Friday, March 09, 2007

If one more person...

in my class emails the group asking "can anyone give me the answers to the study guide for exam #___" I am going to throttle them!

I'm so sick of this shit. I work my ass off reading chapters, taking notes and searching for the answers to the review questions and these lazy bastards expect me (or anyone else they emailed) to just GIVE them the answers it took us hours to find?

Oh no f'in way. I emailed the professor and told her how I felt about it hoping she will do something.

Ahh but it's just another great reminder of the "me me me" generation!


  1. The next time some one ask for the answer give them the wrong answer and they will fail. It seems they are to stupid to find out for them self, so they are to stupid to know the differance.

  2. Ha! Lazy people are everywhere. They'll be the ones in the future waiting for their government entitlements paid for with your tax dollars!