Saturday, April 21, 2007

One goes down the other goes up...

The good news is that we got our electric bill down from $165 to $118, and that's including taxes and the co-op membership fee. We went from 1561 kwh per day to 1102, not bad. We don't use the dryer if we can help it and the weather has been nice we don't really need the A/C or heat.

The bad news is that our BP bill went up by $65. In fact, we received our gas bill the other day. BP now puts the number of gallons pumped on the bill so I did some math. Seems the price creeped up 31 cents per gallon from March 17th to April 13th. It steadily went up in the six times we went to the pump. I knew it went up but a penny per day average?Unbelievable!

So much for decreasing our carbon footprint LOL!

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  1. Remember I told you that the last day I was at work on Jan 25th, gas was $2.23 in Columbia City, and now it's almost $4 a gal!!!