Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Want to attend Employee Appreciation Day? Fine...you just have to take annual leave or make up the time...

One of the largest departments at an institution has an employee appreciation day. They want to thank them for all their hard work (yada yada yada)

Interestingly enough, one smaller department within the larger department tells their employees they have to either come in early or take annual leave to attend. Yet, the director's office states no, if a person is attending they do not need to take annual leave or make up the time.

Ok, so what's up with that?


  1. I had a coworker who decided she was my boss once. She started ordering me to do things that totally conflicted with company policy. Yeah, that was fun. Not.

  2. This isn't the first time UF has done this. When I worked for Finance and Accounting, in the HUB before we moved to Criser, we had a bomb scare one day and many of us decided to leave. I mean, nobody could say for sure if this was just a hoax or the real thing and none of us wanted to stay. Let's face it, no job is worth giving up your life for, especially some crappy clerical job. Half of the employees left that day, the rest decided to stay and work. The next day, we were told by the illustrious Mr Stuart Hoskins that those of us who left early would have to use our annual leave to make up the time we lost. I just didn't think this was right, because after all, this could have been a real disaster. Being your mother, I called the employee union, who at that time still had some clout. The next day, we were informed that anyone who had left early because of the bomb scare would be paid for their time.