Saturday, March 03, 2007

A sordid bunch...

Late this afternoon DH and I traveled to a local tavern to have a few beers. We had figured we'd just go in, sit at the bar, have a few beers, maybe play some pool. Instead we were treated to an assorted cast of characters one could only find in a Stephen King novel.

There was a local poker tournament going on so we stayed at the bar watching. What a bunch! Among them were the middle aged bikers and their tough looking wife-babes, young bald guys in biker outfits and tattoos with most of their teeth missing, young local girls with low cut tee shirts and beer guts bigger than most guys I've known, the drunk at the end of the bar who has probably been sitting in the same spot since my parents used to go there back in the 80's, and oh yes, the loud female, the one really LOUD female who has to be heard above everyone and everything. She's the one who is probably 37, but looks years older than she is, her teeth are stained from smoking, she's got a bad dye job, a cigarette hanging out of her mouth--you know that classy 40's look LOL, and she's flirting with all the guys there. I'd say this one definitely had her best days behind her. The rest of the crowd was an assorted mix of local cornfed boys, middle aged working men and the like. A couple of, real dogs, not ugly women...ran through there. DH was laughing because it was his first time in a bar where dogs were free to roam the place...they were cute, a pit bull mix and a black something or other...

But it's a bar, who is going to notice?

And so we stayed there about an hour, had a couple of beers and went on our merry way. Yes, I felt somehow when we left there, we had just a little more class and culture than when we entered :)


  1. Anonymous3/04/2007

    I'm glad to see culture is still alive and well in our community.--ST

  2. Sounds like the only thing that has changed there since the 80's is the dogs!!