Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cramming sixteen weeks of coursework into six...

I decided to register for six hours in Summer A. I'm rather enjoying it too because the courses are a break from the norm. One is a college success course which covers things like study habits, time management, notetaking, career preparation, life goals and purpose, etc. It covers all the things which help make a person a great student and person overall. I'm already a great student but the things I'm learning in this course will make me a better student which is fine with me.

The othe course is a career development course in which we take several personality tests, discuss our major and career field, learn to write a professional resume and cover letter (which I already have but this course has taught me some things I didn't know so I redid mine!), interviewing skills, job search, etc. Both courses together are really preparing me well for my future in regards to graduate school and entering the career of my choice. I'm not job hunting, but eventually when I finish school someday I will be looking for a career in my field and so these skills I learn now will help me, even when I decide to apply for grad school and go through the interview process.

One of the biggest tasks of the College Success was to create our own website discussing our career field, universities which offer degrees in the field, publications related to the field, professional associations, etc. I didn't just do a geocities site, I used Publisher and did my own pages and FTP'd them up to my server and added some great graphics and such and well it looks great. In fact, I finished the entire project in seven days from the time school began this term. While we were supposed to submit the project in three sections, since I finished it early the professor said I could just send her the link to my site. I not only scored the perfect score, she even added two extra points for my efforts!

I worked long and hard on that site, I was thrilled to be rewarded like that!

While it is the first time I've ever done Summer A alone, cramming sixteen weeks into six isn't as bad as I thought. I won't be doing it again though! At least I'll have Summer B open.

One more thing to add here is that I believe that the two courses I am taking should be MANDATORY for all college students at some point in their academic career, preferably in the first two years. If more students learned what I am learning in these courses, we'd have fewer students changing majors, more successful students in and out of the classroom, and better preparation for career search after graduation.

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