Monday, April 09, 2007

Dozens of animals perish in Jacksonville Humane Society fire...

There's a story on Jacksonville.Com today about the terrible fire at the main building of the Jacksonville, FL Humane Society.

According to the site, as of yesterday, 91 animals were still unaccounted for, including 69 cats and 12 puppies, as well as rabbits, ferrets and a bird - were likely killed in the blaze.

The building burned to the ground, many dogs survived because their kennels were in the back and shielded by a firewall but firefighters confirm that nearly all the cats housed in the animal shelter perished in the fire, along with dozens of other types of animals.

Like DH said, where were the F*CKING fire sprinklers???

It's so sad. But you know it's amazing how people have come out of the woodwork to make donations to help rebuild.

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  1. You're right about that, where were the sprinklers, and why didn't they come on automatically?? Surely they didn't overlook that when they built this shelter?

    This is so heartbreaking, I cried when I first read about it yesterday. Again I found myself questioning the Almighty and why he would allow this to happen.