Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More reasons Rosie O'Donnell sucks...

I was watching a few rebroadcasts of excerpts of episodes of the View with Rosie on her usual rant and I found two particularly interesting episodes:


Rosie and Elizabeth were discussing the war on terror and 9-11. Elizabeth asks Rosie "do you believe that the government had anything to do with the attack on 9-11?"

Rosie replied "I do believe it's the first time in history fire has ever melted steel. I do believe it defies physics for the World Trade Center Tower seven which collapsed in and on itself. It is impossible for a building to fall the way it fell without explosives involved. World Trade Center one and two got hit by planes--World Trade Center seven, first time in history steel is melted by is physically impossible"

(Yes, steel does melt, of course at what temperature is debated by way too many people.)


Rosie and Elizabeth Hasselback were discussing the Patriot Act and Elizabeth says she agrees with the Patriot Act and Rosie replies to her "you are very young and very wrong" and Elizabeth took offense and says she is thirty years old and she is not "young" and Rosie replies:

"It's the way I am able to be on this live broadcast and love and support you despite of the fact I disagree so abhorrently with most of the thinkgs you believe. So it is what I tell myself in order to not get into the rage I feel at some of the ignorant comments"

(Rosie O'Donnell is a mentally unstable freak. She wants respect but she doesn't give it. Over and over again she's insulted and belittled Elizabeth because she disagrees with Elizabeth's views. I don't always agree with Elizabeth either, but how disrespectful to tell someone they are "too young" because you don't agree with them? Geez since when is 30 years old "too young?")

No more problems though, Rosie's leaving "The View"

Good Riddance.


  1. Actually, I've read some very interesting material written by a professional demolitions expert, who has been demolishing buildings for years. He stated he has watched the tape of the collapse of the WTC several times and he believes explosives were set in certain portions of the building. This doesn't make sense to me because if this were to be true, was our government responsible for blowing up our own buildings and killing thousands of innocent americans for their own purposes? I know this sounds harsh, but I don't think this would be impossible. We all know what the CIA has done in the past, and I wouldn't put anything past them.
    And if this is true, what about the two planes that were flown into the WTC's? I just don't know. I hope one day we'll find out what really happened.

    As for Rosie, she can be very rude and obnoxious, I can't defend her. There was a time I actually enjoyed watching her, but she's changed over the years, she's become very harsh and critical. I admire an individual who isn'
    t afraid to speak their mind when they feel that an injustice has been done, but she goes way overboard. PS: Why is she leaving the view?

  2. Contract negotiations were the alleged issue. I think personally BW just couldn't stand her.