will compromise the ability to accomplish the objective. The government and the military chiefs attempt to make the American people believe that the security of this great nation will be at risk of gays serve openly in the military.


First off, sexual harassment is sexual harassment regardless of whether it involves opposite or same gendered individuals. Your average gay man or woman isn't any more or less likely to sexually harass a member of the same gender any more than your average non-gay man or woman is likely to harass someone of the opposite gender.

I have an easy solution for it....ENFORCE THE UCMJ! Any person in uniform who violates the code of conduct should be punished accordingly.

What really compromises the mission is NOT the gay men and women but the homophobes who serve with them. And yes, it's usually the men in the military who have the biggest problem with a person being gay. Men who can't handle a "threat" to their masculinity would likely be the ones to compromise the mission by not looking at their fellow soldier as a soldier, instead looking at him as a "fag" and treating him differently, possibly causing harm to come to him and to other soldiers in the unit. And in this situation, if you have a unit in which a gay soldier or sailor serves and he or she is being harassed and harmed by others, then all those who commit the harassment and harm should be punished accordingly.

What the military is attempting to do is just nip this in the bud by keeping the gays out or silenced.

Reminds me of the loner on the playground, the kid who minds his own business but gets picked on because he's different. The bullies beat on him daily and finally instead of the principal punishing the bullies, he just suggests to the parents of the victim that it would be in their child's best interest to just move to another school.

Yeah that's solving the problem....punish the victim instead of the perps.

In this country, where our Armed Forces are taxed so heavily in regards to manpower, we should not be turning away highly qualified men and women from the Armed Forces simply because they seek the intimate companionship of someone of the same gender. So long as they do their duty and serve in a professional manner (as we would ask of a heterosexual soldier or sailor), then they should be afforded the opportunity to serve and defend their country.

The "don't ask don't tell policy" is a sham and what makes it worse is our government is OK with it. Clinton thought it was ok, so does Bush. It's not. Gay people are PEOPLE first, their sexuality (like yours and mine) is secondary. Being gay does not mean you don't have patriotism, can't fire a weapon, can't defend your nation against hostility, and can't work together with your fellow soldiers and sailors to accomplish the mission.

Let me tell you a little something. Those of you who think gays shouldn't serve because it somehow compromises the mission and that what you call "immorality" has no place in the military, have no clue, not a single clue as to some of the "real immorality" that goes on.

The men-on-women sexual harassment statistics would startle you (or maybe not). I and my fellow female crew were subject to sexual harassment on a DAILY basis. Not once did I see any same gender harassment (and there were people who served who were gay), all I saw, heard and experienced was opposite gender harassment.

So tell me, who are the immoral ones now?

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