Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hey my prom sucked too, so what?


UF's "Pride Student Union" threw a "Queer ball" recently for those who didn't enjoy their high school prom, those who didn't get to go with whom they really wanted to go with (same gender) and didn't get to wear what they really wanted to wear (you know boys being able to wear dresses and makeup and girls getting to wear tuxes).

I didn't enjoy my high school prom. But nobody invited me to this event. In a graduating class of only 32, I couldn't get a date because 1) I wasn't allowed to date in high school, 2) if I could, the last boys I would have gone out with were my male classmates and 3) none of them would have gone out with me anyway nor I them. Let's see the ones who were nice were taken, the rest were either not my type or I wasn't theirs or they were just assholes.

I was a smart girl, news editor of my high school paper, on the yearbook staff, and sure I got into minor trouble my early years in high school. But there was nothing wrong with me, well of course there was nothing wrong if you don't count that I wasn't a cheerleader, or member of the FFA, FHA, FBLA, Beta Club, or Band.

I didn't go to my junior prom but I did attend the senior prom. My senior year was a pretty good one for me, I was well-behaved. And I wanted a date. I mean hell after spending $200 for a JCPenney knockout cobalt blue tea length dress (while the other girls spent much more on Jessica McClintock), $50 for silver heels, and $35 for a "new do" I was going to have a date. (See below, not a bad pic eh?)

I went with a guy who was in one of my classes, was one year younger and a sophomore (flunked one year), and a genuinely nice guy. He was a tall, handsome a nice guy. We were just friends and so I asked him and he said sure, and he meant it. We were friends, he wanted to have fun so we went. Imagine when I walked into the prom with a OMG SOPHOMORE! We went with two friends of ours Debbie and Paul. We hung out with them most of the time. The rest of the guys and girls in my class hung out with their dates and the rest of their popular crowd.

Everybody had a "crowd" but me. Go f*cking figure.

Anyway, my date was a really nice guy, we had fun with our friends Debbie and Paul and we left the prom early. We didn't go to the big breakfast afterwards, they took me home, I was home by 11 pm.

Could prom have been better? Probably.

So add me to the list of people whose proms sorta sucked. I'm feeling a little shunned that PSU had their own special prom and we members of the non-queer-but-our-proms-sucked-too crowd weren't invited.

What's up with that?


  1. That was such a pretty dress! I'm sorry, we should have allowed you to stay out with everyone else.


    Who do I sue? Ma? Pa?


  3. It's your grandma's fault :-), if she hadn't made me a mental case I would have grown up normal and would have allowed you to do whatever you wanted, like all the other parents.