Monday, April 23, 2007

Damn the ham!

Quote of the day:

"That ham sandwich in a bag where we couldn't even see might as well have been that pig's head," said one of the traumatized Somali students."

Even BETTER Quote of the day:

"These children have got to learn that ham is not a toy, and that there are consequences for being nonchalant about where you put your sandwich."

"Placing ham where Muslim students were eating as an awful thing," said Stephen Wessler, the executive director of the Center for Prevention of Hate Violence.

"It's extraordinarily hurtful and degrading. They probably felt like they were back in Mogadishu starving and being shot at. No child, Muslim or normal, should have to endure touching a ham sandwich."Wessler continued, "incidents like this that involve degrading language or conduct are often said by the perpetrator as a joke. But unfortunately we don't live in a world where young children try to be funny, we live in a society in which these types of actions always escalate into violence against minorities."

"If people think insulting Muslims with ham is okay, more degrading acts will follow. The Jews had to go through the same thing when the Nazis would force-feed them bacon; do we really want our schools to become concentration camps?"Added Levesque, "the incidint does not reflect the moral values of the school staff and students. We need to take a look at this and review how a careless act is degrading and causes hurt to other people. All our students should feel welcome in our schools, knowing that they are safe from attacks with ham, bacon, porkchops, or any other delicious meat that comes from pigs."


I suppose the city of Lewiston will now be working on the nation's first "Anti-Ham Response Plan" perhaps President Bush can appoint a "Ham Czar?"


  1. Anonymous4/25/2007

    OMG! The absurdity here is unbelievable. Where did you find this story? I haven't heard anything about it.--ST

  2. it's been all over susan!!!

  3. I'll eat Pork any time I want and I don't give a s--- whos around. If they wand to start a fight because they are offended so be it.It sounds like some one needs some of that pork stuck up there a-- and then they would appreciate it going in the other way.


  5. Anonymous4/25/2007

    Well, I do refuse to watch the news anymore. I'm sick and tired of the liberal propaganda. I just read the FOX news headlines to find out what's happening. If a story sounds interesting to me I click to read the details. I promise I have not read anything about Muslims being forced to sit next to a ham sandwich. I definitely would have clicked on that.--ST

  6. Anonymous5/01/2007

    Think the muslims are trying to ham it up for the press?