Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Monica of the Bush Administration...

I don't know how far I'd go in trusting Monica Goodling, White House liaison to the Attorney General. She invoked the 5th amendment when all this hullabaloo came out about the firing of eight US attorneys and after striking a deal to avoid prosecution. Goodling admitted that she took into consideration the party affiliations of candidates for career prosecutor jobs. She claimed she ""Crossed the line" but "didn't mean to" and now that she's broken the law, immunity means that her admission of guilt can't be used against her.

And then there's her skirting of direct answers.

Either something is legal or it isn't.
Either something is a lie or it isn't.

Don't you just love the words "Not fully candid" or "crossed the line" ? I mean it sounds so much better than "he lied" and "I committed a felony"

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