Friday, April 06, 2007

Working outside feels great!


In the past two weeks Vin and I have done so much yardwork and it looks great. We bought garden soil, mulch, some bulbs, elephant ear tubers, cypress mulch, and some gardening tools we needed. Oh yeah we also bought two New Guinea Impatiens and four Indian Hawthorn bushes, which I can't wait to plant since they grow great in Florida and birds and butterflies love them.

I pruned the azaleas in front of the house, they were growing tall but not bushy, and they tried to bloom but as soon as they did, which was in January because it was so warm, and damn it if it didn't get really cold and freeze soon after and we lost the buds. So I just went ahead and pruned them down to about 5-6 inches. It looks bare now in front of the house but....we mulched them, fertilized with the granules, and they should grow back bigger and better. We also mulched and fertilized the gardenias which, like the azaleas, were desperate for some acidity!

We've watered really good cause it's been dry here. We have hundreds of oak trees so we raked leaves into the circular drive since no grass grows there. In fact we're not going to use that drive anymore and instead use the one that goes through the woods and behind our house. We planted some flower bulbs--Amaryllis and Dahlia. Also planted four elephant ear tubers. We trimmed trees, got rid of dead and real low hanging branches and cleared out those damn pesky grapevines and other vines with thorns on them!!

And so with that much done so far, no more this weekend. I have a paper to finish and a quiz to take. We're hosting the departmental graduate spring barbecue on April 21st and so not only is it motivation to get all the work done but it makes us feel good too. We hosted the barbecue at the cottage on five acres we lived in before, but now we have a much bigger place, more woods, more open space and it's going to be GREAT!

So until next time....I'm going to do some research on these damn pesky vines, I hate them!


  1. Love your writting style sharing and personality. Hope to keep up reading your blogs

  2. Let me know if you find out exactly what those vines are. They're growing up on everything! There are shoots of them coming up a few inches apart wherever I have plants and if you pull them up they just grow back again, unless you get your hands down under the soil and pull up the tuber that apparently is the "starting point"!
    They have grown up around all our oaks, it's so aggravating!!

  3. Read my post on Lt. Corey Dahlem. This is a travesty. I haven't posted in ages so know you won't be reading if I don't tell you. Pass it on. This is not fair.

  4. If you haven't put the Cypress Mulch down yet I suggest you return it and get something like pine straw instead.

    The $2.00 a bag mulch that you buy at Wal-Mart Lowes and Home Depot comes from clear cut cypress forests that are up to 100 years old. Those forests serve to protect our gulf coast from storms. You know those little hurricanes that Florida gets every so often.

    You can find out more information at

  5. Mom there are two invasive ones here, the grapevine and the CATBRIAR, that is the one with thorns and those single sharp looking leaves. To get rid fo them you have to dig WAY down to the roots!