Sunday, April 01, 2007

Once again...Gators get no respect...

Once again our hometown Gators have made it to the NCAA basketball championship tournament. They're shooting for back to back championships and I hope they win!

Once again the media sports complex is talking about what Florida has to do to beat Ohio State.

Wait a pea-pickin' minute here. We're talking about an outstanding Florida team who is playing for its second basketball championship in two years. Do you know how difficult that is?

Back in this January blog posting I was complaining about the lack of respect the Gator football team was receiving in regards to the the NCAA football championship....none of the sports gurus would give Florida any credit before the game.

Given Florida's record, the outstanding coaching of Billy Donovan and the damn fine teamwork and athletic ability among the players, I think someone should be talking about what Ohio State needs to do to beat Florida.

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