Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Employees, can you spare a dime?

Once a year we get the same email which goes something like this:

"As a member of the faculty and staff, you contribute every day to our success. Your personal dedication is a principal reason....blah blah blah. Please consider making a personal financial investment in the college, department, or program that’s meaningful to you."

Ok after I was done laughing I got serious for a moment.

Then I laughed again.

I guess I just find it really tacky that my employer is asking me for money.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but I'm not all that thrilled with the bureaucracy that goes on. I just can't believe they are asking me for money--- the institution which apparently didn't do enough to push the legislature because we aren't getting raises, but instead a $1000 bonus (before taxes); the institution which charges me over $400 to park here; the institution which awards "merit" increases to people who don't deserve it; the institution which is so incredible wasteful in manpower and other resources--watering lawns in the middle of the afternoon, physical plant supervisors who sit in trucks all day long watching their "people" work, and the continuing trend of keeping slackers employed all over the place because that's the way it's always been (frankly I think that in many cases administration is just afraid to fire them for fear of lawsuits); and then there's oh yes....the institution who can't seem to find money for employee pay increases but somehow managed to create a Vice President position for someone because as rumor has it, he was already at the top of his pay scale and couldn't advance any further.

Oh don't get me started on the bureacracy...just because I love my job doesn't mean I have to like the institution's bureaucracy.

This institution wants staff and faculty to make donations which can support financial aid for students, pay for new facilities and updated equipment, and of course higher faculty pay. And of course there are various scholarships for Katrina victims, 9-11 first responder victims, and kids from low-income families.

And if I donate now I get this brand spanking new coffee mug.

Well that makes it all worthwhile doesn't it?

I suppose I get this bad taste in my mouth when my employer asks me for a donation. Every year they send this request out and every year I ask to be removed from the list.

As far as personal investment, I do that every single day and it has nothing to do with money. Every day I help my students by guiding, advising, counseling and helping them solve problems, I look out for their well-being. Every day I advise and help faculty solve problems. These folks are my family at work, and when I'm here they are my number one concern and they know it.

That's my contribution. That's the deal.

In exchange for having this job which I really enjoy, which pays my tuition, which offers excellent health benefits for DH and me--I do the job I was hired to do (and then some) and I do it damn good too. And when my day is over, DH and I go home and live our lives. I contribute to the overall success here, so does DH, both of us are an important part of this place. We know it, the people we work with know it, and the people we help know it.

But I have to draw the line somewhere. Giving my employer my hard-earned dollars which I earn by working my ass off every day to make this place great, just isn't part of the deal. So I guess this means I won't get a building or a street named after me or get my name in the paper or a nice thank-you from the foundation.

The worst part will be missing out on that fine coffee mug!


  1. HOld on a minute...errr...while I...try..putting this thing...in the bathroom...and plugging it in....ahhh, that's better...now I'm in just the right spot to read this crap from them.

  2. I have an extra coffee mug and you can have it for FREE ;->

  3. Anonymous5/31/2007

    Very funny. Sounds alot like being a federal employee. Staff begins to wonder why they should care when the administration obviously doesn't care one wit about them.--ST