Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rutgers basketball team, Imus, get over it and move on...

To the Rutgers Lady Basketball Team:

GET OVER IT! So Imus called you nappy headed ho's, hell who gives a flying rat's ass? What? You're not woman enough to handle remarks from a nut job? You're hurt by his remarks? You're going to meet with him?

Wahh, get over yourself. I'm sure that being referred to as a nappy headed ho' isn't going to maim you for life, it isn't going to affect your career, and it's not the end of the world. If it does, you're just plain stupid.

And to Don Imus:

You're an asshole period and it has nothing to do with your comment. You're also boring, you lack substance, you're rude and your show sucks. You've been spewing bullshit for years, this isn't even the stupidest comment you've ever made. You pride yourself in free speech so now I am wondering why you are suddenly apologizing for your words? Why now? Why after all the years of hate and insults are you apologizing? And of all people whose show you appear on----the racist Al Sharpton? WTF?

I think both parties in this are just plain stupid and those in the media making a big hype out of it are stupid too.

Have a nice day :)


She who doesn't give a shit about Imus, Sharpton, or Rutgers basketball.


  1. Anonymous4/11/2007

    I am in total agreement with you.--ST

  2. Who is Don Imus? Seriously. I had never heard of him before a few days ago.