Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Inflexibility sucks...

Two graduate courses in the same program were inadvertently scheduled at the same time. One of them has to be moved.

Professor #1's conflicting course is one day per week three periods in a row.

Professor #2's conflicting course is two periods per day, two days per week.

Professor #1 is teaching a total of five courses that term, making it nearly impossible to find him a time/day which won't cause a conflict with the other courses his students are taking.

Professor #2 is teaching only the one course that term. He has the opportunity to have his class moved to two other days but with the same time and a different classroom--a classroom in the building he wants to teach in. In fact to get that classroom, another faculty member in his department was willing to switch to make it happen! However, because #2 hates that classroom for whatever reason (it's really not a bad room), #2 won't teach in it. The only other thing that can be done is to put him in a room outside the building he wants to teach in but he refuses. But what makes things worse is it's hard as hell to find him a time/date he would like other than what was already found.

So here we have a dilemma...two required courses need to be taken by the same group of students are offered at the same time. One can't be moved, the other can, only the professor refuses to teach outside the building he prefers. But then you get the guy into the building he wants and he doesn't like the classroom.

So now what?

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