Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dear, can you uh---do something about this?

Ok I just have to bitch about this really irritating thing about!

Why is it every time I hit "next blog" regardless of whether I do it from MY blog or someone else's, the next blog and every blog for miles after that are foreign language blogs? I'm sorry I was born and raised in Florida, good old USA, I never learned to speak Russian, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Swahili, Yoruba or anything else but English, and a little spanish of course but it doesn't mean I want to read a spanish blog.

All I want is to surf a few porn-free English blogs. Is that too much to ask?


  1. Ugg? What kind of comment is Ugg? Does this mean you hated it? I don't know what to make of this. Now you've got me all turned around.

    Want to know something? I don't think I've ever hit "Next blog" before. I've never just gone perusing through blogs like that before. I always find them by following someone home from a comment they've left, either on my blog or someone else's. So it's like a reference of sorts.

  2. I have hit and got some weird damn stuff. I think you will have to pray to a higher power to get english and porn free in particular blogs lol!

    there are a few good sights out there that have country specific blog lists and when I can find my brain and memory I will send them across to you ha!

  3. jsull28fl@yaho5/09/2007

    Amen sista!

    well kinda im not against the porn ones

  4. Hehe that is obnoxious. I'm totally with you. The foreign blogs are almost always advertising ones too with lots of sweet pop ups.

  5. Here here! "Next Blog" has gotten me into some, um, interesting territory. I guess it would be much more interesting if I could identify some of the languages, much less understand them! But then, I think the language of crotch-shots does not need translation.