Monday, May 28, 2007

Must be a guy thing...

The pounding in my ears gets louder and louder, I feel like my head is going to split open. And it's getting to the point it is literally making me nauseous.

What's that you ask?

DH is playing computer games at his desk behind me and it is REALLY loud. This latest one is some kind of 3-D game where he's a pilot shooting at the enemy. He must be a real shitty shot because that damn machine gun hasn't stop blasting in the last thirty minutes. I just asked him if he hit anything and he said "a few" and I'm guessing even that number is exaggerated. He says "is it too loud?"

Gee.....I had to yell to ask you the question and you're sitting right behind me. What do you think?


Now I know why mom used to get so f*cking annoyed when dad used to watch his war movies with the volume turned up really loud (and I mean loud, like you could hear it plain as day all the way at the other end of their 600-foot driveway). It must be a guy thing, I mean if one can't HEAR the gunshots at a decibel level equivalent to standing next to a jet taking off, what's the point in even watching the movie right? Gotta have blood, gotta have guts, and gotta have it really loud, because well, it gives more of a feel of actually being there.


Well if DH wants to be there, I'm certain with a little thought and planning I can work it out for him. :D


  1. Your dad is still doing it, but now I have my headset on and when Charlie is crooning to me, I am totally oblivious to anything else.

    On the other hand, the bird is suffering from shell-shock..

  2. Anonymous5/30/2007

    You two are cracking me up;)

    Lauren and I give you a hardy Amen, sister. It is definitely a man thing.--ST

  3. Anonymous5/30/2007

    Y'all want some cheese with that whine?

  4. Hmm someone's been reading me blog!! Someone namely the husband!!

  5. Anonymous5/31/2007

    Ain't you got something better to do than bitch? Like clean the house. Do the laundry perhaps?

  6. Don't have to do laundry cause YOU DO IT!