Sunday, April 29, 2007

In the words of John Adams...

"In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a Congress."

Where is my Congress? Why is there so much pork tied into the bill to fund troops? Why is there a deadline required in this bill? Why is there more interest in the phone book of the DC madam than to other more pressing matters? Why are our troops not being allowed to do their job? Why is Congress not seriously looking into the issue of overtaxation of Americans? Why aren't they looking into a more fair tax system like the FairTax? Why hasn't the problem of social security been solved? Why are we still encouraging American business to outsource to other countries?


When will we, the American people have the guts to do something about what's going on up there in Washington? What will it take for us to just really get pissed off enough to take a stand? And when we take the stand, WHAT exactly will we do?


  1. Anonymous5/01/2007

    Excellent questions!--ST

  2. Our Goverment is the way it is because they are a bunch of crooks, and if there not crooks when they get there they will be by the time they leave. The American people should face the facts there is on way in HELL the people will ever get control of our goverment again. BUT there is a solution do away with the monetary system where every body has to work for what they want instead of buying it then we will be alright. The people in Washington couldn't make it because they don't know what it's like to sweat your ass off just to have them tax you on it. Don't ever let any one tell you that CEO's and other corporate heads work because they don't they put in long hours but that is to make sure that the poor bastered that works for them is working his/her ass off.

  3. Hi there! Your blog was sent to me by Billy Inman. I had the pleasure of speaking with him because we share a common bond. I too have lost family members to illegals. My 4 yr old grandson and 42 yr old brother. I live in Jax,FL so I hope to hear from you soon. Brenda
    PS I have a couple of blogs posted. Heartbroken mom-mom and justice for josh and ronnie